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Saturday, April 06, 2019


The cosmopolitan spirit of gin with a local touch and some creative twists levels up MariGin beyond its stature as a traditional gin parlour in Kuala Lumpur. MariGin Gin Bar is the latest feather in The Marini’s Group hat a leading F&B player known for Marini’s on 57, Marble 8 and M Marini Grand Caffè & Terrazza establishments in the city.
According to Cavaliere Modesto Marini, owner and founder of The Marini’s Group, “Gin is usually a staple in any bar but at MariGin, it is the star. It’s a versatile and refreshing spirit that can be drunk straight up, in a simple mix, or added to other flavours in a cocktail. Gin’s diversity and variety ensure it appeals to different palates and provides new experiences. At MariGin, we aim to create a gin drink for every occasion.” 
MariGin is located just a stone's throw away from the iconic Twin Towers. Patrons can sit back and wet their whistle within MariGin’s relaxed atmosphere; a cushy haven of dark marble flooring, low sofa lounges and coffee tables and a rustic bar counter that’s central to the overall hubbub. 
The shaded terrace boasts pool and gin pong tables in addition to timber topped tables paired with high bar stools to seat 35 persons. Indoors, MariGin can comfortably accommodate 56 persons but greater privacy can be sought inside two private rooms, which seat 6-8 persons.
The dedicated gin menu features 57 varieties of gin: from gin infusions, gin and tonic mixes to bespoke cocktails for every occasion. MariGin’s drinks are priced from RM27++ onwards.
We sampled Ginius (RM40++), a Gin concoction of infused kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, lime and galangal with Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic. Subtle floral notes were discernible in Ginny In The Bottle (RM40++), a Gin cocktail infused with chrysanthemum, wolfberries, lemon, chrysanthemum flower and Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic.
More in-gin-ius tipples to pique your interest include Anti Agin (RM45++), a mythical fountain of youth rustled up with The Botanist, basil, chamomile, ginger cordial, lime juice, soda and an edible flower; Ginasium comprising Citadelle Original, Malibu, grapefruit juice, coconut water, spiced syrup and lime juice; and Chi Si Gin (RM45++) — Tanqueray NO.10 with lychee liquor, lychee, lemongrass, lime juice and kaffir lime leaves.
Among the array of gin & tonic mixers to uplift Happy Hours are Concubine Gin (RM56++), a captivating concoction of Martin Miller’s, grapefruit, basil and East Imperial Tonic; The Duke of Gin (RM52++) rustled up with Monkey 47, blueberries, grapefruit and Fever Mediterranean Tonic and Padrino (RM56++) Nikka Coffey Gin with coffee beans and East Imperial Tonic.
For more information and enquiries, call MariGin Gin Bar, tel: 03-2386 6030 or email Address: One KL, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur. Business hours: 5pm to 1am Monday to Saturday, Happy Hours 5pm to 9pm.

Sunday, February 05, 2017


Love is on the menu this Valentine's Day at Em by Tedboy. Named after Mathilda, the cherubic second child of the couple who owns Tedboy Bakery in Bangsar, the cosy Em by Tedboy at Hotel Transit KL aims to lure lovebirds this Valentine's Day with a special celebratory set menu (RM168+10% service charge) for two persons.
Austere décor and neutral tones are prevalent throughout the restaurant confines, evoking a casual yet welcoming atmosphere. Consultant chef Pierre MC (formerly of Croisette Cafe) has been roped in to conceive a Mediterranean inspired menu with Asian influences.

By and large the pared-down industrial vibe is softened by a feature wall depicting a world map. Snapshots of guests from around the world affixed on different continents bear testament to the outlet's increasing popularity among international travellers to our city. Now, the strategy is to boost awareness and attract a more constant and local clientele to its doors. Well, Valentine's Day seems a perfect occasion to ignite their interest.
For the lovely celebration, expect the tables to be prettied up with red tablecloths and white placemats, dried floral petals and a glass receptacle holding a pair of live guppies and ornamental pebbles as the centrepiece.
To fan the flames of romantic fervour, we sipped on a heady Pink Lady cocktail accompanied by a quartet of canapés. The concoction of cranberry and lemon juice mixed with triple sec and vodka sent our pulses racing so go slow if you're unused to boozy tipple.
Handy, dainty servings of savoury pesto-infused rice, black olive tapenade on crusty bruschetta, a mini frothy glass of cream of mushroom and prawn with mango salsa from the tempting canapé platter should pave a deliciously smooth pathway to both you and your beloved's tummies. I was particularly besotted with the springy and mildly smoky prawn coupled with the heartwarming mushroom soup.
Butterfish melded with raw and smoked salmon, and salt-cured cucumber with dill to create the palate-teasing Fresh Salmon Tartare with Mirepoix in Blood Orange Dressing. The resultant flavours were delicate with the natural fresh sweetness of both fishes intact, and textures bordering on the soft almost satiny finish. Instead of the classic French trinity of carrot, onion and celery for mirepoix, the chef added colour to the dish with diced tomato, chopped hardboiled egg and feathery sprigs of dill.
For the masculine diner, a lush Beetroot & Feta Chantilly Mille-Feuilles with Pomegranate Dressing beckons. Although beetroot doesn't top most guys' list of preferred food, the speciality tasted way better than it sounded. My dining partner would vouch for its delectable appeal after sampling the subtly sweet-savoury-briny stack.
Zippy bursts of heat set our tastebuds alight Tomato Vodka Granite. A punchy palate-cleanser that either have you succumbing to the gritty coolness or reeling from the alcoholic suckerpunch.

Main course that should go swimmingly well with fair ladies is Fried Duck Breast with Raspberry Sauce, Potato Gratin & Vegetable Tian. Tender with a thin strip of fat on top, we found the duck's gaminess barely discernible thanks to the faintly tart raspberry sauce. Herb-flecked slices of baked vegetables and potatoes served as supporting cast.
Alas, the dish was no match for the show-stealing Buttefish Fillet with Red Capsicum Coulis. We thought its vibrant saucy red looked more feminine compared to the darker shade of the ducky option. The fish was cooked just nice, rendering it firm yet flaky; contrasting well with the hearty potato gratin and tian of veggies.
Light yet luscious, Em's Signature Pavlova wrapped up the fairer side of the dinner set. The inclusion of fresh kiwifruit, blueberries, strawberries and a gooseberry coupled with raspberry sauce ensured this fanciful treat worth relishing.
Somehow the dessert appeared sweeter on the other side...I personally displayed a greater penchant for the Mille-Feuille with Strawberries. Juicy and slightly tart, the fresh strawberry halves embedded in pastry cream and sandwiched in between crisp mille-feuille were sublime.
Pix courtesy of Em by Tedboy
Event planners seeking a suitable space for meetings, breakout sessions, birthday parties or product launches are welcome to ask Em by Tedboy about its dedicated event corner upstairs. Hidden by a partition door and up a short flight of stairs, the rectangular open air, garden-like space is outfitted with retractable canopy to protect it from the heat and rain. Furnishings are tactile for flexible configurations desired by event organisers and party hosts.
For reservations, please call EM BY TEDBOY, tel: 03-2022 2056. Address: Ground Floor, Hotel Transit, No.42, Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

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