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Friday, January 03, 2020


When it comes to world-class sushi topping, fresh Norwegian salmon and raw seafood from Norway are the preferred choice of award-winning sushi chefs Leon Yap Wee Leong and Sky Tai Koon Siang.
Having trained at the Global Sushi Academy under sushi master Hirotoshi Ogawa, both Malaysian chefs’ prowess were duly proven when Chef Leon Yap was declared the World Sushi Cup 2019 champion and Chef Sky Tai clinched the World Sushi Cup 2018 title in Tokyo.
Since fresh, raw ingredients require handling in the most hygienic manner, the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) hosted a hands-on sushi-making workshop with the two champion sushi chefs to emphasise on safe food handling.
According to Asbjorn Warvik Rortveit (far right), Regional Director, South-east Asia of NSC, “the Norwegian Seafood Council is committed to raising the standards of sushi-making skills among chefs and the handling of raw seafood for consumption through the running of the Global Sushi Academy, in collaboration with World Sushi Skills Institute – the only recognised sushi body in Japan.”
After welcome remarks by Her Excellency Gunn Jorid Roset, Norwegian Ambassador to Malaysia, chefs Leon Yap and Sky Tai showed us simple steps to make maki sushi and hand-rolled sushi.



While the various steps of sushi-making appear simple, nimble fingers and attention to detail are essential. The hands-on session was fun and educational though.

Later, we enjoyed a sumptuous Champions Lunch curated by both chefs. We also had a chance to admire Chef Leon’s intricate sushi creations which won him first place in the Creative Section during the World Sushi Cup 2019 and second place in the Edomae section.
Chef Leon Yap is currently the chef at Sushi Hibiki, Kuala Lumpur and holds the Kurobi Sushi Certificate – the Advance Certificate from All Japan Sushi Association.
Succulent slices of Norwegian salmon were artistically transformed into tempting creations by Chef Sky Tai for our lunch. As head chef of Standing Sushi Bar in Singapore, the Kluang-born World Sushi Cup champion has spent 14 years perfecting his sushi-making techniques.
For more information on Norwegian Seafood Council, visit

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