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Wednesday, September 06, 2023


Hankering for some good old kopitiam fare such as Nasi Lemak, Roti Bakar with Butter & Kaya or Soft-boiled Kampung Eggs with your fave cuppa? Foreign and local guests of Dorsett Grand Subang can now enjoy a first-hand experience of eating in a local kopitiam Mon-Fri, 10.30 am to 5 pm without stepping out of the hotel.

Priced at RM12.80 nett per order inclusive of a cup of Milo, Teh Tarik, Kopi Lokal or Nescafe Tarik, you can select Roti Bakar (toast) with Butter & Kaya (local egg jam), Soft-boiled Kampung Eggs, Nasi Lemak Bungkus, Cucur Udang (2 pcs), Giant Chicken Curry Puffs, Popiah Goreng (2 pcs) or Portuguese Egg Tart.
We gave thumbs up to the delicious Nasi Lemak. Wrapped in banana leaf lined paper, the coconut cream-enriched rice was fragrant and went like a dream with the sambal which had a hint of sweetness to it. Ubiquitous accompaniments: a slice of omelette, sliced cucumber, and fried peanuts with ikan bilis (anchovies) lent textural interest.
Unlike Cucur Udang (prawn fritters) sold elsewhere where the prawns are non-existent, we are pleased to find several small prawns atop the crispy pieces. Served with a chilli dip, the fritters were so delectable we couldn’t resist a second helping.
Another on-point offering was Popiah Goreng. The generous filling of shredded jicama, carrot and mushroom inside the fried spring rolls was reminiscent of Penang Nyonya-style chun piah.

As a fan of local curry puff, I was delighted to find the Giant Chicken Curry Puff came up to scratch. Besides diced potato and chicken, it included a wedge of hardboiled egg.


If you’re slanted towards Continental fare, individual portions of Big Breakfast (RM48 nett) are served from 11am to 3pm daily. A hearty plate big enough to two light eaters to share, it consisted of fluffy scrambled egg, chicken sausages, crisp beef bacon strips, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms, hash browns, cherry tomatoes, salad, and slices of buttered toast.


Celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival with Halal mooncakes from Dorsett Grand Subang, available now until 29 September.

Perennial best sellers: Premium Musang King Durian Snowskin Mooncake (top right, RM63) and Dorsett Signature Blue Mooncake (bottom right, RM43) comprising white lotus paste single yolk encased in organic blue pea flower snowskin continue to be the top draw among Dorsett guests.

The sweetness of the Signature Blue mooncake is just nice, with the salted egg yolk giving the lotus paste filling balance. We also like the inclusion of kuaci (melon seeds) in it.
A standout in our book this year is the Honey Purple Potato Paste with Single Yolk in Lemongrass Snowskin (RM43). The delicious sweet potato paste melds harmoniously with the fresh herbaceous-lemony imbued snowskin.

A touch of bright sweetness from yuzu honey citron lends distinct edge to the baked variant of Pandan Lotus Paste Single Yolk in Yuzu Honey Citron (RM43). Although it's an unlikely combo, the flavours work like a charm.

Made from pure Musang King pulp, you'd realise why it remains such a hit with mooncake fans of the Premium Musang King Durian Snowskin. The luscious taste is incomparable and as good as eating the actual fruit.

Dorsett Mooncake Gift Set (RM128 nett) makes gifting easier for the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. It comprises a set of 4 baked mooncakes and a box of 10 sachets Rhymba Hills sampler. 

For more information, call Dorsett Grand Subang, tel: 03 5031 6060.

Wednesday, September 08, 2021


Be Your Own Barista! The clarion call from Häagen-Dazs goes out to coffee and ice cream fans to Take A Coffee Break with the brand’s NEW, limited edition Barista Collection.

Available in September and October, Häagen-Dazs Salted Caramel Cappuccino and Brownie Macchiato ice cream are the perfect pick-me-ups for an afternoon break; delicious on their own or whipped into a delightful creamy shake.


Don’t Hold Back when it comes to creating the Häagen-Dazs Salted Caramel Coffee Shake. I put my own twist to the recipe, adding a banana to 2 scoops of Häagen-Dazs Salted Caramel Cappuccino Ice Cream, 200ml milk, and a shot of espresso to the mix.

Suffice to say, I #LoveTheMix! Lusciously creamy and chockful of flavour, it certainly boosted my working from home mood immensely. Hardly surprising since the Häagen-Dazs Salted Caramel Cappuccino ice cream itself is infused with the finest and perfectly roasted Brazilian coffee beans.

Swirled with a ribbon of decadent salted caramel and crunchy chocolate chips, the smooth and full-bodied ice cream is a decadent treat to indulge in anytime, anywhere.

Its deliciousness is rivaled only by Häagen-Dazs Brownie Macchiato. A mild yet full-bodied coffee ice cream highlighting the finest Robusta coffee beans from Brazil, it’s swirled with coffee sauce and chocolate brownie pieces.

The Häagen-Dazs ice-cream pints are priced at RM34.50 each, available from Aeon, Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Family Mart and Häagen-Dazs Cafes. In addition, you can find them in GrabMart, and Aeon Online.

Thursday, January 14, 2021


An eye-catching showcase filled with rows of colourful thread spools serves as an interesting focal point inspiration at the threshold of the new Cong Caphe (pronounced curb cafe) at 1 Utama.

Opened in late December 2020, local Cong Caphe franchise holder Peter Tan reveals the second outlet ID is based on a textile factory from Vietnam’s bao cap or subsidy period. Hence the decorative elements feature multiple tiers of vintage sewing machines and glass-topped tables strewn with oversized thread spools.

Certain trademark touches such as military green uniforms of the frontline team, retro collectibles and household memorabilia, mismatched rustic and upcycled furniture, sepia snapshots and enamelware complete the charming vintage setting.

The current beverage & food menu is more expansive too. Right from the get-go, young green rice flakes imported from Vietnam make Cong’s Signature Ice Blended Coconut Green Rice Smoothie (RM17.90 tall) a hit with us. 

Flat and almost translucent, we were told those pearly-green rice ‘flakes’ had to be steamed before it’s blended with coconut milk to create the signature smoothie. Subtly sweet and creamy, the distinct drink has tiny chewy bits that are almost reminiscent of glutinous rice.

Two other non-coffee drinks worth slurping up include Fresh Lime Smoothie (RM13.90) and Passionfruit Smoothie (RM15.90). The former is zesty-fresh with the clean sourness and sharper lime zest discernible on the palate while the latter flaunts a fruitier finish.

For coffee lovers, we highly recommend Bac-Xiu, coffee with coconut milk (RM12.90 hot) and Hanoian Coffee (RM10.90 hot). Otherwise, there are neat juices such as tart and green Ambarella Juice (RM13.90) or refreshing Watermelon (RM10.90).

Simple, quick meals are available should you feel peckish. The Beef Ham Rice Noodle (RM16.90) and Chicken Ham Rice Noodle (RM14.90) are fuss-free, ‘meal in a bowl’ options. Think of it as Vietnam's answer to a pared-down poke bowl. 

A jumble of julienne carrot, cucumber, lettuce and pickles, sprigs of fresh coriander, crushed peanut alongside rice noodles and slices of beef ‘ham’ or peppery chicken ham accompanied by Vietnamese fish sauce dressing make this offering a major crowd-pleaser once everything is tossed up and thoroughly mixed. The flavours are vivid and pleasing with enough textural interest to stimulate the appetite. Personally I don't fancy the beefy version but to each his/her own.

An unexpectedly good choice turns out to be Instant Noodle with Tofu and Egg (RM9.90). The smoked beancurd cubes add extra appeal to the chewy Vietnamese Hao Hao instant noodles, with the eggy richness lending hearty substance to leave you replete.

To whet the appetite, consider the house Spring Rolls (RM8.90, 2 pcs). The pair can be a meal for light eaters or a precursor to subsequent choices if you’re dining in a group.

Sandwich enthusiasts may prefer to sample Chicken Ham Banh Mi (RM13.90)  ̶  crusty Vietnamese baguette stuffed with peppery chicken ham slices, chicken pate, fresh coriander, julienne carrot and radish pickles. Alternative versions available include Beef Ham Banh Mi (RM15.90) and Tofu Banh Mi (RM11.90).

Assuage your sweet spot with Cong’s mainstay of Croissant with Condensed Milk (RM6.90) or an assortment of pastries. Notable finds we readily vouch for: flaky Almond Bar (RM8.90) and Orange Poppy Seed Cake (RM8.90). 

Close contenders range from Earl Grey Cake (RM8.90) to Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Muffin, all old-school buttery cakes that aren’t overly rich or cloyingly sweet.

Cong Caphe is offering 50% off drinks from 11am to 2pm with any speciality food purchased for dining in (except on Sat, Sun & PH) from now until 31st March 2021. Enjoy RM5 off Takeaway and Delivery Orders amounting to RM20 - refer to the official website for more

Cong Caphe is located at G130A, Ground Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel: 03-7732 9280. Opening hours (non-MCO) 10am-10pm; Fri & Sat 10am-1030pm. 

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