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Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Mmm…do you miss dining on piping hot dim sum? Imagine sinking your teeth into freshly made and steaming hot siew mai, prawn dumplings and BBQ chicken bao buns.
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Pix courtesy of Dorsett Grand Subang
Now you can dine-in at The Emperor Chinese Restaurant, thanks to the resto’s Table for 2 and Table for 4 – Dorsett Grand Subang’s new norm dining experience.
If you prefer to #dinesafe and #eatwell in the comfort of home, opt for Dorsett Dining: Dim Sum Indulgence and Chill & Cook and range. We highly recommend The Emperor’s Muslim-friendly dim sum which is ready-to-eat after a quick steaming.
Hygienically packed in covered foil trays with simple reheating/cooking instructions, we find the Steamed Siew Mai Emperor Style (RM36 per 8 pcs/pack) utterly delicious when savoured piping hot off the steamer. Dotted with ebikko, the tasty minced chicken and prawn dumplings are second to none.
Whole springy prawns from the Steamed Prawn Dumplings with Coriander (RM36 per 8 pcs/pack) hit the spot with their natural sweetness. 

Bao fans will find the fluffy soft Steamed BBQ Chicken Buns (RM26 per 10 pcs/pack) irresistible. Trust me, it’d be hard to eat just one as the pillowy-soft buns are stuffed with flavourful, subtly sweet BBQ chicken filling.
After deep-frying the Deepfried Prawn Rolls with Cheese (RM42 per 1o pcs/pack), the crispy little parcels are simply scrumptious. For added substance, try the classic Yang Zhou Fried Rice with Shrimps and BBQ Chicken (RM 25 per serving for 1-2 persons) from the Wok Home @ The Emperor selection. Hearty and satisfying, you’d polished off every last grain.
The Emperor Chinese Restaurant is open from 12 noon to 10 pm daily for a-la-carte orders and for dim sum from 10 am to 6 pm daily from now until further notice.  For reservation, call 03-5031 6060 extn 1954.
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Pix courtesy of Dorsett Grand Subang
Residents in the Mont Kiara and Sri Hartamas suburbs will be happy to know The Emperor’s Muslim-friendly dim sum will also be available at Dorsett Hartamas from 15th June for dine-in at Table Talk and in-room dining as well as for online order, delivery or self-collection.
More convenient Chill & Cook options from Terazza Brasserie featuring popular Malaysian faves such as Kambing Marsala (RM65 per 500g pack) and Chicken Rendang (RM50 per 500g pack) among others.
Again, the Chill & Cook food packs are prepared by the Dorsett culinary team then kept chilled in sealed packaging. They save you the hassle of slaving in the kitchen as all you need to do is open the packaging and reheat the food.
Our first-hand experience is proof of its convenience and most importantly, the taste is as good as home-cooking with the spices retaining their flavoursome accents.
Available daily from 9am to 6pm for orders by phone, tel:03 5031 6060 ext 1954 or WhatsApp 016 2011 248. To order online for delivery or self-collection (by 5 pm) from the Dorsett website, click 

Monday, July 08, 2019


Steamed fish used to be a staple favourite of my late Dad. As kids, we didn’t care much for it but now, I realise why Dad was such a stickler when it came to steamed fish dishes. Nothing measures up to the fine, silky smooth texture of an on-point steamed fish — the Steamed Pomfret with Deep-fried Ginger Shreds we relished at 文華輕小厨 Kitchen
Restaurant at Damansara Kim is an excellent example.
Just the show-stopping presentation of the dish alone elicits much ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ from our dining party. By the time the sumptuous fish hits our palate, we are well and truly hooked. Generously garnished with finely shredded deep-fried ginger and soused in fragrant superior soya sauce, the exquisite fish easily ranks as one of the most memorable ones I have had. Take note this signature dish needs to be ordered ahead of your visit though.
Now occupying the space where Extra Super Tanker used to be, Kitchen Restaurant is run by the same owners so expect your fill of hearty and comforting Chinese food, tricked up with inimitable touches of the resident chef’s.
While the pragmatic and functional setting is unlikely to hog the social media limelight, bona fide food lovers comprising neighbourhood residents, the white collar and family crowd are unlikely to grouse about the air-cond premise and low-key, casual vibes.
For curtain-raiser, we can vouch for the delightful Era Rojak Sotong. A winsome take on regular fruit rojak, with the inclusion of crispy deep-fried squid rings. Some may dismiss it as an odd combination but the lush sweetish-savouriness of the rojak sauce works cohesively well with the fresh crunchiness of pineapple, young mango, jicama, cherry tomatoes and cucumber interspersed with that of tender squid.
A whiff of the appetising saucy aroma is enough to make you drool and anxious in getting to grips with the house speciality of Baked Freshwater Prawns with Ginger and Spring Onion. To fully appreciate and savour the creamy roe and sweet, succulent meat of the prized crustaceans, it’s best to get your hands dirty.
Braised dishes are another forte of the chef here. My friend tells me the braised yam and pork ribs in claypot remains noteworthy but the current contender of Braised Tofu with Meatballs, Fish Maw and Mushrooms also ticks all the right boxes.
I’m partial to the utterly sublime pork meatballs. Bigger than golf balls, they incorporate minced prawns and diced waterchestnuts for extra texture and well-rounded flavours. Braised together with smooth, soft cubes of fried beancurd, spongy fish maw pieces and tender mushrooms, the resultant pot of homely goodies is transformed into a surefire crowd-pleaser.
The super crispy skin and juicy meat of the Roast Duck with Superior Sauce (Jiong Wong Siew Ngap) proves equally memorable. Instead of serving the sauce separately as a dip, the chef serves the duck on top of it. Hence each piece is touched by dabs of the house sauce, enhancing its meaty appeal and inducing one to eat more. This is another house speciality that also needs to be pre-ordered in advance.
Birthday celebrants may want to savour the signature Fried La Mian with Mushrooms, Egg and Pork Lard Croutons. Fresh hand-pulled noodles and crunchy dices of chee yau char play a key role in amping up the dish’s appeal. Slick with an irresistible, flavourful sauce with hints of zingy hotness, the delicious, slippery smooth noodles taste even more delicious with shredded omelette, white shimeiji mushroom and scallion.

For reservations at Kitchen Restaurant, call tel: 03-7732-1329. Address: 48, SS20/10, Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Accessible via MRT Kajang-Sg Buloh line; disembark at the TTDI station.

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