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Tuesday, December 31, 2019


A marriage made in dessert heaven. When Crème De La Crème (CDLC) partners with The Tokyo Restaurant (TTR) to merge their respective famed products: CDLC's artisanal ice cream with TTR's famed Burnt Cheesecake sweet magic happens.
Hot on the heels of its Sanrio collab to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 45th birthday, CDLC dials up its game – this time in partnership with TTR in creating two artisanal ice creams and a plated dessert to excite the palate.
Our tastebuds were teased by Burnt Caramel Cheesecake Ice Cream in which smooth, rich burnt caramel ice cream swirled with bits of TTR burnt cheesecake, causing gasps of delight and garnering nods of approval. The burnt caramel taste was amplified by the lush creaminess.
Fromage and ice cream fans will adore Tokyo La Crème for its sumptuousness. The indulgent Cream Cheese Ice Cream – made with fresh Australian cream cheese – forms a divine blend with TTR burnt cheesecake, resulting in a splendid sweet-savoury treat like no other.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, brace yourself for the plated dessert which combines the best of two worlds: a scoop of Burnt Caramel Ice Cream paired with a slice of TTR Burnt Cheesecake amidst a sprinkling of hazelnuts and swirls of caramel. A brilliant dessert masterpiece guarantee to leave dessert fans up on seventh heaven.
Akito Sakamoto, General Manager of The Tokyo Restaurant said: “When it comes to deciding on a trusted partner whom we can work with, to design ice creams of the highest standards, Crème De La Crème stands heads and shoulders above them all.”

Lio Lim, Managing Director of CDLC enthused “We are thrilled to partner with The Tokyo Restaurant as TTR’s famed burnt cheesecake needs no introduction. Having shaken up the ice cream world by reinventing the look and taste of ice cream, we couldn’t have found a better partner to recapture the imagination of ice cream and cheese cake lovers alike.”
For more information, visit Crème De La Crème FB page: & The Tokyo Restaurant FB page:

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


As a freelance writer and blogger, I rarely leave home soil without staying incommunicado. After one and a half decades as a service provider, I cannot afford to disconnect from work hence having constant WiFi connectivity is an absolute necessity rather than a luxury.
That is when we discovered TravelRecommends’ TravelWifi router is a godsend for us. Before our recent and maiden visit to the USA, our past #travelwithwifi experiences left us with good, positive impressions during our work-play travels to Japan, Thailand and South Korea. 
Tokyo, Japan
Seoul, South Korea
Bangkok, Thailand
Bringing TravelRecommends’ TravelWifi along simply enable us to:
Mix Business with Pleasure
Most of our travels tend to combine work with pleasure. Although we strive to devote more time for R&R on each getaway, us entrepreneurial business owners can never remain unresponsive to clients or leave work unattended for long.

With TravelRecommends’ handy TravelWifi, it is so easy to mix business with pleasure as we can check emails or attend to work-related matters on-the-go without disrupting our personal itineraries and recreational pursuits. 
Our recent visit to the US of A was a prime #travelwithwifi example on how we stay connected using TravelRecommends’ TravelWifi as we jetted to Tokyo and Chicago before hitting the road for OshKosh, Winsconsin and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota and all the way back.
Stay Safe & Secure
We never take cyber safety and security lightly on our travels abroad. A safe and secure WiFi connection is invaluable and by using a dedicated TravelRecommends’ TravelWifi with its own user ID and password, we are assured whatever tasks we execute online is shielded from prying ‘eyes’. 

Online money transfers, bill payments, hotel and restaurant reservations, car rentals, train and flight ticket bookings…we managed to carry out so many key tasks with peace of mind during our travels thanks to the secured WiFi connection provided by TravelRecommends’ TravelWifi router. No need to worry about the risks of exposing crucial and confidential information to all and sundry when we log on using publicly accessible WiFi connections.

Enjoy Instant & Constant Connectivity
The one step ‘push button’ operation of TravelRecommends’ TravelWifi router makes it a boon for even the most tech ignorant users. Since 5 gadgets can be connected simultaneously to the TravelWifi, it is perfect for my family as our three smartphones and two laptops can log on to the Internet anytime.
We love how fast the router searches, authenticates and operates instantly in different cities; from Tokyo to Chicago and Minneapolis, the TravelWifi kicks into operation mode in less than five minutes! 
The signal strength is always strong and the broadband speed ample enough to cope with three adults’ constant social media uploads, downloads and even video calls. Another advantage is the TravelWifi battery lasts about 10-15 hours per day so the duration is enough to cover our day and sometimes night outings.
There were only 2 rare instances when WiFi connectivity was lost: (1) inside the thick iron walled confines of a U505 submarine in the basement level of the Chicago Science and Industry Museum and (2) on a short stretch of thickly wooded, red cedar-lined route during our drive back from OshKosh to Chicago. Otherwise, it was smooth sailing as far as our #travelwithwifi journey is concerned.
Create Precious Memories & Share Travel Experiences
Thanks to the seamless online connectivity accorded by TravelRecommends’ TravelWifi, my entire family had a great time sharing countless experiences as we ate, shopped and explored our way through Asakusa, Tokyo Tower and Tsukiji during our two stopovers in Tokyo, Japan.
Likewise, once we touched down in Chicago, all of us practically had family and friends back home ‘touring’ virtually with us on our daily sight-seeing and holiday itinerary. From the iconic Wrigley Field Stadium – home of the Chicago Cubs to the awe-inspiring Field Museum, the Windy City blew us away with its European architecture and fervour for the good life.
Heading to OshKosh, Wisconsin proved to be a real breeze as we drove with guided instructions and directions thanks to the uninterrupted online connectivity provided by TravelWifi. No words were adequate to describe how priceless it was for hubby to reconnect and reunite with old friends from his college days.
Our daily on-the-go connectivity accorded by TravelRecommends' TravelWifi also enabled us to share blow-by-blow accounts of our planned reunion at my cousin brother's home in Minnesota, and the activities we enjoyed in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Needless to say, the whole FB kampong in Malaysia and beyond had first-hand insights on what we got up to. Such poignant moments are priceless to us, especially for my 77-year old Mum whose maiden visit to the US notches up a significant milestone in her life.
Avoid Post-Travel Bill Shock
Being the budget-conscious travellers that we are, we did my homework to survey the different WiFi options available before our impending trip. Although our telcos offer competitive rates, we find TravelRecommends’ TravelWifi still comes up trumps as the router allows us to connect up to five gadgets in one go.

Social, Social Networks, Social Network Service
There’s no need to worry about exorbitant roaming charges, no foreign telco partnering connectivity issues and no need to hunt for and change SIM cards. With promotional rental rates offered by TravelRecommends going for as low as RM8/day, it is without a doubt which #travelwithwifi partner we should go with. As a repeat TravelRecommends customer, I have nothing but praises for all my experiences using the TravelWifi router on my travel sojourns. 
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Thank you TravelRecommends for being such a supportive travel partner in the creation of so many precious memories for JOM MAKAN LIFE on our recent explorations to Tokyo, Chicago, OshKosh and Minneapolis. For more information on TravelRecommends' handy TravelWifi router, please visit TravelRecommends Facebook page:

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