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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Since eyes are the windows to our soul, it makes sense that our precious peepers should be adorned with equally well-made eyewear.

These days, nobody bats an eyelid when it comes to wearing glasses...unlike in the old days when you're considered dorky for being a four-eyed git! In fact donning a pair of spectacles is even considered cool especially if you have a pair or two in bold, eye-catching coloured frames!

Obviously Stepper - one of Germany's leading eyewear brand has noticed this growing trend and stepped up to offer bespectacled local and Asian fashion plates greater and more vibrant choices with the launch of Stepper Exclusive and Pantone Universe eyewear lines.

According to the brand's founder, Hans Stepper, "Stepper has actually been in the Malaysian market for the last five years. Although our past designs have been mostly focused on the European market, we're now eyeing the vibrant Asian market. That's where our newest range of trendy Pantone Universe Eyewear fit in; to appeal to a younger and more fashionable crowd."

Recently unveiled with much fanfare at Viva Home, the Stepper launch party even drew the attention of local celebrities such as supermodel Amber Chia, former beauty queen Levy Li, models Emily Lim and Kelly Jagan, and local
actors Owen Yap, Zoey Rahman, Alan Yun and Isaac Ong.

Stepper Exclusive is conceived for those who prefer elegant yet stylish eyewear that boasts exclusivity and superb craftsmanship. Dressier and ideal for evening wear, the range comes in bold, classic designs; rendered in discreet rhodium, ruthenium and assorted gold hues with textured surfaces, refined finishings and embellishments of crystal zirconium and other semiprecious stones.

Stepper Exclusive is aimed at the middle to upper market segment with prices starting from RM1500 onwards.

Trendsetters should feast their eyes on Pantone Universe Eyewear that features exchangeable temples of different materials in a multitude of colours with minimalist, super-elastic stainless steel fronts.

Setting its sight on the youthful segment, the collection is priced between RM400-RM600.

"Our eyewear designs are culled from two European eyewear shows annually," said Stepper. "The first May show is held in Milan while the September/October seasonal show is held in Paris. This year, lilac is the 'it' colour but for next year, red-orange are forecasted to be the hues of choice."

Stepper's best tip? "Wearers should always select warm or cool colours to complement their own skin tones."

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