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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Take it slow and easy. That’s the clarion call from the Miaoli County Government of Taiwan to Malaysian visitors.
Low carbon, eco-friendly Railway Track and Bicycle. Tung Tree Flower Festival. Hakka cuisine. These are some of the tourism highlights promoted at the 2018 Miaoli International Tourism Symposium at Aloft Hotel KL recently.

Head of Miaoli County Deng Gui Ju (2nd from left) led representatives from Miaoli County Tourism Association, Tongluo Township Sightseeing Tour, Sanyi Township Office and industry partners: West Lake Resort, Miao Pin Hotel and Flying Cow Ranch among others to promote the free & easy travel concept at the informative session aimed at tourism industry players here.

After a Hakka-style ‘tea pounding’ ceremony, different stakeholders took to the stage to give an overview of Miaoli. Certified as an International Slow City, both the Sanyi and Nanzhuang townships of Miaoli have plenty to offer visitors seeking a slow-pace and eco-friendly lifestyle; from Taiwan’s first railway bicycle that enables visitors to tour the old mountain ranges of Sanyi and admire its beauty.
Located between Taichung and Taoyuan International Airport, Miaoli is easily accessible by high speed train, the conventional railway or complimentary shuttle service.

Besides being famed for its hot springs, the top drawcards of Miaoli County include the Tung Tree Flower Festival which forms a romantic backdrop for couples wanting to tie the knot amidst those profusion of snow white blossoms. Pottery art and wood carvings in addition to aboriginal and rush weaving, and blue dye fabrics are distinctive souvenirs from this region.

Taking a leaf from the Cittaslow network in Italy (inspired by the slow food movement), Miaoli strives to protect and maintain its natural environment, use sustainable technology, raise and protect its local culture and customs, promote healthy diet and lifestyle, support local crafts, artisans and businesses, and encourages its citizens to participate in public events.

Hence visitors will have the opportunity to sample traditional Hakka specialities using local produce in Miaoli, immerse in spa treatments with essential oils or enjoy creative cuisine incorporating fruits and flowers at Flower Home, revel in luxurious glamping facilities at MODO Countryside Resort or discover eco-friendly thematic zones with interactive activities at the Flying Cow Ranch.

For more information, visit Taiwan Tourism: 

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