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Thursday, September 14, 2017


Six different Japanese-style flavours set Nobu Kuala Lumpur's Mid-Autumn mooncake selection apart from the crowded arena this year. Word has it the confection is flying off the shelves so make haste and grab yourself a box or two in time for the festival this October.
We were told last year's lacquer boxes were a runaway bestseller and Nobu KL looks set to repeat the same feat this year. The attractive lure reeling in customers is the classy black lacquered box adorned with a pair of frolicking koi (Japanese carps to denote auspiciousness) with fluttering autumn maple leaves on the lid.

Inside each box is a set of six baked mooncakes. Priced at RM148 nett, Set A consists of Mochi Skin Shiso Mooncake with Lotus Paste, Mochi Skin Shiso with Miso Yolk and Pandan Paste, Baked Charcoal Bamboo Mooncake with Black Goma Paste, Baked Green Tea Paste Mooncake, Baked Azuki Bean Paste Mooncake and Baked Fruits & Nuts Mooncake.
Set B (RM168 nett) proffers 2 x Mochi Skin Shiso Mooncake with Lotus Paste, 2 x Mochi Skin Shiso with Miso Yolk and Pandan Paste and 2 x Baked Fruits & Nuts Mooncakes.

Out of the whole repertoire, I personally am partial to the pink skinned, sweet-savoury tasting Mochi Skin Shiso with Miso Yolk and Pandan Paste. True to Nobu's Japanese-Peruvian approach, the red skinned mooncake with lotus paste incorporated flecks of shiso leaf and pumpkin seeds in it; tempering the filling's sweetness with the natural lemony freshness of shiso.
Rich and toasty with nutty overtone makes the Baked Charcoal Bamboo Mooncake with Black Goma Paste agreeable although not particularly outstanding. We reckon the mildly bitter and astringent green tea version is a good choice to balance the richer offering.
Even the Adzuki Bean Paste Mooncake boasts more pronounced 'beany' flavour compared to regular red bean paste. For the older generation who's nuts about dense mooncake filling, the Baked Fruits & Nuts variant should leave quite over the moon.
Nobu KL patrons will also find two house variants which can only be sampled within the restaurant. One features a classic pairing of Green Tea & Red Bean in a chocolate shell mooncake while the other is an inventive combo of Miso & Chocolate Ice Cream Mooncake (RM50 each).
Nobu KL's medley of mooncakes are sold at Nobu KL restaurant, Level 56, Petronas Tower 3 and at the Mid-Autumn Festival kiosk at Pavilion KL, Level 1 (in front of Komugi) while stocks last. Call tel: 03-2164 5084 for more information.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Delicious pork-free dim sum and Chinese specialities beckon residents living in the southern Klang Valley at Le Mei, the new Chinese restaurant at Le Meridien Putrajaya. 

Clad in muted shades of cream, bronze and matte gold with the occasional bursts of red, Le Mei flaunts plush underfoot carpet and tasteful Chinese interior decor elements that make diners feel welcomed and put them immediately at ease.
Although just two months old, Le Mei has become the hot lunch spot for the corporate and government sectors and individuals in the vicinity. Chef Michael Wong and his team have their hands full serving up a variety of piping hot Signature Dim Sum and Chinese dishes to please them.
We were treated to an exclusive sampling of them recently, starting with a trio of Steamed Dim Sum (RM62): Black Truffle Shanghai Mini Dumplings, Steamed Scallop with Baby Abalone Dumplings and Chicken & Shrimp Dumplings.
The Shanghai xiao long bao dumplings (top left) was surprisingly on point - its sweet meaty broth similar to the real deal. Granted the skin was a tad thick compared to more famous ones in town but that would be nitpicking. Happily, the springy succulence of both the mushroom and minced chicken siew mai and scallop dumplings were also on par.
Out of the three Deep-Fried Signature Dim Sum (RM55), the Deep-fried Chicken Floss with Tuna & Shrimp Dumplings gained the most nods from us. We relished the filling's nice savouriness within the crunchy skin. Heavier flavours emerged from the Crispy Dried Cod Fillet with Fresh Prawns which should appeal to most local palates. We weren't so big on the Baked Bun with Barbecued Chicken though - our tastebuds rebelled against the rich and sweet, buttery crust as well as the sweetish filling.
Have a penchant for soup? Try the nutritious Double-Boiled Chicken Soup with Black Garlic Bulb (RM60). Dark and potent, the brew was a tad too rustic for my liking due to the black garlic used along with fish maw, shimeiji and chicken.
Wispy, billowy trails of dry ice heralded the arrival of Crispy Prawns Coated with Lemon Dressing, Tropical Fruit Salsa and Tobiko Caviar (RM68). Granted, it was a deftly prepared offering with the prawns lightly sheathed in crisp batter and creamy albeit stoic coating. Dotted with tiny dices of dragonfruit and strawberry, and tobiko, the crustacean dish lacked pizzazz. We reckon an unexpected burst of chilli heat or tartness would have jazz things up for the better.
At first sight, the Steamed Soon Hock with Pickled Chilli and Soya Crumbs (RM45) held much promise but alas, I found my portion overcooked. While the fish still had its natural sweetness, the flesh was regrettably tough to stomach. Steaming fish demands close attention to timing so hopefully, this could be put down to the occasional lapse in judgement.

Thankfully, our faith in Le Mei was restored once we savoured the Wok-Fried Marinated Lamb Chops with Dried Chillies and Garlic Chips (RM85). Redolent with aromatic spices including the tongue-numbing Sichuanese peppercorns as well as sesame seeds, the delectable lamb pieces spurred us to pick the bones clean.

Personally, I'd pick the Deep-fried & Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables (RM64) as the session's stellar performer. Defyingly simple, the various greens (baby milk cabbage, eggplant and snow peas) and fungus (shimeiji & baby black fungus) melded so cohesively, we sung high praises of the dish's delicate textures and flavours.
Since our tummy space was reaching maximum capacity, the Fried Rice with Crabmeat, Crispy Sun-Dried Scallops, Egg White and Sweet Bean (RM28) was dutifully tried and tested. It tasted acceptable although its presence failed to elicit much excitement.
Perhaps we were too distracted by the dessert of Salted Egg Ice Cream with Red Bean Paste (RM6)? It was my first time sampling such an inventive flavour - the current trend has seen salted egg yolk infused into everything, from croissant to cakes nowadays. Taste-wise, the ice cream wasn't too weird as the eggy, savoury accent came out subtler than I had anticipated. A memorable way to wrap up our maiden visit to Le Mei.

For reservations, call Le Mei restaurant, tel: 03 8689 6888. Address: Lobby Level, Le
Méridien Putrajaya, Lebuh IRC, IOI Resort City, Putrajaya.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


You’d probably have heard of or eaten Beijing duck but have you ever encountered or savoured one that’s set on fire? Now you can enjoy Flaming Beijing Duck (RM88.80) - a speciality that's part of Tai Thong group’s BBQ Promotion which is currently on until 30 September 2015.

Served with Crispy Buns (deep-fried mantou), be prepared for its dramatic presentation at table-side when you order this speciality. Imagine watching a whole Beijing duck roasted to golden-brown perfection set alight, to crisp up the outer skin.

Afterwards, layers of the duck skin and meat are sliced off and stuffed into the crispy buns for you to sample. While you polish off the delectable buns accompanied by requisite florets of spring onion and sweet bean sauce, the remaining duck is whisked off to be stir-fried into a second dish.

At a recent preview, we were also treated to Baked Jade Perch with Chilled Garlic & Pickled Cucumber Sauce (RM68.80 until 31 August). Gherkins or pickled cucumber was the secret ingredient which amped up the fish’s fresh sweetness. Steamed fish fans should make a beeline to this long-standing Chinese dining bastion for a taste of this gastronomic delight.

Tai Thong’s newly introduced Black Temptations dim sum selection (available until 31 October 2015) is guaranteed to turn you towards the ‘dark’ side. Crowd-favourites include a slightly chewy Pan-seared Dumplings with Fish Paste and Cheese (RM9.80) – a yin-yang dumpling with pretty crimped edge stuffed generously with gooey cheese and fish paste. Eat this piping hot for maximum satisfaction.

The ardent durian fan in me went ga-ga over the Charcoal Buns with Durian & Salted Eggyolk (RM9.80). Similar to popular lau sar pau (buns with molten salted egg yolk custard filling), these charcoal-black buns packed powerful flavour punches with the inclusion of potent durian paste mixed into the stuffing.
More chewy goodness can be found in sweet creations of Glutinous Dumplings with Sesame Paste (RM6.80) and the duo-toned Chilled Coffee Jelly (RM5.80). Both look equally presentable; the former wrapped in pandan leaves and the latter subtly sweet with alternating layers of black and milky brown jelly.

Come 1 November 2015 till 31 January 2016, look out for the inventive Spicy Series to fire up your tastebuds. Expect tummy warmers like Spicy Dumplings in Pepper Soup (RM9.80) – the clear soup is peppery on the palate while the ‘sui kow’ dumpling is almost bursting with a zesty stuffing of prawn and chicken mince.

Alternatively, there are Pan-seared Spicy Dumplings (RM8.80) with tiny filigree-like fins to tantalise you. Bearing a similar filling of chicken and prawn, they are flavourful enough on their own without any dips.

Heartier appetites would like the substantial portions of Chicken Bun Nyonya-style (RM10.80) and Seafood Curry with Puff Pastry (RM11.80). The first is a fresh take on the current gai wor pau (beehive buns with glutinous rice filling and chicken); only in this instance, turmeric-scented yellow rice and a Nyonya-inspired dry curried chicken are paired with the outer bun shell.

A domed puff pastry baked to golden perfection crowned the bowl of Seafood Curry with Puff Pastry. Gently break up the layer of crisp pastry and dunk it into the aromatic gravy for a satisfying meal. We found the curry a tad oily but the resto peeps promised they’d rectify the hiccup before the promo commences.

For more details or reservations, call 1800-88-2338 or visit
Or call 1800-88-2338 for reservations.
- See more at:

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