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Sunday, August 20, 2023


Classic Malay cuisine by resident chef Sandra Samad takes pride of place at Chinta by Chinoz in Bangsar.

Heralding a fresh chapter for Chinoz on the Park after its move from Suria KLCC, owner Teng Wee Jeh explains Chinta is a totally different concept from the original Chinoz, saying “For the interim period until the other outlet is ready (in Lucky Gardens, Bangsar), some Chinoz signature specials will appear in the menu at Chinta. Once the other restaurant opens, Chinta will focused solely on Malay dishes.”

Chef Sandra Samad who has a wealth of F&B experience, started at front of house at Rasa Sayang Hotel Penang. Then she became the duty manager at BonTon KL. Prior to joining Chinoz, she was the manager at q*doz Bangsar. During her tenure at Chinoz on the Park, Sandra oversaw the pastry and central kitchen for all Chinoz outlets.

Verdant greenery outside the restaurant beckons diners in. The simple interior exudes old world charm; retro knick-knacks such as wooden biscuit moulds, Nyonya baskets, rustic side cupboards and marble-topped tables as well as framed vintage prints serve as visual interest and decorative touches. 

Teng says, “Chinta serves classic Malay cuisine. Nowadays a lot of Malay food is either too pedas (spicy-hot) or lacks subtlety. At Chinta, flavour is more important than chilli ‘power’. You won’t need a kevlar-coated palate to enjoy our food!”

Topping the must-try list is Chinta’s Northern-style Nasi Ulam Utara (RM33++). Lightly flavoured with fresh turmeric, Basmati rice is tossed with at least 11 types of ulam (fresh local herbs). We love the delicate aroma of the myriad of herbs in the rice; good enough to be enjoyed on its own with a dollop of sambal.

If you order the lunch platter of the herbed rice, it comes with Ayam Rose, telur masin (salted duck egg), keropok ikan (fried fish crackers) and acar (pickles) as a complete meal.

The Ayam Rose (RM27++) is Chef Sandra’s take on the celebratory Malay dish of ayam masak merah – chicken cooked in a vibrant red sauce of tomato, chillies and spices. We like the stimulating complexity of the thick sauce: a cohesive melange of tangy tomatoes, chillies, onion, lemongrass and various spices. 
Well-smoked beef slices make the house speciality of Daging Salai Gulai Lemak (RM39++) outstanding in our books. The  gravy, accentuated by ground pepper and lemongrass’ fresh lemony-grassiness, has just the right degree of lemak santan (coconut cream richness) to it.
It's a highly recommended dish – we can’t wait to return to try the smoked beef short ribs version or Gulai Lemak Rusuk Salai (RM48++).
For a serving of greens, you can’t go wrong with Bendi Sambal Goreng (RM15++) – tender whole okra topped with coarsely pounded and fried red chillies, and crispy anchovies. 
Although the various dishes are tame in the fiery-hot department, each one is redolent with appetising, vivid flavours of the ingredients used.

As an avid fan of mee rebus, I’m stoked to find an on-point Mee Rebus Johor (RM19++). The thick, sweet-savoury gravy together with some batter crisps, firm beancurd, hardboiled egg, chopped spring onion and coriander, sliced beef and yellow noodles is satisfyingly delicious.

Local kuih naturally takes centrestage for dessert. The floral-shape, pretty as a picture Kuih Lapis Sakura (2 pcs, RM9++) is a light, subtly sweet treat to conclude the meal. We can’t get enough of the local confection’s ‘boing boing’ texture.

Equally notable is Kuih Kaswi (4 pcs, RM9++)steamed cake made with tapioca and rice flour, palm sugar and pandan, and eaten with grated coconut.

Thirst-quenchers to try include Sarbat Pulau Pinang (RM12++) – a refreshing drink of spiced rose syrup with coconut juice and Kasturi Asam Boi (RM9++), fresh calamansi juice with salty preserved plums.

Teng informs us Chinta’s menu will change periodically. “The selection will remain relatively small as Sandra prefers to maintain the overall quality of the food.”

For reservations call Chinta by Chinoz, tel: 03-2201 375624. Address: Jalan Kemuja, Bukit Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur 

Friday, January 28, 2022


年年有余 is a customary wish for abundance and surplus during Chinese New Year, spurring the Chinese to toss Yee Sang with gusto, and load up on fish and seafood during the festive celebration. You can do so at Southern Rock Seafood Kitchen & Fishmonger, one of the most established seafood importers in the Klang Valley with its own restaurant in Bangsar (and a few off-site in major shopping malls).

At Southern Rock Seafood, it is most befitting to welcome the Year of the Water Tiger with a towering triple tier of Fruits De Mer (RM168++). Conceived for sharing, this impressive seafood selection is a sight to behold and will make waves with ardent seafood lovers.

To fully appreciate the quality of Southern Rock’s premium seafood, we recommend starting with the bottom tier of raw Tragheanna Bay Oysters (Ireland), Australian Mussels, Cloudy Bay Clams (Australia), and blanched local Tiger Prawns.

Local oyster connoisseurs in the know can vouch for Shucked - the best oyster bar in town (Southern Rock Seafood is behind it). Freshly shucked to order, the oysters are best savoured au naturel; it allows you to appreciate the briny and minerality of the oceanic nuances concentrated within these mollusks.

Likewise, for the mussels and clams – a dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice is perhaps all that's necessary to accentuate their soul-satisfying sea-fresh sweetness. 

To ensure things go swimmingly throughout the Tiger Year, prime your palate with a surfeit of seafood appetisers in the second tier: Salmon Sashimi, Cured Salmon (Beetroot & Gravlax), seared Japanese Scallops, Anchovies in Olive Oil (imported from Holland), Smoked Ocean Trout stuffed with Marinated Goat Cheese, and House-made Smoked Mackerel Paté.

Thin crisp toast points are served to complement the assortment; to enable you to savour the paté or place the anchovies on top to enjoy them. Take your time to discover the sensuous textures and complex flavours as you devour the succulent and scrumptious morsels.

A glass of classic Prawn Cocktail serves as the crowning glory for the seafood tower. For millennials and the uninitiated, this hors d’oeuvres consists of a whole blanched shelled prawn and diced prawns with chopped lettuce, dressed in creamy cocktail sauce – a mixture of ketchup with mayonnaise (sometimes Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and cayenne pepper are added). Prawns are believed to evoke laughter so eat up and be happy for 2022!

Also eat more fish for abundance throughout the Chinese New Year and Southern Rock Seafood reels you in with an array of fresh wild imported fishes that can be grilled, steamed, baked or prepared a la Meunière. Grilled Whole Sea Bass (RM88++) with roast Mediterranean vegetables and romesco sauce is a notable option.

The simple cooking style retains the fish’s natural taste whilst the slightly charred vegetables and rich Catalonian-style sauce (tomatoes, garlic, toasted almonds or pine nuts with olive or sunflower oil) add textural and flavour contrasts, should you desire it.

Noodles is synonymous with longevity so the Crab & Scallop Linguine (RM58++) should hit the sweet spot for carb-loving diners. Globules of salmon roe enriched the plump sweet scallops while the linguine passed muster.


Established as a full-fledged restaurant in 2015, Southern Rock Seafood has weathered the stormy F&B scene in Klang Valley rather well. According to manager Mostaq Ahmed, the team is open to catering to birthday parties, corporate events and social gatherings of up to 100 persons since things are gradually returning to normal.

Featuring a nautical theme with seafaring vibes, the rustic restaurant interior features distressed clapboard, mellow lighting and a long bar where showcases of imported oysters on ice take pride of place.

Over at the fishmonger section, chillers filled with whole and fillets of premium fishes from Australia and Europe and fridges of smoked and cured fish, and jars of caviar, fish roe and mackerel paté beckon invitingly. Live lobsters are kept in tanks in the inner sanctum.

The beauty about Southern Rock Seafood is they can source and import the fish and seafood you want if they don’t have it in stock – all you have to do is ask. They also supply premium seafood to most 5-star hotels and reputable restaurants in town and throughout Malaysia.

For reservations at Southern Rock Seafood Kitchen & Fishmonger, tel: +6 012 385 0266. Address: 32-36, Jalan Kemuja, Off Jalan Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Business hours: Mon-Fri 11 am-10 pm; Sat & Sun 8.30 am – 11 pm (last call 930 pm) Website:

Friday, January 22, 2021



Niu Niu” – whimsical cow-shaped butter chocolate cookies and a most befitting creation – is one of the 9 delectable cookie options available from Upperhouse to herald the upcoming Year of the Ox.

Lightly buttery and bursts of chocolatey bitterness, the crisp butter-chocolate Niu Niu cookies (RM10 for two pieces) should moo-ve up the cheerful spirits for the young and young-at-heart during the festive season.

Made to order using French butter and top-quality ingredients, this year’s festive array from Upperhouse includes Cranberry Crystal Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Checkerboard Cookies, Butter Cookies, Pineapple Tarts, Nasi Lemak Cookies, Rose Pistachio Shortbread, and Lemon Lavender Shortbread.

If there’s one variant you must try from Upperhouse, make it the Nasi Lemak Cookies. The cookies’ melting crumbly texture is lush with the richness of coconut milk; its sweet-savouriness bestowed by the inclusion of fried anchovies and roasted peanuts, punctuated with the occasional whiff of aromatic curry leaves in each mouthful.

Coming in a close second is the winsome Lemon Lavender Shortbread. Kudos to the chef for ensuring the lavender fragrance and nuance remains discernible in the buttery shortbread while allowing the bright lemony accent to shine through.

Crushed rose petals and pistachios speckle the top of each Rose Pistachio Shortbread, making them not only lovely to look at but also surprisingly good to nibble on. The floral and nut combination works like a charm as the muted rose scent becomes more pronounced by the natural nut oil when you eat it.

Chewy dried cranberry bits and sugar crystal stud the Cranberry Crystal Cookies, making these subtly sweet treat the perfect CNY gifts for discerning and health-conscious family and friends.

Loaded with chocolate chips and nuts, the perennial crowd-pleasing Chocolate Chip Cookies is a bankable choice that’s sure to please die-hard chocoholics and avid cookie lovers. A failsafe option should you’re undecided on what to buy.

Each jar is priced at RM25 (large – 220gm) and RM15 (small – 135gm). Advance notice of 3 days is required as the cookies are only made upon order to ensure quality and freshness.

Gift baskets from Upperhouse are also available in a classic hamper or “dim sum” basket. Both are priced at RM188 each and comes with decorative Chinese New Year ornaments. The classic hamper contains 5 large cookie jars with a choice of  flavour selection - you can choose from the 8 available (“Niu Niu” is a separate cookie order).

For the 2-tier “Dim Sum” Basket, it's wrapped with a bow for that auspicious look and feel. It contains 2 large and two small containers of cookies, plus mahjong-shaped chocolates, a jar of chocolate spread, a jar of hazelnut spread, and decorative Chinese New Year ornaments.

To order, customers can PM @upperhousebangsarkl on Facebook or Instagram, or WhatsApp Gerard at 011-2872 0083. For full listing of cookies, please visit:

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