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Sunday, April 23, 2017


Guests were treated to food and fun in a carnival atmosphere recently at Sama-Sama Hotels KL International Airport from 19 to 23 April. Besides the wide variety of tempting dishes served, the event featured fun fair type games, a roving clown and screening of movies and cartoons for children. A Beer Garden was also included to cater to the international clientele.
A battalion of 21 chefs from Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA, Sama-Sama Express KLIA and Sama-Sama Express klia2 teamed up to present popular local, Western and Lebanese food at the different stalls set up at the sprawling Rooftop Garden of KLIA.
Although we were spoiled for choice with 21 stalls to choose from, we zoomed in for Sama-Sama Signature Mee Rebus. The tasty serving came with thick, sweetish gravy smothering yellow noodles, slices of fried beancurd, a wedge of hardboiled egg and crispy fritters.
I also enjoyed Laksa Kedah, tantalising rice noodles in tamarind and flaked fish gravy. Fresh cucumber strips, onion and thick gooey prawn paste were the accompaniments for this offering. The delightfully sour broth was surprisingly zingy on the palate but that added to its irresistible appeal.
Family-friendly fare which proved popular with the young ones was the pretty Sushi Rolls served at the Japanese stall. Both traditional and reverse rice rolls with assorted fillings were attractively presented so many diners made a beeline for them.
Rice fiends had a gala time sampling Nasi Dalcha Daging Rendang Mamak. The aromatic rice was redolent with fragrant spices and really hit the spot when eaten with chunks of tender beef rendang, veggie pickles and crackers.
Noodles seemed to dominate our favourite eats list that evening we were there. The Char Kuay Teow had plenty of wok hei, that splendid smoky accent few cooks managed to imbue into this tricky dish. Chives, egg and beansprouts lent textural dimension although the tiny cockles were nothing to shout about.
Heh, our penchant for Penang fare was obvious as we followed up with a serving of Pasembor Penang after that. While it wasn't the best, we agreed the version was decent enough to pass muster.
If you like watching chefs in action, stop by the Curry Puff and Apam Balik stalls. These local snacks deserved equal standing with foreign imports like waffles and my opinion ours taste way better and are much cheaper!
Thumbs up for the Apam Balik which came in normal and pandan variants. The pancake was crisp and crunchy; the thickness too was spot on.
Colourful and rich, the variety of Malay Kuih left us in a sweetly jovial mood. Washed down with a cup of hot Teh Tarik, we couldn't cope with much more food. How we wish we had tummy space for Hainanese Chicken Rice, Rojak Sotong, Ikan Bakar or Chef Ammar's signature rice and curry specialities but alas, it was futile for us to fit anything else in.
If you missed this Food Fiesta, fear not. Sama-Sama Hotels may organise similar events in future and possibly for the fasting month so keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming news. 

Wednesday, July 01, 2015


Ah, the course of true love never did run smooth according to William Shakespeare. This timeless basis forms the crux of Nyonya Memoirs – a revolutionary interactive theatre performance being staged in Melaka until 19 July 2015.

Presented by The Hatten Group, this RM8million production is conceptualised to highlight and promote a deeper appreciation of Melaka’s Peranakan culture and heritage. Premiered in May this year, the star-studded show tells the fateful story of Bao Zhu (played by Dorothy Foo), a young Nyonya maiden whose relationship with Zhang Min (reprised by Evan Siau), a poor Baba was opposed by her prominent, well-heeled family.
An extravaganza of music, songs and satirical dialogue, this is one performance that literally keeps you on your toes. Right from the get-go as the audience trooped beyond the heavy curtains after the entrance, our attention was drawn to the life-like nostalgic setting. 

Of course, cameras were whipped out for instant snapshots (NO flash photography was allowed) as everyone ‘ooh-ed’ and ‘aah-ed’ over the artfully created ornate props: from a local tea stall and shop front to old-fashioned kitchen and family dining table found in a Nyonya home. 

When the member of the cast resplendent in her Nyonya get-up jumped up to exhort her lines, everyone was caught off-guard but it was part and parcel of the performance’s uniqueness. 
Instead of a restricted raised stage, we found ourselves walking right into the theatre set. Everyone just wandered around the replica of a town square, complete with old-school shops, a few street carts and mobile hawkers. It was slightly unnerving at first as we didn’t know what to expect, which direction to head for or where the play will be performed. Suffice to say, most of us were like a flock of lost sheep looking for the shepherd. 
Once the initial song and dance began around the ‘lawn’ area, we somehow managed to assemble in a semi-circle around the performers. Luckier members of the audience had stools to sit on but for the majority, it was standing room only.
As the love story between the two protagonists unfold, we had to segue towards the different stage sets. Some confusion ensued during intermission as we were barred from the more elaborate set-ups (understandable since those are costly to create) for photography. It would have been more effective for all parties concerned to have clear and proper signages put up, to inform members of the audience the permissible and forbidden areas.

Anyway, love ultimately conquers all and the touching tale wraps up with an elaborate wedding procession which takes place outside the event hall. The dialogue is a mixture of Mandarin, Malay and Chinese Hokkien dialect with English subtitles shown on various TV screen mounted around the theatre setting area.
Catch NYONYA MEMOIRS every Friday to Sunday at 4pm and 8pm at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. Tickets are priced at RM52 per adult for MyKad holders and RM26 - per child 7-15 years old (MyKad holder) and senior citizen (60 years old above). Non MyKad holders pay RM66 and RM33 respectively. For ticketing enquiries, call tel: +6 018 663 9696 or visit

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