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Thursday, January 09, 2020


Japanese Yee Sang (RM78 half serving, RM138 full serving) complete with housemade Japanese plum sauce is the star of the Chinese New Year show at Still Waters, Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur this year.
The colourful salad flaunts a rosette of thick, succulent salmon sashimi atop lollo bionda and lollo rossa lettuce, julienne cucumber and radish. Jelly fish, Japanese crabstick, marinated seaweed, chuka idako (marinated baby octopus), Japanese fishcake, tobiko (flying fish roe), salmon fish roe, pickled onion, takuan (pickled daikon radish), sesame seeds, roasted peanuts, and pok chui (fried flour crisps) form the festive melange.
Once tossed and mixed together, the resultant salad is enticingly refreshing; a vibrant platter of moist, crunchy textures with vivid, palate-pleasing accents.
Priced from RM43 upwards (half serving) and from RM78 upwards (full serving), Still Waters will be offering other variants of Yee Sang: Kanpachi (yellowtail), Salmon, Crispy Silver Fish and Jelly Fish from 10 January to 10 February.
The hotel chefs also have created three Chinese New Year set menus to welcome the Year of the Rat. Catering to tables of 10 persons each, the Chinese New Year Set Menus are priced at RM888 nett (set A), RM1,088 nett (set B) and RM1,388 nett (set C).
Our sneak preview gave us a taste of selected dishes from the three special menus, starting with Braised Eight Treasure Soup. After the salad’s appetite-whetting flavours, the broth tastes underwhelming in spite of the myriad albeit scant amount of ‘treasures’: sea cucumber, crab meat, fish lips, dried scallop, fish maw, mushroom and beancurd. Chef Wong Thiam Ming promises the shortcoming will be rectified after our feedback.
Like a phoenix rising to restore the meal’s equilibrium, the Roast Chicken with Chinese Herbs proved on point. An intensive labour of love, the chicken is ‘bathed’ in oil first before it’s baked and then steamed to tender, juicy perfection.
Delectably suffused with sweet, woody nuances of angelica (tong gwai) gojiberries, red dates, codonopsis root (dong sum) and Solomon’s seal (yuk chuk), the chook easily warm hearts and tummies.
Hondashi (bonito powder) is the chef’s trump card in perking up the Steamed Pearl Garoupa with Mirin Sauce and Scallions. Although the sweetish soya sauce eclipses the fish’s inherent sweetness, the classic soya sauce and scallion pairing remains a failsafe complement for this fleshy catch.
IMHO the the Wok Fried Prawns with Golden Salted Egg Yolk Cereal is rather ho-hum. However, I daresay the curry leaf-scented, creamy and savoury sauce will hit the mark for most CNY celebrants.
Top marks go to the aromatic Garlic Fried Rice with Dried Duck Meat, Mushroom and Barbeque Chicken. We like the inspired use of dried duck meat dices which added a distinctly rich but not cloying overtone to the rice. A winsome dish to generate a buzz of satisfaction.
Old meets new in the dessert department with Steamed Housemade Nian Gao pair with blobs of Osmanthus Jelly. We love the fresh, coarsely grated coconut coating the soft slices of new year glutinous rice cake. To cleanse the palate, there’s QQ-chewy konnyaku jelly flavoured with fragrant osmanthus.
A la carte menu for smaller dining parties are available too.

For reservations, call Still Waters, tel: 03-2711 8866 or visit

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