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Tuesday, September 19, 2023


TBH, I’m not a fan of hot pot but Regalicious Pot proved to be a mind-changing experience. It was love at first sip once I tasted the resto’s flavoursome Regal Golden Chicken and Fish Tripe Broth (RM139.90, additional soup RM49.90).

Do notify Regalicious at least a day prior to your visit if you wish to sample this golden yellow, smooth and creamy-gelatinous soup. According to CEO Stanley Chew, the team needs time to prepare the salubrious broth using cordycep flower, goji berries, red dates, chicken feet, and dried scallops. Rest assured; the wait will be worth your while.
Chew recommended we savoured the purity of the soup before dipping chunks of the “ma cao” (horse grass) chicken into it. The sublime soup and succulently tender chicken left an indelible impression, whetting our appetite for more.

The second pot of Regal Seafood Porridge Broth (RM68) was lighter and its clear, delicate sweetness soon intensified once an array of ingredients: Handmade Squid Balls (RM9.90), Handmade Pickled Pork Balls (RM14.90), Handmade Abalone & Fish Paste (RM25.90), Fresh Squid (RM12.90), Handmade Assorted Balls Platter (RM49.90), and Ring Rolls (RM8.90) among others were added in.

We also sampled slices of Fresh Pork Shoulder (RM19.90), Premium Smoked Bacon (RM20.90) and Premium NZ Lamb Leg (RM28.90). Just cooking them briefly in the bubbling hot soup were enough for optimum texture and taste. The ingredient selection especially the various seafood and meat balls are made in-house hence the taste is better than those commercially produced ones.
In line with Regalicious’ food for health preservation approach, several premium soup base such as Regal Black Truffle Fungus Broth (RM98), Regal Coconut Chicken Broth (RM98), Regal Fish Broth (RM68) are available; to offer some differentiation from other hot pot restaurants. Other choices include Regal Nourishing Broth (RM25), Regal Hot and Spicy Soup (RM25), Regal Tomato Broth (RM25.90) and Regal Pickled Cabbage Broth (RM25.90).
Aside from the main dining area which are tastefully conceived with booth-type seating, Regalicious has 12 private dining rooms on premise. A standard VIP room for 4 requires a minimum expenditure of RM100 per head.

Catering for groups of 4 – 30 persons, the VIP and VVIP rooms are luxuriously furnished with chandeliers, plush furnishings and even in-room karaoke system. The toilets are no less impressive, outfitted with vanity mirrors and gilded sinks and loos.

Depending on the size of your dining party and budget, the resto has hot pot sets for 2 – 8 persons. The Hot Pot Set for 2 (RM98 upwards) proffers Dual Soup Hot Pot, Fresh Pork Shoulder, Boneless Chicken, Handmade Fish Balls, Prawn Balls and Dumplings, Bursting Pork Balls, Cuttlefish Pork Balls, Sea Urchin Balls, Handmade Ramen, Beancurd, Brown & White Shimeiji and Vegetables.

A set for 4 (RM168 upwards) features Dual Soup Hot Pot, Fresh Pork Shoulder, Premium Smoked Bacon, Handmade Squid Balls and Pickled Pork Balls, Handmade Abalone Paste, VPork Balls, Fish Balls, Lobster Balls, Premium Japanese Crabstick, Handmade Ramen & Carrot Noodles, Brown & White Shimeiji and Vegetables.

The September promotional Special Seafood Set (RM288): Japanese Oyster (sashimi grade), fresh Prawns and Abalones, Clams, Handmade Lucky Pockets, Handmade Pickle Pork Ball, and Handmade Black Truffle Seafood Paste delivers great value for money.

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Register as a lifetime Regalicious member for a one-time fee of RM50 per person, to enjoy exclusive benefits such as welcome treat worth RM288, a free dish worth RM19.90 on each visit, and free upgrade to a private room.

For reservations at REGALICIOUS POT, call/WhatsApp: 011-51693441. Address: 52, Jalan Eco Santuari 8/2A, Eco Santuari, Telok Panglima Garang, 42500 Selangor.


Tuesday, April 05, 2022


Pure fish broth, derived from boiling 100% sea fish bones for 8 hours, forms the base for most of the specialities served at NelayanKU restaurant which opened in December 2021, a stone’s throw away from the Pavilion Bukit Jalil.

NelayanKU is part of DTS Group, a self-sufficient seafood supply group with diversified businesses and interests in the aquaculture industry: from hatching, nursery, farming, and aquafeed R&D supply, to the processing and distribution of fresh and frozen seafood, and production of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook seafood.

Founder Raymond Tea who hails from three generations of fisherfolk and farm-fishing family, aims to replicate the cherished taste of freshly caught fish and seafood he grew up with through the house specialities at NelayanKU.

Rich in vitamins and nutrients such as Omega-3, 6, 9 fatty acids, iodine, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, collagen, and protein, the restaurant's signature fishbone soup takes pride of place here. This nutritious stock is the secret formula to many of NelayanKU's key dishes. 

Wading into the appetiser selection, we find Live Irish Oysters (RM4.80 per 50-70g pc, RM7.90 per 90-110g pc, RM10.80 per 125-150g pc) making a rare appearance. Served au naturel with wedges of fresh lemon, it's easy to appreciate the mollusks' fresh, unadulterated taste of the briny sea.

True to the 'waste not, want not' culture of humble fisherfolks, even parts of fish like barramundi wing (pectoral fin) are turned into tempting nibbles known as Myfisherman Wing (RM18.90). The crisp-fried fins yield delicately sweet and surprisingly fleshy meat when you bite into them.

Another stellar 'by-product' is Golden Right Leg (RM8.90) using shrimp feet. Lightly dusted in seasoned flour with salt and pepper, the delicious morsels are fried until they turn golden brown and crispy. 

Lemongrass, turmeric, and Korean-inspired hot & spicy marinades suffused tender chunks of barramundi for the Fish Skewer Set (RM26.90) with plenty of enticing flavours, making this a noteworthy curtain-raiser. Those fish skewers are delectable enough to savour on their own even without the house green chilli dip served alongside them.

Seafood congee at NelayanKU

Moving on the main meals, each Fisherman Set comes with a bowl of NelayanKU speciality soup with a choice of carbs, and a drink. A blend of spices and fish stock based on the founder's grandmother's recipe, results in a mildly spicy yet aromatic Fisherman Curry Soup (RM28.90) that's reminiscent of simple, downhome curries of yesteryears. 

Although it lacks the heavy richness of most curries, this humble version may appeal to those who enjoy its spicy-savoury taste. Plain rice serves as the main canvas to capture the curry’s nuances alongside the inherent sweetness of fish slices, la la clams, prawns, and squid rings. A topping of dried mini shrimps lends some crunch to the ensemble.

A blend of pumpkin purée and pure fish stock goes into the making NelayanKU’s Fish Bone Golden Soup (RM32.90). The thick, hearty broth brimming with the delicate sweetness of pumpkin makes it a splendid match with ramen. Again, the noodles are accompanied by fish slices, la la clams, prawns, squid rings and a topping of dried mini shrimps.

The Fisherman SSS or Asam Pedas Nelayan (RM28.90) is the restaurant’s take on Vietnamese-style hot and sour soup. Sliced onion and fresh lime wedges are the garnishes to perk up the broth. Sweetened by a slew of seafood, the mildly tangy broth exudes some heat to tickle your tastebuds.

You can also customise your own bowl of noodles: select original Fish Bone Soup (RM2.50), Fisherman Curry Soup (RM4.50), Fish Bone Golden Soup (RM5.50), Fish Bone Sour and Spicy Soup (RM3) or Soy Sauce (RM2.50), then combine it with your carb of choice: meehoon, crystal rice noodles (kuey teow), wantan noodles, ramen or rice. Depending on the choice and portion size, prices range between RM1.80 – RM4.50.

Enhance your customise bowl with a choice of sliced fish: barramundi, silver pompano, golden snapper, giant tiger garoupa or giant tiger garoupa fish head (RM7.90 – RM16.50 ranging between 60g-100g). Other varieties of seafood available include sea prawns (RM5.50-RM9.90), crab & cuttlefish balls (RM10.90), Alaskan scallops (RM6.90), clam meat (RM2.50), barramundi fish maw (RM10.90) and squid ring (RM2.90).


Fans of Curry Fish Head (RM69.90) will find ample succour in the chunks of giant tiger garoupa fish head, eggplant, long beans and tomatoes used to prepare the house speciality.


Dessert promises to be a unique affair with Myfisherman Collagen (RM9.90 each) puddings. The collagen is culled from the boiling of fish scales before selected ingredients such as red dates, soursop, passion fruit, steamed egg and chrysanthemum are added as flavourings.

Once refrigerated into jelly-like collagen, the chilled puddings become wholesome, nutritious dessert. The red date and chrysanthemum versions are pleasant for their delicate sweetness while the passion fruit’s mild tartness is a nice palate-cleanser.

The brightly lit, sleekly designed restaurant also incorporates DTS Home Mart – a one-stop retail shop for patrons to buy DTS group’s Ready-to-Cook (RTC) and Ready-To-Eat (RTE) seafood products, imported frozen seafood and fresh seafood such as oysters and lobsters from Europe, Asia and South America.


For more information, please call NelayanKu & DTS Home Mart, tel: +60 12-987 7855. Address: B-13-01, Pusat Perdagangan Bandar Bukit Jalil, Persiaran Jalil 7, KL. Business Hours10 am – 10 pm. Website: 


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