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Monday, August 28, 2023


(left-right) Rose Yong with Chef Cash Fong and Melanie Harris

Have you ever tried making sushi with halal Aussie beef and lamb? Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) in collaboration with Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur hosted a sushi-making masterclass, to show how fresh and versatile Aussie beef can be used to make inari sushi, onigiri and sushi roll.

Rose Yong, Country Manager of Meat & Livestock Australia (above left) welcomed Melanie Harris, Australian Trade Commissioner for Malaysia and Brunei (above right) to the event. She also introduced Executive Chef Grzegorz Odolak (centre below) of the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur and Tung Lok group of restaurants’ Japanese Executive Chef Cash Fong (below right).

Chef Fong who spearheads Tung Lok’s Ushio Sumiyaki Restaurant, a modern Japanese charcoal grill bar and Douraku Sushi at Park Regis in Singapore was awarded Taste of Japan Bronze Medal in 2017 and Singapore Masterchef in 2019.
In her short speech, Harris said “Australia is recognised as a leading exporter of premium quality beef and lamb. Our commitment to sustainability, integrity, and quality has been unwavering. We take pride farming practices emphasise animal welfare, environmental responsibility, and responsible resource management. 

“Australia has consistently showed its dedication to delivering products of exceptional taste and nutritional value. Our lush pastures and stringent quality control processes ensure the meat we export is not only succulent and flavourful but also meets the highest safety standards.” 

Affirming Australia's beef and lamb have a special place in the hearts of Malaysians, she said “this gathering is a testament to the shared appreciation for culinary excellence. The harmony between Japanese and Australian flavours is a culinary symphony reflecting our commitment to quality and collaboration.”

As the guest chef responsible for the Japanese-Australian Epicurean Affair menu for the hotel’s #DinewithChef series (24 August to 3 September), Fong then proceeded to guide Harris on the sushi-making masterclass.
(left-right) Jennifer Khoo of Chasingfooddreams with friend Carole Tan (centre) and I at the MLA sushi masterclass

Local media members also had a first-hand sushi-making experience using Aussie beef before they sat down to try some of the #DinewithChef specialities. 

Starting with Aburi Maki (RM68), the rolled sushi topped with tender sliced beef (lightly seared) and stuffing of avocado, oba leaf, kyuri, and miso dressing 
most delicious.
The Double Boiled Soup with Beef Short Rib, Tomato, Carrot and Onion (RM48) was a palate-pleaser too. Toothsome to the bite, the cubes of beef lent textural interest to the clear and flavourful broth.

Another notable offering was Gyu Tataki (RM128) – slices of briefly seared beef which we mixed with quail egg then savoured along with cherry tomato, ice plant and ponzu sauce.
Although our portion of Grilled Lamb Neck (RM118) with root vegetable and miso sauce, the harmonious pairing with slender asparagus and miso sauce was on-point. 

Other dishes to sample during the #DinewithChef promotion include Wok-fried Lamb Rack (RM168) with cashew, sesame and cumin powder, Wasabi Steak (RM145) and Yakitori (RM78).

Banana Ice Cream topped with macaron and mango boba in a waffle cone brought the curtains down on our afternoon with Aussie beef and lamb.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2022


(left-right) Hilton Chef Steven Wong, Australian High Commissioner Dr Justin Lee, Chef Eric Siew and Agriculture Counsellor Sanjay Boothalingam

Australian lamb is not only lean, tender, and healthy but also versatile and easy to cook. With many different cuts available, the meat is suitable for both Asian and Western cooking. 

Meat Livestock Australia (MLA) recently hosted a fun-filled Lambassadors’ Workshop to showcase the great attributes of Australian lamb at Chambers Restaurant, Hilton Kuala Lumpur.
Australian High Commissioner Dr Justin Lee (left) and Agriculture Counsellor Sanjay Boothalingam joined local media members in making open-face lamb pies in a hands-on workshop conducted by Lambassador Chef Eric Siew and 
Hilton KL Chef Steven Wong.
In his welcome speech, Dr Lee highlighted that 38% of the global supplies – approximately 431,000 tonnes – of sheep meat comes from Australia. Malaysia is the second largest destination for Australian sheep meat in South-East Asia as the country imports 84% of its sheep meat from Australia.

Dr Lee said: “Our red meat export industry is underpinned by a strong biosecurity framework and export regulations in addition to our world-class food regulatory system. Australia also supplies over 17 Islamic markets with Australian halal red meat. We abide by importing country requirements, Australian export legislation, and the Australian Government Authorised Halal Program (AGAHP).”

After observing the two Lambassador Chefs in action (refer to recipe enclosed), the media members then made and decorated their own lamb pies. They were also treated to an array of afternoon tea treats featuring Australian beef and lamb prepared by the Hilton KL team.
According to Valeska, Meat & Livestock Australia’s Regional Manager for South-east Asia, maintaining current production and consumption levels of Australian red meat – beef and lamb – will not contribute to additional global temperature rise – otherwise known as ‘climate neutral’. This means eating Australian lamb does not have an adverse impact on the environment.

“In addition, greenhouse gas emissions from our red meat industry have halved over the last 16 years. There is significantly more tree cover on Australia’s grazing lands than there was 30 years ago, and it takes 68% less water to produce a kilo of beef,” she said.
Australian lamb is halal to the bone. The animals are slaughtered under the Australian Government Supervised Halal Programme, by Muslims approved by accredited Islamic certifying authorities in accredited processing plants, according to strict Islamic law or Syariah, and in compliance to importing country’s strict halal protocol. This programme is guaranteed under the Australian law, and administered by the Federal Department of Agriculture.
A good source of protein, Australian lamb contains 13 essential nutrients required for good health. Among them are Iron, Zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins.
For more Australian lamb recipe ideas, visit:

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