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Tuesday, December 19, 2023


Listen up beef lovers. If you're partial to Japanese wagyu, An Viet has a pho-nomenal deal on-going until 31 January 2024. 
Starting from just RM34.90 per serving, you can savour sliced premium A5 Japanese wagyu imported from Tokushima, Japan for An Viet’s signature pho.

Served in a hot stone bowl, components for the beef noodles are served separately, allowing you to customise it to your own liking. It comes on a compact tray; the hot stone bowl keeping the broth constantly hot throughout your meal. 

We added noodles into the piping hot broth first as per the instruction card. If you’re unaware, An Viet’s MSG-free pho soup base is deeply flavourful as it has been painstakingly simmered for 12 hours using two types of beef bones and various spices. The resultant broth forms the basis of the restaurant’s signature noodle dish

Next, we added in the beansprouts, fresh herbs, shredded lettuce and basil leaves. Since I opted for the honeycomb tripe and beef ball combo, these went into the broth too.

Instead of simply throwing in the slices of A5 Japanese wagyu, I prefer to swish the tender, marbled beef slices in the hot soup until they are cooked to desired doneness. A squeeze of fresh lime juice lent the final touch before I slurped up the noodles along with the delectable beef. 

For a tantalising dimension, I found adding in a dollop of An Viet’s housemade sriracha sauce didn’t go remiss either.

While we were waiting for our pho to be ready, we feasted on Mini Savoury Vietnamese Pancakes. Filled with prawns and minced pork, the little bowl-shaped turmeric and coconut pancakes tasted sublime when eaten wrapped in fresh lettuce and herbs. The accompanying Vietnamese dipping sauce enhanced their deliciousness further.
Most of the set meals at An Viet comes with a trio of appetisers comprising Sugarcane Prawns, a wedge of Fresh Spring Roll and Deep-fried Spring Roll. Made from a hundred percent minced tiger prawns, the sugar cane skewers are always a surefire palate-pleaser.
The two types of spring roll also proved moreish; the former featuring rice paper rolled with tiger prawn, vermicelli, homemade pickle, fresh veggie and herb whilst the latter, deep-fried rice paper roll with tiger prawn and pork mince filling, proffered crispier texture.

Suffice to say, a meal at An Viet never disappoints.

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Friday, July 21, 2023


European apples from Poland drew thousands of visitors at the recent Malaysian International Food & Beverage Trade Fair in Kuala Lumpur. The famous orchards of Grojec took centrestage at the beautiful Polish pavilion where a trade mission of Polish fruit growers interacted with trade fair attendees.

President of the Fruit Union Association, Piotr Janota (left) said: “After meeting with representatives of several large fruit importing companies, we are happy to know Malaysians are eager to buy Polish apples. After two years of marketing campaign, we will be able to increase the sales of Polish apples to Malaysia.” 

Poland is the biggest producer of apples in Europe and globally, its production is second only to China and on par with the US and Turkey. Good soil and mild climate make the country conducive for growing apples whilst cultivation technology and the growers’ know-how and experience help to Polish apples stand out in the international marketplace.


Co-financed by the European Union campaign “Gift from the Polish Orchards, Apples from the Heart of Europe”, Polish apples entered the Malaysian market last year. Currently, only Gala Apples – medium sized apples with smooth, slightly shiny and yellow-red skin are imported into Malaysia. The sweet taste and delicately crunchy flesh make it popular with locals.

As part of the campaign, an Apple Day event was held at Taman Tugu Park in June with the cooperation of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland. Several hundred kilograms of Polish apples were distributed to park visitors; denoting Polish apples as a great companion for walks and as a travel-friendly snack.

Janota said Polish fruit growers take care of every production stage: from growing, sorting and packing to transportation. Environmental protection and sustainable production methods coupled with a rigorous control system ensure the eating quality and safety of the apples for consumer consumption.

For more information on Polish apples, visit:

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