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Wednesday, August 19, 2020


Dim sum. Chinese dishes. Barbecued items. Noodles. Appetisers. Soup.  Western and local fare. Dessert. Close to 50 tempting culinary choices are yours for the picking at only RM68 nett per person when you partake Dorsett Grand Subang’s newly launched Makanthon promotion.

Available daily from 6pm to 10pm at The Emperor Restaurant, the unlimited, 'eat all you can' feast is a boon if you want your wide array of dim sum and other specialities in one sitting. New norm SOPs are in place to ensure you dine in comfort and safety with family and friends. The trick is to go slow and steady; take your time to sample the extensive variety available. Portions are kept small so you can try as many dishes as possible then go for repeat servings on those that catch your fancy.


Family-friendly and wholesome appetisers to tease the palate include Loaded Potatoes (stuffed and baked potato with creamy-cheesy filling), Dorsett Wings (scrumptious with the housemade sauce), Caesar Salad (great for loading up on your greens quota) and Marinated Jelly Fish with Mini Octopus (piquantly flavoured with a toothsome crunchiness).

Friends who tried the Dorsett Mushroom Soup gave it the thumbs up while the Double Boiled Soup of the Day (it was Lotus Root with Chicken on the eve of our visit) ticked all the right boxes for us too.

Youngsters partial to Western fare will enjoy Pan Pizza Mahalo and Mini Cheese Burger. Both exceeded our expectations; the former generous with melted cheese and the latter, a mini, delicious beef patty with medium-rare doneness.

While the Grand Mee Mamak and Char Kway Teow pass muster, the Chinese Specials (a serving is good for 2 persons) are rave-worthy. The punchy flavours of the Sweet & Sour Fish makes it a show-stealer while the Salted Egg Prawns and Stir-fried Green Vege with Garlic get the thumbs up too.

Equally noteworthy to savour are Pei Pa Duck with Traditional Condiments along with the Roasted Sesame Chicken. The duck’s inherent gaminess is subtle, tempered by the nice sauce complementing it. If chicken holds more appeal, the meat’s smoky-brininess should you’re your appetite. These along with noodle options come in a serving for 2 persons so be sure to avoid food wastage or you’d be charged for leftovers of 150gm and above.


Known for its pork-free, Muslim-friendly dim sum creations, The Emperor highlights a plethora of its signature delights for Makanthon. Again, each serving is good for 2 persons so it pays to strategise those items you wish to try. Our top picks include Steamed Prawn Dumplings with Coriander, Steamed Siew Mai Emperor Style, Mui Choy with Chicken Meat Cheong Fun (flat rice noodle rolls), Deep-fried Prawn Rolls with Cheese and Mini Loh Mai Kai (steamed glutinous rice with chicken).

Lovely dessert for a rousing finish ranges from Baked Mini Custard Egg Tarts and Assortment of Seasonal Fruits to Almond Beancurd Jelly with Longans and Mini Tiramisu. One cannot go too far wrong with the sweet treats except for the danger of overindulgence.


For Makanthon reservations, please call tel: 03 5031 6060 ext 1954 or email:




Sunday, May 10, 2020


With the Covid19 pandemic still omnipresent, restaurateurs and hoteliers have pivoted to a new playbook – offering takeaways and food delivery to survive and keep the business going.

Restaurateurs and chefs have to raise their game, relooking at viable in-house specialities that can withstand the tricky transportation journey to the intended destination without compromising the eventual taste quality too much.

These four ‘tried and tested’ food takeaways and delivery service providers are worth considering if you are tired of the heat and wish to get out of the home kitchen:

Nasi Lemak Lah!
This nasi lemak specialist comes recommended by a foodie friend. Initially I was sceptical until I tasted the offerings myself. From there on I was won over - proof of the pudding being in the eating you know? 

The rice has nice discernible coconut milk aroma, the fried anchovies and peanuts, crispy without being burnt and the sliced cucumber, fresh and crunchy. Most importantly, the sambal hits the spot with its balanced sweet-hot nuances. If you order the fried lemongrass chicken, be sure to sprinkle on those crispy bits from the fried chook to the rice to amp up the deliciousness.

My favourites are Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng Serai (RM13.90), Nasi Lemak Chicken Curry (RM14.90) and Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong (RM14.90) but seriously, my family members who had tried the sambal sotong and mutton curry can vouch they ain't too shabby either.

No photo description available.I have included the menu here for reference. Order yours now via Grabfood or direct through Nasi Lemak Lah! WhatsApp: Simon +6017 779 0115 and make your payment via transfer to:
Account no: 321-5577-624

The Oriental Group
While dine-in is now permitted with compulsory SOPs in place, the house specialities of this established Chinese restaurant group can be savoured in the comfort of home.
We tried the excellent Mother’s Day Set (RM398 nett for 6 persons) from Oriental Landmark: Boston Lobster Guangdong Style, Braised Soon Hock with Yam, Smoked Farm Chicken, Fried Rice with Teochew Spicy Sauce and Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetables with Garlic.
Portions were generous and most importantly, the food is packed with care to ensure the taste quality stays close to that of dining-in at the restaurant. Kudos to the culinary team for stepping up their game under such trying circumstances.
Also available for takeaway and delivery include the trademark Oriental Group’s Chargrilled Iberico Pork Ribs (RM18/100g), four different preparations of Boston Lobster (RM220, 1.2-1.4kg each) Dim Sum (easy heat and eat) and Premium Japanese Dried Scallop Dumpling (RM48) among others. To enhance noodles or fried rice, served as a complementing dip for seafood and other dishes, you’d find the Teochew Spicy Sauce (RM28) a great condiment for the pantry.
Enjoy 20% takeaway discount when you place your orders now till the end of MCO!

Xiao Long Kan
It was such a novelty experience, having Xiao Long Kan HotPot at home. This was enhanced by the loan of Xiao Long Kan's signature dual-section brass Hotpot + Induction Cooker (shown in pix below).
We opted for the resto's famous Tomato broth and the Mushroom broth - both are distinctive in their own way when eaten with the various assortment of ingredients: meat slices, chewy noodle strips, lobster and meat balls, greens, etc.
All the choice of ingredients comes nicely packed in reusable containers with 20% OFF for all Xiao Long Kan Hotpot Takeaway items (except soup base)
Xiao Long Kan Hotpot is available on Hungry App for delivery within 20km. Alternatively, delivery can be arranged by calling the outlets:
Fahrenheit88: 0124671381/0102209618 (KL outlet)
Penang: 0124789982

Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur
Perennial Malaysian treats, salads, soup, Western, Japanese, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, dessert and beverage can be enjoyed in the comfort of home thanks to the culinary team of Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur.
We give thumbs up to the hearty and filling portions of Nasi Tomato and Ayam Masak Merah with Jelatah (RM18) as well as Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Goreng Rempah, Telur Masin, Kelapa Parut Ikan & Keropok (RM18) featured in Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur's Takeaway Menu.
Each set comes in compartmentalised containers so there’s no mess and the different specialities remain distinctly delicious. The Salmon Teriyaki set with Japanese rice, mesclun salad and miso soup (RM28) also scores well since it is a complete, balanced meal by itself. The huge jarred Chickpeas and Corn Kernels with Feta Cheese & Green Salad (RM23) is substantial enough to feed a family of 2-3 depending on the voraciousness of your appetite. 
Available now until 23 May from 11am to 6pm, Chef Hasbullah and his team will be bringing these comforting eats to your home via Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur's special #takeaway menu through Beep Delivery: or call 012-282 8187 for enquiries. Free delivery for a minimum spend of RM60 (within 5km radius of the hotel) and RM80 (within 10km radius).

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