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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


As a freelance writer and blogger, I rarely leave home soil without staying incommunicado. After one and a half decades as a service provider, I cannot afford to disconnect from work hence having constant WiFi connectivity is an absolute necessity rather than a luxury.
That is when we discovered TravelRecommends’ TravelWifi router is a godsend for us. Before our recent and maiden visit to the USA, our past #travelwithwifi experiences left us with good, positive impressions during our work-play travels to Japan, Thailand and South Korea. 
Tokyo, Japan
Seoul, South Korea
Bangkok, Thailand
Bringing TravelRecommends’ TravelWifi along simply enable us to:
Mix Business with Pleasure
Most of our travels tend to combine work with pleasure. Although we strive to devote more time for R&R on each getaway, us entrepreneurial business owners can never remain unresponsive to clients or leave work unattended for long.

With TravelRecommends’ handy TravelWifi, it is so easy to mix business with pleasure as we can check emails or attend to work-related matters on-the-go without disrupting our personal itineraries and recreational pursuits. 
Our recent visit to the US of A was a prime #travelwithwifi example on how we stay connected using TravelRecommends’ TravelWifi as we jetted to Tokyo and Chicago before hitting the road for OshKosh, Winsconsin and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota and all the way back.
Stay Safe & Secure
We never take cyber safety and security lightly on our travels abroad. A safe and secure WiFi connection is invaluable and by using a dedicated TravelRecommends’ TravelWifi with its own user ID and password, we are assured whatever tasks we execute online is shielded from prying ‘eyes’. 

Online money transfers, bill payments, hotel and restaurant reservations, car rentals, train and flight ticket bookings…we managed to carry out so many key tasks with peace of mind during our travels thanks to the secured WiFi connection provided by TravelRecommends’ TravelWifi router. No need to worry about the risks of exposing crucial and confidential information to all and sundry when we log on using publicly accessible WiFi connections.

Enjoy Instant & Constant Connectivity
The one step ‘push button’ operation of TravelRecommends’ TravelWifi router makes it a boon for even the most tech ignorant users. Since 5 gadgets can be connected simultaneously to the TravelWifi, it is perfect for my family as our three smartphones and two laptops can log on to the Internet anytime.
We love how fast the router searches, authenticates and operates instantly in different cities; from Tokyo to Chicago and Minneapolis, the TravelWifi kicks into operation mode in less than five minutes! 
The signal strength is always strong and the broadband speed ample enough to cope with three adults’ constant social media uploads, downloads and even video calls. Another advantage is the TravelWifi battery lasts about 10-15 hours per day so the duration is enough to cover our day and sometimes night outings.
There were only 2 rare instances when WiFi connectivity was lost: (1) inside the thick iron walled confines of a U505 submarine in the basement level of the Chicago Science and Industry Museum and (2) on a short stretch of thickly wooded, red cedar-lined route during our drive back from OshKosh to Chicago. Otherwise, it was smooth sailing as far as our #travelwithwifi journey is concerned.
Create Precious Memories & Share Travel Experiences
Thanks to the seamless online connectivity accorded by TravelRecommends’ TravelWifi, my entire family had a great time sharing countless experiences as we ate, shopped and explored our way through Asakusa, Tokyo Tower and Tsukiji during our two stopovers in Tokyo, Japan.
Likewise, once we touched down in Chicago, all of us practically had family and friends back home ‘touring’ virtually with us on our daily sight-seeing and holiday itinerary. From the iconic Wrigley Field Stadium – home of the Chicago Cubs to the awe-inspiring Field Museum, the Windy City blew us away with its European architecture and fervour for the good life.
Heading to OshKosh, Wisconsin proved to be a real breeze as we drove with guided instructions and directions thanks to the uninterrupted online connectivity provided by TravelWifi. No words were adequate to describe how priceless it was for hubby to reconnect and reunite with old friends from his college days.
Our daily on-the-go connectivity accorded by TravelRecommends' TravelWifi also enabled us to share blow-by-blow accounts of our planned reunion at my cousin brother's home in Minnesota, and the activities we enjoyed in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Needless to say, the whole FB kampong in Malaysia and beyond had first-hand insights on what we got up to. Such poignant moments are priceless to us, especially for my 77-year old Mum whose maiden visit to the US notches up a significant milestone in her life.
Avoid Post-Travel Bill Shock
Being the budget-conscious travellers that we are, we did my homework to survey the different WiFi options available before our impending trip. Although our telcos offer competitive rates, we find TravelRecommends’ TravelWifi still comes up trumps as the router allows us to connect up to five gadgets in one go.

Social, Social Networks, Social Network Service
There’s no need to worry about exorbitant roaming charges, no foreign telco partnering connectivity issues and no need to hunt for and change SIM cards. With promotional rental rates offered by TravelRecommends going for as low as RM8/day, it is without a doubt which #travelwithwifi partner we should go with. As a repeat TravelRecommends customer, I have nothing but praises for all my experiences using the TravelWifi router on my travel sojourns. 
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Thank you TravelRecommends for being such a supportive travel partner in the creation of so many precious memories for JOM MAKAN LIFE on our recent explorations to Tokyo, Chicago, OshKosh and Minneapolis. For more information on TravelRecommends' handy TravelWifi router, please visit TravelRecommends Facebook page:

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


There's so much more to Great Value Britain than just London. Having grown up reading Enid Blyton's stories, the English countryside came alive for us when we set foot in The Cotswolds. Rolling hillsides known as 'wolds', quaint English villages, picturesque river valleys and woodlands dot the pastoral landscape which sent us shutterbugs into a snap-happy frenzy!

Much as we were reluctant to leave the dreaming spires of Oxford, a short train ride on the Great Western Railway from Oxford Station whisked us off in a blink of an eye to Moreton-in-Marsh, one of the principal market towns in the northern Cotswolds, situated on the Fosse Way. 

Typical moody grey and rainy English weather heralded our arrival to the town but our spirits were quickly lifted by the sight of a florist shop filled with a profusion of beautiful blooms. From bulbous tulips and violets to roses and daffodils, our little group went gaga over the wide assortment of flowers in the shop. The owner was gracious enough to allow us to take some photos.
The charming little town grew up in the 13th century as a market town with a wide main street, narrow burgage (conditions under which land or property were held in return for service or rent) plots and back lanes. 



Most of the buildings in these counties were built using local honey-coloured limestone known as 'Drystone' (refer to pic of wall above). Many Drystone walls were built in the 18th & 19th centuries - the stones were skillfully stacked together without any cement!

Although Moreton-in-Marsh only had a main street, our brief walkabout revealed some charming shops stocked with interesting merchandise. 

After browsing through an old-fashioned toy shop (it looks like something out of an Enid Blyton's story books), we popped into Tilly’s Tea House (4 High Street, Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 0AF, tel: +44 1608 650000) – a beautiful Cotswolds tearoom for brunch.

I wish we had time and tummy space to try everything on the extensive menu but alas, it was impossible. Instead of lunch, I succumbed to Tilly's famed cream tea and it proved notable. The warm, buttery fruit scone with real clotted cream and strawberry jam was just divine!

After pinching a bite or two of my dining companions' sticky toffee pudding, Cornish pasty, salmon quiche and choc cake, I daresay they were the bee's knees too. No wonder the tearoom did roaring business as hungry visitors and locals came for their fill of cakes and to buy a selection of jams and chutneys.

Moments before our bus arrived for our next stopover which was Bourton-on-the-Water, we spotted The Cotswold Cheese Company across the road. Being the crazy foodies that we are, Jennifer and me couldn't resist dashing into the shop, just to feast our eyes on the vast selection of English cheeses and goodies in there.

We were reluctant to depart for the neighbouring village of Bourton-on-the-Water but pressed for time, we had to resist the urge to shop. Any misgivings were soon forgotten the minute we stepped off the bus as Bourton-on-the-Water was too pretty for words!
I won't bore you too much with long-winded descriptions...look at the scenic snapshots and you'd see the fairy tale setting of Bourton-on-the-Water. Bubbling brook, weeping willows by the river embankment, honey-coloured and ivy-wreathed stone houses and cosy little shops, trimmed hedges, little winding side's truly reminiscent of an Enid Blyton story!



We even joined visitors thronging a local flea market which had some worthy buys but bearing in mind our baggage restrictions, again we had to curb our shopping impulse. 
For shopaholics, I'd recommend lugging back these interesting handcrafted miniature English cottages and some wine-scented candles or buttery shortbread in commemorative tins.
Unfortunately for us, the occasional shower soon turned into a major downpour when we reached the train station. Since it was the Easter hols, we all had to huddle in a small shelter as the rain and wind battered down after we disembarked from our bus. Sigh...suffice to say we had never been more relieved to board our train from Moreton-in-Marsh back to Oxford and onwards to Bath.
Nevertheless, it was a splendid day well spent. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and given a chance, had no qualms about returning for a repeat visit to the Cotswolds.

Travelling from Malaysia to the UK on a budget? Discover GreatValueBritain now via or visit CIT Malaysia to plan your VisitBritain itinerary.
The city of BATH makes a splash with us before 
we bid farewell to Great Value Britain.

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