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Tuesday, February 06, 2024



In conjunction with Chinese New Year, Executive Chef Mike M C Wang from DoubleTree by Hilton Taipei Zhongshan brings a showcase of Taiwanese specialities to Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur from now until 24 February.
Under his guidance, the Hotel team’s Chopped Pepper Stinky Tofu Beef Noodles garnered third place at the 2023 Taipei International Beef Noodle Soup Competition. For the showcase in KL, Chef Wang proffers a tamer but no less delicious version of Beef Broth Noodles.
We recommend savouring the deeply flavourful and umami-rich beefy broth with strands of silky smooth, toothsome wheat noodles and sliced beef. One sip of the tasty broth will entice you to return for more.
This speciality along with a DIY Yee Sang station will be among the drawcards at the Hotel’s Prosperity High Tea Buffet (12 noon – 4 pm) every Saturday and Sunday between 4 and 26 February. Priced at RM148 nett per person and RM74 nett per child, the lavish line-up will include a clown appearance and a kids’ lounge.
Distinctive dishes by Chef Wang will also be served at the Regal Reunion Dinner Buffet (6.30 pm – 10 pm) on 9 and 10 February at RM198 nett per adult and RM99 nett per child.
Signature specialities to look out for include Braised Eight Treasure Seafood Soup, a popular banquet offering in Taiwan and Special Fish Head Casserole, a heartwarming dish with chunky slabs of fish head.
Infused with black vinegar, the thick, seafood-nuanced broth comes laden with slices of black mushrooms, enoki mushroom, diced prawns, jellyfish, crabstick, dried scallops and shrimps, carrot strips.

Exuding a sense of comforting homeliness, the casserole of fried fish head, Chinese cabbage, red chilli, beancurd and mushroom melds together to form a soulful, salubrious dish.

Taiwan’s famed Three Cup Chicken is another delightful option to please the palate, alongside a piquant Hunan-style Steamed Whole Barramundi with Dried Chilli and Pineapple Sauce.
Besides the guest chef’s culinary handiwork, the Prosperity Dinner Buffet from 11 – 29 February priced at RM168 nett per person and RM84 nett per child will highlight Sashimi Counter, a parade of Continental, Malay and Indian delicacies.
Expect freshly grilled satay, noodles cooked on request, fresh assortment of salads, Indian tandoori chicken, fish tikka masala, glutinous rice in lotus leaf wrap, fried kway teow, hot and cold drinks, and Chinese-style roasts.

A wide array of dessert to hit the sweet spot such as Mandarin Mousse and Five Spice Sable, Wolfberries and Osmanthus Jelly Delight, Panna Cotta with Diced Mango and Basil Seeds and Chinese New Year biscuits: Kuih Bangkit, Pineapple Cake, and Peanut and Almond Cookies beckons.

For reservations, please call Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton KL, tel: 03 2172 7272 or visit

Wednesday, December 11, 2019


A fun hands-on afternoon featuring DIY Xiao Long Bao (Taiwanese dumpling) making and oil-paper umbrella painting gave us media folks and some Malaysian artists, YouTubers, and travel trade attendees an immersive “One Day in Taiwan” experience.
Taiwan Visitors Association hosted the workshop together with Taiwan’s related tourism organisations, to promote the island’s diverse tourism attractions including Taiwanese cuisine, popular destinations and diverse culture activities.
Taiwan Visitors Association Kuala Lumpur Office Director, Abe Chou urged Malaysians to visit and discover Taiwan before those present dived into making chocolate-filled Xiao Long Bao.
A master of traditional oiled-paper umbrella painting then guided us on how to paint our own oiled-paper brolly – an interactive way to educate us on the Hakka craftsmanship from Meinong District in southern Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City.
A form of customary wedding gift, the Hakka words of “oiled paper” and “have son” are auspicious homonyms. Also, the Chinese character of “umbrella” also represents a blessing for newlyweds to have children and grandchildren.

 Refreshments include Taiwan’s famed Bubble Tea, baked mini pineapple cakes and taro pastries. Adding to the afternoon’s lively pace are informative and fast-paced online quiz and bingo games incorporating interesting facts and different attractions in Taiwan.
I nearly won one of the return KL-Taipei flight tickets but sadly, Lady Luck wasn’t on my side that day. A case of so near yet so far. Still, it was an afternoon well spent and credit must go to the organisers for upping the ante in making it such a memorable event.

Packed with a myriad of travel resources, Taiwan is listed eighth in 2019 Top 10 Travel Destinations by Globe Spots. also ranked Taiwan as the world’s friendliest country in 2018 while Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) cited Taiwan as the 3rd most attractive country for international Muslim travellers.

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