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Tuesday, June 14, 2022



Lest we forget, the scrouge of Covid-19 is omnipresent so it’s best not to let our guard down. One of my good friends is in self-insolation at home after testing positive. It’s a sobering reminder the Covid-19 virus remains rampant and infectious amidst the new norm as we return to our regular routine.

I’m thankful to WHITE FACTOR for delivering a set of their Skin Cleanser for my personal use. The nifty 50ml WHITE FACTOR Personal Spray bottle is light and small enough to fit into my handbag and so user-friendly.

Having recovered from Covid-19 a few months ago, I’m adapting a ‘better be safe than sorry’ attitude. With WHITE FACTOR Skin Cleanser, I can now spray and easily sanitise often-touched surfaces such as light switches, doorknobs and handles, and lift buttons. 

Super gentle on skin and 100% safe for infants, children and pets, WHITE FACTOR Skin Cleanser is alcohol- and fragrance-free, non-toxic and environmental-friendly. 

Thanks to advanced Japanese mixed-machine manufacturing technology, WHITE FACTOR contains an active ingredient known as HOCl or Hypochlorous Acid which is naturally found in our white blood cells, to fight invading pathogens and keep the human body healthy.

Tested and proven by independent international labs, HOCI is effective in killing 99.9% viruses, bacteria, and fungus including the Covid-19. WHITE FACTOR is chemical-free and food-grade safe so you can even use it to sanitise wounds, and eating utensils without having to rinse it off.

WHITE FACTOR is available for sale online via, or at the official store in Lazada and Shopee.

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