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Sweet Brazilian treats await

Yummy cuts from Bossa Nova

Take your pick of meat in all types and cuts

Brazilian bites to start with

For the price of a steak, you can beef up on endless cuts of grilled meat at ParkRoyal KL's newly opened Churrascaria rodizios (Brazilian grill) - Bossa Nova.

Its sleek, modern interior boasts large, colourful wall murals with warm ambient lighting and a spacious custom-built dance floor. The idea here is not only to become a dining hot spot but also KL's centrestage for avid salsa and Latin dance enthusiasts to demonstrate their fancy footwork.

Resident passador or carving expert, Chef Marinaldo Monterio Pereira ensures the various marinated meats are grilled to perfection and that diners are kept satiated with endless servings of prime cuts of lamb, chicken, beef and even prawns hot off the grill. Humour him enough and he may just hog the limelight to show you some nifty dance moves of his own.

One word of caution though when you dine here - it's best to pace yourself accordingly if you intend to go the whole hog and attempt to devour everything proffered. As long as you keep that little square beside your cutlery turn onto the green side, the passador will happily continue to tempt you with different meaty cuts. When you have had enough, flip it over to red as a silent signal to 'cut it out'.

The protein-laden mains are pre-empted by an interesting buffet of typical Brazilian appetizers. Heavily influenced by the Portuguese and Middle-Easterners, you'd find many of the delicious starters incorporate black and green olives, lemon juice, fresh fruit vegetables and spices. Noteworthy choices to try include Salgadinhos Coxinha (breaded and deep-fried lightly spiced chicken croquettes), Hearts of Palm with Olives Salad, Raisin Polenta, Sautéed Mushrooms, Mixed Bean Salad and Fish Croquettes.

I like the black bean stew which has smoky and mildly briny dried and fresh beef, and sausages. Known as Feijoada, it is apparently Brazil’s national dish. The proper way of eating it is with Stewed Rice (this has pine nuts and toasted garlic slices in it). The smooth, creamy Potato and Parsley Soup was especially good as were the Apple Salad, Black Bean Dip and Crushed Sweet Potatoes with Parsley.

Do alternate your intake of herbed sausages, chicken ham, lamb, butter fish, tiger prawns and beef tenderloin with the refreshing, zesty salads or Abacaxi (grilled pineapple with cinnamon) to help balance the indulgent meatiness.

Dessert comprises a simple yet scrumptious selection. Top marks go to the Pave de Chocolate (chocolate cookie tart) for its mousse-like texture intermingled with chocolatey cookie crumbs. If you're nutty over nut-filled confections, then savour Cajuzinho, a soft Brazilian candy made from crushed cashewnuts and chocolate. For something lighter, opt for the Egg White Candy which is reminiscent of macaroons with crushed Oreo cookies and Manjar Branco, an enticing coconut flan topped with prune sauce.

Service is efficient but the staff lacks confidence (well, at least for now) on how to guide diners more effectively so that they can be maximum enjoyment from their dining experience here.

Bossa Nova has a seating capacity of 106 persons, inclusive of two private dining rooms and a full bar. The buffet costs RM48++ per head for lunch and RM58++ for dinner - a steal considering what some steak houses in town charges for their meat cuts.

BOSSA NOVA (pork-free)
Lower Lobby Level
Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur
Reservations: 2711 1199

Business hours: Mon-Fri 12 noon to 2.30 pm, Mon-Sat 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm

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