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Tuesday, December 28, 2021


Not many restaurants come with a delicatessen and food retail section but Foodies Gourmet Market & Café (GMC) embraces this concept. It fulfills a niche where discerning gourmets can shop for quality Halal beef and lamb, imported German sausages, and premium seafood products, while home cooks searching for ready-to-cook burger patties, truffle and extra virgin olive oils, Kikkoman sauces, imported spices, cooking ingredients, condiments, and kitchen knives can buy them here.

The austere interior is practical and casual; its laidback vibes put patrons at ease and eager to discover Foodies GMC’s range of ready-to-eat fare. Once satiated, perhaps they’d be inspired to buy the ready-to-cook range home.

Foodies GMC serves wallet-friendly steaks: notably tender Australian Grilled Ribeye Steak (RM53, approximately 200g) with a choice of black pepper or mushroom sauce, and a juicy grilled Pure Grass-Fed Aussie Striploin Steak (RM42, approx. 200g) with rich mushroom sauce. Mixed salad and potato wedges are the standard accompaniments.

Raising the several notches above the fast-food bar is the Awesome Wagyu Burger (RM32). The winning formula lies in Foodies’ choice of using brioche as the base and a Wagyu beef patty as its core ingredient. For palate-pleasing allure, sautéed mushroom, tomato, lettuce, caramelised onion, katsu mayo, and cheese are piled on.


Another comforting house speciality to try is Boss’s Favourite Beef Goulash (RM21), a Hungarian-style stew with tender cubes of Australian beef. The Chef Signature Smoked Duck Quiche (RM20) is memorable for its deliciously custardy filling studded with pieces of smoked duck in it.

Hallyu fans will take an instant liking to the Spicy Korean Style Lamb Chops (RM36). Marinated in gochujang sauce, the grilled hot and mildly sweet lamb shoulder chops are guaranteed to tantalise the tastebuds.

If you prefer tamer but equally pleasing flavours, the slices of roasted Smoked Duck with Caramelised Apple Chutney (RM30) should hit the spot. The intermingling of savoury-sweet accents are stimulating and nicely balanced by the mixed salad with citrusy sweet dressing.

Family-friendly and crowd-pleasing fare such as Grilled Lamb Sausage (RM30) – this spiral, herbed sausage comes with toasted tortilla pieces, mixed salad and Siracha mayo dip, or grilled German Chicken Sausages (RM31) on mixed vegetable bed with ketchup mayo and mustard dip will find favour with both young and old alike.

Instead of dory, New Zealand perch coated in crispy batter is featured in FG Style Fish & Chips (RM29). Served with Chef’s signature tartare sauce and potato wedges, it’s a hearty serving enough to leave a light eater replete.


Looking for Japan-inspired specialities? Possible choices include Japs Chicken Chop (RM19) glazed with garlic teriyaki sauce, and Japanese crispy fried Chicken Fillet with Katsu Sauce Sandwich (RM21) pass muster.

A failsafe option like Meatballs Pasta (RM20) with house-made chicken meatballs in creamy tomato sauce is available too so Foodies GMC has all the bases covered when it comes to family dining.

Dessert is simple but delightful. Tempting choices range from soft XL Berry St Doughnuts (RM10) with caramelised apple dices, chocolate sauce and cream to crispy fried Banana Foster (RM10) drizzled with sweet soy and buttery sauce.

For more information about Foodies Gourmet Market & Café, call tel: 012-213 5277. Address: No. 29, Jalan BK5A/3A, Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, Selangor.


Wednesday, December 08, 2021


To launch its latest European-style dairy range in Malaysia, Anchor Food Professionals delivered a set of exquisite afternoon tea treats by The Studio KL to the doorstep.

The exquisitely curated sweet treat selection featured Lemon Posset, Hot Chocolate in Cup, Banoffee Tart, Passion-berry Choux, British Soldier, Traditional English Scones with Sticky Toffee Pudding Butter and Summer Berries Jam, Almond Cream Butter Croissants. Savouries included Chicken Pesto on Focaccia, Truffle Honey Croquette and Sauté Mushroom and Onion Bruschetta.

It was a delicious way of showing how the new products: Anchor Chef’s Classic Whipping Cream, Anchor Classic Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream, and Anchor Culinary Cream can be artfully incorporated to create delicious savoury and sweet morsels such as those presented in the tea offerings.

During the launch webinar, Jack Tan, Foodservice Director of Fonterra Brands Malaysia said, “The pandemic has caused consumers’ food preferences to shift. One of the most noticeable trends is more food businesses are searching for everyday functional products that provide simple and quick benefits to their food or beverage creations.

“Today’s consumers are also drawn to feel-good products. While the pandemic has been tough on many food businesses, we help them stay on top of these trends by constantly improving their favourite recipes with better flavours, textures, presentation, and overall quality.”

Award-winning pastry chef Jean-Francois Arnaud then demonstrated how he used Anchor Chef’s Classic Whipping Cream to create exquisite Red Fruit Cloud and Blueberry Cream Brioche, explaining the product’s many advantages during the process.

Then Pele Kuah, Brew House’s Group Executive Chef shared his preference on the use of Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream in the kitchen as he prepared Salmon Alfredo Pasta with Lemon & Ikura and Nasi Lemak – two signature specialities from the Brew House.

One of the founders of myBurgerLab, Renyi Chin showed two new recipes: Buttermilk Cheesy Fried Chicken Burger and Baked Cheese Rice using Anchor Classic Shredded Mozzarella Cheese – a traditional-style mozzarella cheese with flavoursome and complex taste to wrap up the webinar session.

Jack Tan also highlighted Anchor Chef’s Classic Whipping Cream which is designed to bring reliable performance and functional stability with its light and airy texture. "It’s the perfect infusion for any rich delicacy – be it hot, cold, or frozen."

Chefs, bakers, pastry makers, passionate cooks, and home-bakers can obtain Anchor European range of mozzarella cheese and creams through their distributor partners, while consumers can purchase the products at major supermarket chains and bakery ingredients shops.

For more information, visit Anchor Food Professionals’ official website at, or follow and


Anchor Food Professionals together with Star Media Group also launched Anchor Start Up – a course-by-course bakers’ online learning platform accessible at

Jack Tan, Food Service Director, Fonterra Brands Malaysia said their mission is to serve up inspirations to Food & Beverage businesses, including home bakers. “With Start Up, bakers can drive their business performance by harnessing specific skill sets learnt as they carve their own competitive advantages, and sell more via The Batter Place listing platform. With this initiative as a way for bakers to skill up and scale up, we believe it will create a catalytic effect for the baking community in Malaysia.”

For more information, visit


Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Crispy ‘chicken breast’ patties, ‘popcorn chicken’ bites and breast strips that are plant-based, high-fibre and delicious? It sounds too good to be true until we tried PHUTURE’s innovative High-Fibre Chick’n range recently.

Delivered in a pretty picnic basket and picnic mat, our indoor picnic at home (it was still MCO then) gave us a chance to sample a burger with a crispy High-Fibre Chick’n patty, some criss-cut fries and a box of High-Fibre Chick’n crispy popcorn bites.

Although I was skeptical, the High-Fibre Chick’n Burger tasted better than I had anticipated. The crispy High-Fibre Chick’n patty was something to write home about as its outer lightly battered, slightly peppery coating and the accompanying dressing added to its appeal. 

Likewise, the High-Fibre Chick’n Crispy Popcorn Bites exceeded our expectations too. They taste unbelievably like the real deal; so deliciously addictive, it's hard to stop once you start eating them.

According to Jack Yap, CEO of PHUTURE, “While food is a big part of our culture, we discovered during our research a lot of Malaysians suffer from nutritional deficiencies. On average, Malaysian adults only consume about half the required amount of fibre daily, whilst plant-based food in the local market is rich in high-protein options but lacking in fibre.”

PHUTURE aims to bridge this dietary deficiency in the community with the creation of PHUTURE’s 4-fibre blend; to naturally replicate the texture and flavour of chicken and help Malaysians reach their daily dietary requirements.

“Our plant-based High-Fibre Chick’n range appeals to the Malaysian palate and love for fried chicken, yet it takes care of their daily fibre requirements through our innovative mix of soluble and insoluble fibres, including oat and apple fibres among others. This also makes PHUTURE High-Fibre Chick’n more sustainable than regular meat and more accessible to the masses.

      PHUTURE®’s High-Fibre Chick’n contains 13g of fibre (half the daily required amount of fibre in just one serving), helping Malaysians increase their daily fibre intake through one of their favourite foods. 

      High-Fibre Chick’n also contains 35%-45% less fat and 45% less sodium compared to 100g of regular fried chicken.

     High-Fibre Chick’n contains 11g of rice and non-GMO soy protein per serving, which are good sources of vitamin D, calcium, potassium, and iron. 

     High-Fibre Chick’n halal-certified by JAKIM, and is also free of preservatives, and has no added sugar and no added MSG. 

    Additionally, PHUTURE®’s High-Fibre Chick’n’s sustainable innovations follow the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 2 (ending hunger and achieving food security), and Sustainable Development Goal 3 (good health and wellbeing).

High-Fibre Chick’n can be ordered ready-to-eat at

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