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Saturday, May 06, 2023


Sinje Lee juggles her directorial debut with her producer role and a member of the cast

Golden Horse Award-winning actress Sinje Lee
 produced, directed and starred in ‘Dear Child, How Are You?’, a documentary series by Little Yellow Flower Foundation. 

Not only is Lee the executive producer of the entire series, she also makes her directorial debut for one of the documentary episodes, “Hilltop House”. The series explores the theme of "love”: family relationships, parenting styles, and the interactive communication of love between parents, educators, and children.
Two other episodes in the series, directed by emerging directors Tan Seng Kiat and Kethsvin Chee respectively, feature Sinje Lee in the lead role, sharing her life story in ‘The Journey of Sinje’, and about two families who homeschool their children in ‘We Rode An Ostrich’.
Sinje with her sons in her hometown

In ‘The Journey of Sinje', Lee accompanies her children to explore nature and cultivate interests such as drawing amidst her busy work schedule; highlighting different educational system from the perspective of a career-oriented mother and her views on education as well as different educational philosophies.
Focusing on Waldorf education in her directorial ‘Hilltop House’ episode, Lee shares how each family faces different educational problems, and cites the importance of teachers, parents, and children in the education process. 
Communing with Nature...Sinje and her twin sons

Sinje Lee says: “I never thought about directing for the first time, shooting a documentary I'm not good at. It comes from my love for children. I hope through this documentary, everyone can once again feel the power of truth, kindness, and beauty.”
She candidly admits as a director, she had to change her way of thinking, and gained lots of invaluable experiences as the filming period for documentaries is longer than for that for movies.
In her maiden role as producer, director and a member of the cast, she faced numerous challenges from the planning stages to the actual filming, but with the production crew team’s assistance and her husband, Oxide Pang’s support, she overcame everything.
The adorable young cast of Dear Child, How Are You?

Initially hesitant to share her complete three-generation family story in ‘The Journey of Sinje’, the low-profile Lee gives audience insights of her real life and educational beliefs after Sylvia Chang encouraged her to be honest and sincere in her creative process. Lee hopes her life story will bring encouragement and hope to everyone.  
Founded in 2007 by Sinje Lee and her celebrity friends: Charlie Young, Gigi Leung and Valen Hsu, Little Yellow Flower Foundation aims to spread love and hope, and make a difference in children’s lives.  
Children from Hilltop House
Through their collective love for children and concern for children’s welfare, the Foundation has provided assistance for children in need, regardless of nationality or social standing, through educational environment enhancement and giving the children better educational opportunities, to help create a better future for them. 

‘Dear Child, How Are You?’ was officially released on 13 April 2023. More information available in FB:     
‘Dear Child, How Are You?’  Movie Trailer Link:  
The Making of Video for ‘The Journey of Sinje’ Movie Link: 
The Making of Video for ‘Hilltop House’ Movie Link            

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