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Thursday, October 31, 2019


Tartines stole the spotlight at Glass Tartines & Tipples on our maiden visit. The French open-faced sandwiches rustled up by owner Sharon Lam and her team left such indelible impressions, we were left wondering how this outpost remained below our radar for so long.
Although we made great work out of the sharing platter of Glass’ Friday BBQ – a stellar cast of six freshly grilled items (more on that later) – we were smitten by the signature Fresh Pear with Gorgonzola Tartine (RM25). Dribbles of truffle honey emulsion along with fresh watercress and crushed walnuts amped up the deliciousness pairing of melted cheese and slightly scorched pear. Be forewarned the cheesy accent may be a tad strong if you're aversed to dairy.
Homies may find greater affinity with the Char Siew Chicken Tartine (RM28) – an ambrosial boneless chicken thigh fillet marinated in Chinese char siew (sweet barbecue) sauce then grilled to tender perfection. Served with a punchy house-made chilli sauce and decked with long ribbons of fresh cucumber, pickled daikon and carrot, the scrumptious serving left no cause for complaints.
Having cut her teeth as a professional fine art photographer at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia, Sharon enjoys putting her own creative spin on food and drinks at Glass. She runs a tight ship too; spurring her team to make whatever possible e.g. stock, sauces and dips from scratch while keeping everything on an even keel at the frontline.
The casual, convivial vibes are accentuated by Glass' minimalist, spartan decor with gradient shades of gray. Our poison of choice for that evening comprised Red Sangria and Lemongrass Cooler but Glass is known for its eclectic range of craft beers and true to its name, tipples.
Our appetite was suitably whetted by the opener of crusty Turkish Bread with Trio of Dips: Babaganoush, Hummus and Olive Tapenade. They hit the spot in sync with the live music and BBQ Friday promotion from 6pm onwards.
On the grill, the choices include Orange & Basil Glazed Chicken Wings (RM15+), Beef Rendang Skewers (RM18+), Chicken Satay with House Made Peanut Sauce (RM15+), Sliced Beef with Chimichurri Sauce, Grilled Prawn Skewers with Lime Cilantro Glaze & Salsa (RM15+) and Grilled Squid stuffed with Cous Cous. For groups of four and more, the Glass team will be happy to rustle up sharing platters.
On-point faves: the smoky medium rare beef slices, the beef rendang skewers and the tender stuffed squid. Everything came up to mark – a commendable feat. The only thing more distracting than the food is the talented musical duo’s performance on Friday evenings. Their soothing repertoire is a fab precursor to welcome the weekend along with Sunset Sips and BBQ Nights.
A refreshing counterpoint to the protein quotient is the summery Fresh Watermelon Salad with Feta Cubes & Aged Balsamic Vinegar. Its vibrant sweet juiciness melding cohesively with the subtle green bite of raw watercress and the clean astringency of sliced baby radish, bound by the natural oil in the almond flakes.
Luscious and silky smooth Panna Cotta with Mango Puree & Pomegranate Jewels was the befitting icing on the proverbial cake, marking our maiden visit to Glass on a sweet finish.

For reservations, call GLASS TARTINES & TIPPLES, tel: 03-2302 1118. Address: A-0-6 Ground Floor, St Mary’s Place, No 1 Jalan Tengah, Off Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Business hours: Mon-Fri 7.30am-11pm; Sat 3pm-11pm; Sun 8.30am-5pm.  
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Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Wake up to the sound of roosters crowing and listen to the morning call resonating throughout the village. Honestly, I had forgotten when was the last time I was roused from my slumber by such a lively greeting to start the day.
Gateway to a private paradise that's Alor Rimba
Keep your eye out for the Alor Rimba Orchard Villas signpost once you turn off from the highway
It is one of the many sensorial and immersive experiences we had throughout our brief but memorable staycation at Rimba Alor Orchard Villas. Just 45 minutes from the historic city of Melaka, this private homestead is located in Melaka Pindah, a quiet village sited off a small lane from the main Alor Gajah highway.
A nicely paved driveway leading to a large tract of well-trimmed lawn greeted us as we drove up to Rimba Alor. Glimpses of rustic dwellings surrounded by leafy trees and foliage hinted at what was in store for our weekend staycation.  
Tuan Haji Kaspur Mat, manager of Rimba Alor, welcomed us with a quick tour of the two holiday homesteads: Villa Rimba (RM900 per night) and Villa Alor (RM800 per night). Ensconced within a 1.7-acre orchard which has been in the owners’ family for generations, Tuan Haji Kaspur said “originally there was only a simple kampung house with a well fed by an underground spring here”.
Now, the owners have built two beautiful traditional Melaka-style wooden village houses onsite. They wanted to offer guests a taste of the slow-paced, relaxing village life without them feeling too isolated from everything else. Designed to accommodate 16-20 persons, each villa boasts 4 bedrooms, with 4 single rollaway beds (RM70 per bed per night) available on prior request.
To reflect their Melakan ancestry and cultural heritage, the owners have mindfully modelled both villas after the traditional raised wooden Melakan houses of yesteryear. Up front, a curved staircase adorned with colourful Nyonya tiles takes pride of place.
Ornate wooden carved window banisters, panels of decorative vintage tiles and old wooden doors repurposed into benches make the villas Instagram-worthy. Rimba Alor comes with a spacious wooden patio furnished with rattan chairs too; a vantage point to observe the many bird and animal life frolicking in the orchard.
Local watercolour artworks depicting bucolic scenes of fishing villages, reproduction prints of old Melaka and colourful stained glass panels bestow old-world charm to the rustic, cosily furnished living and dining areas. Modern conveniences: air-condition, fans, modern shower and water heater, television, oven toaster, refrigerator and washing machine ensure Rimba Alor guests enjoy their rural getaway without too much hardship.
In each bedroom, bed headboards of sarong and songket prints lend vibrant colour. The comfortable beds, fluffy pillows and pristine white linen are similar to those of international hotels. We certainly have no complaints when it comes to catching forty winks here.
Us city dwellers were thrilled to get our first-hand look at the various fruit trees in the orchard. We marvelled at the towering, over 90-year old durian tree, plucked mangosteens and rambutans to devour and sipped fresh coconut water from the harvest gleaned from the many coconut trees around.
The two kelulut (stingless bees) bee hives should pique the interest of nature-loving folks.Other f ruit trees such as jering (small native fruit encased in dark, hard clam-shape shells that can be eaten raw or cooked), cempedak, guava, soursop, jambu air (rose apple), lime and avocado also flourished in the orchard.
Nearby is a 8-ft deep fish pond stocked with tilapia, haruan and keli so if you fancy reeling in a catch of the day, fishing rods and bait are available on loan.
A gazebo nearby offers shade from the afternoon sun, an outpost to revel in the natural and soothing surroundings or merely to while time away. Fitted with roll-up/down wooden blinds, it can be turned into a private massage or foot reflexology haven.
Photo courtesy of
We thoroughly enjoyed succumbing to the magic fingers of two local masseuses who kneaded away the stress of city living from our bodies. Again, guests can pre-booked the massage services for both men and women ahead of time before their actual visit.
When it comes to meals, Rimba Alor has two purpose-built barbecue pits and a dedicated al fresco dining area as well as two sets of sturdy umbrella-shaded wooden tables and chairs in the garden. The brick and mortar, vintage tile tabletops and wooden bench seats make for convenient dining. Should you prefer a more casual approach, picnic mats are available too.
You may opt to cook your own meals when staying at Rimba Alor but we found it more convenient to have food catered. Be it breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner, Rimba Alor has thoughtfully compiled a list of enterprising Melaka Pindah villagers who can cook up a plethora of typical kampung dishes on request.
Our delicious nasi lemak breakfast with the works was a great example. Dinner and lunch menus run the gamut from ikan bakar, asam pedas and rendang to fried chicken, kerabu and sambal with rice.
Alternatively, guests can also order food to be delivered or drive to nearby restaurants. Live musical entertainment — be it a solo flautist or a dondang sayang troupe — can be arranged with prior notice given to the manager.
As I sat mesmerised by the sight of a blood orange sunset against a dusky backdrop streaked with vermillion, yellow, purple and orchre, I wish I have the means to make Rimba Alor my writing retreat.
Once Rimba Alor casts its beguiling spell on you, you too will find it hard to return to the drudgery of everyday life. No matter how brief a sojourn at this holiday homestead, it is the closest to experiencing heaven on earth.
For more information on Rimba Alor Orchard Villas, please call Tuan Haji Kaspur Mat, hp no: 019-325 6582 or visit

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