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Friday, July 21, 2023


European apples from Poland drew thousands of visitors at the recent Malaysian International Food & Beverage Trade Fair in Kuala Lumpur. The famous orchards of Grojec took centrestage at the beautiful Polish pavilion where a trade mission of Polish fruit growers interacted with trade fair attendees.

President of the Fruit Union Association, Piotr Janota (left) said: “After meeting with representatives of several large fruit importing companies, we are happy to know Malaysians are eager to buy Polish apples. After two years of marketing campaign, we will be able to increase the sales of Polish apples to Malaysia.” 

Poland is the biggest producer of apples in Europe and globally, its production is second only to China and on par with the US and Turkey. Good soil and mild climate make the country conducive for growing apples whilst cultivation technology and the growers’ know-how and experience help to Polish apples stand out in the international marketplace.


Co-financed by the European Union campaign “Gift from the Polish Orchards, Apples from the Heart of Europe”, Polish apples entered the Malaysian market last year. Currently, only Gala Apples – medium sized apples with smooth, slightly shiny and yellow-red skin are imported into Malaysia. The sweet taste and delicately crunchy flesh make it popular with locals.

As part of the campaign, an Apple Day event was held at Taman Tugu Park in June with the cooperation of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland. Several hundred kilograms of Polish apples were distributed to park visitors; denoting Polish apples as a great companion for walks and as a travel-friendly snack.

Janota said Polish fruit growers take care of every production stage: from growing, sorting and packing to transportation. Environmental protection and sustainable production methods coupled with a rigorous control system ensure the eating quality and safety of the apples for consumer consumption.

For more information on Polish apples, visit:

Saturday, January 21, 2023


Four Malaysian pastry chefs: Chef Kean Yap (team coach), Chef Mun Pui Teng (team captain and sugar candidate), Chef Goh Jun Wei (ice candidate) and Chef Lim Boon Chuan, (chocolate candidate) will demonstrate their skills and creativity at Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2023 in Lyon, France on 20 and 21 January 2023.

Also known as the Pastry World Cup, the Debic supported Team Malaysia will have to create a Sugar Sculpture with Chocolate Entremet, Chocolate Sculpture with plated desserts, Ice Sculpture with Frozen Desserts and Frozen Lollipop.

Centred around the theme of ‘climate change’, the two days of intense competition, spanning over for 10 hours, will see Team Malaysia will go up against teams from 20 other countries.
As a hundred-year-old premium European dairy brand made for professionals and one of the sponsors of the prestigious Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie competition, Debic has been a passionate global supporter for over 20 years and a proud sponsor of Team Malaysia 2023. 

Ramjeet Kaur Virik, Managing Director of Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad shared, “At Debic, we understand professional chefs and have the expertise to provide customised solutions for them with high-quality products, and ease of convenience, to inspire chefs to create high-quality creations.

“The innovative nature of this competition aligns perfectly with Debic’s passion for supporting pastry chefs. We are proud to be part of an event that provides a platform for professionals to set new trends and inspire a new generation of professionals. All competing chefs will have access to Debic products to innovate with, and we look forward to seeing the many high-quality and relevant products resulting from the event.”

The current team hopes to replicate Malaysia’s success four years ago in Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2019, where Team Malaysia emerged as champion with their cutting-edge creations.

Debic Ambassadors Chef Otto Tay and Chef Loi Ming Ai (members of the winning team in 2019) also served their winning pastry creations at the sending-off party hosted by Debic. 

Fans and supporters of Team Malaysia can watch the Grand Finale and cheer for Malaysia at the Official Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie Youtube live at:

Thursday, January 06, 2022


To reinforce the popular adage, ‘the proof of the pudding is always in the eating’, Hung Chun collaborated with Pullman KLCC Hotel to introduce Hung Chun’s three new products: Popo Black Vinegar, Popo Garlic Chilli Sauce and Popo Oyster Sauce recently.

After a welcome address by Hung Chun Sdn Bhd Director Peter Yee (bottom pix) followed by the customary curtain-raiser of Yee Sang, the versatility of Hung Chun Popo sauces appeared in the Hot & Cold Combination. 

Chef Fong explained he used Popo Soya Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Vinegar, Oyster Sauce, and Dark Soya Sauce to prepare the Crispy Chicken and Prawns Money Bag, Squid with Chilli and Garlic Crisps, and Stir-Fried Pacific Clams with Dried Chillies.

For the tantalising serving of Marinated Jelly Fish with Fungus and Aged Vinegar, Hung Chun Popo Soya and Chilli Sauces along with Vinegar played key roles in the dish. Chef Fong said, “Popo Black Vinegar is layered in its complexity yet its taste is gentle on palate; allowing you to drink it neat without having to dilute it.” 

Based on a traditional formula passed down from older generations, Popo Black Vinegar uses premium grade key ingredients such as “dang gui” and natural rice vinegar, to bring out its best flavour – great for mums in confinement. 

We then sampled Double Boiled Chicken Broth with South American Fish Maw, ‘Hong Kong’ Ginseng, Boneless Chicken, Prickly Sea Cucumber and Chinese Tea Mushroom.

Founded in 1946, Hung Chun started as a humble cottage industry but its dynamic efforts saw it conquering the export market in Singapore, Thailand and Brunei.

As the first local sauce manufacturer to adopt modern German technology pasteurization process in sauce-making, quality remains Hung Chun’s main priority. The company’s careful selection of raw materials, well-trained staff and the usage of advance machinery combine to ensure the products are not only of the highest quality, but also the most hygienic, safe for consumption and best-tasting.

The show-stopping dish of Braised Goose Web with Dried Oyster, Mushroom and Green Vegetables incorporated Hung Chun Popo Oyster Sauce and Popo Soy Sauce. Granted, the smooth fall-off-the-bone tender goose web was not for the faint-hearted but it hit the spot for those who enjoyed its wondrous texture and the richness of Popo Oyster Sauce.

To showcase Hung Chun’s newly launched Popo Black Vinegar,  executive Chinese chef, Fong Teik Fei imbued his creation of Baked Five Spice Chicken Roulade with Szechuan Cucumber, Green Vegetables and Shimeji Mushroom with Hung Chun Popo Black Vinegar and Soya Sauce.

A saucy concoction of Hung Chun Popo Soy Sauce and King Soy Sauce with Chicken Essence and ‘Hong Kong’ Ginseng Superior King Sauce enhanced the ‘Hong Kong’ Style Poached Grouper. The fish’s delicate sweetness was discernible despite it being overdone.

Ditto with the Steamed Stuffed Jumbo Fresh King Prawn. A splash of Hung Chun Popo Soya Sauce amplified the sea-freshness of the crustacean which was stuffed with pickled vegetables and ‘Bentong’ ginger atop steamed truffle paste egg white.

Toppings of chicken floss and scallion lent textural and flavour accents to the Claypot Waxed Duck Meat Rice. Naturally, Hung Chun Popo Oyster Sauce, Soya Sauce, and Dark Soya Sauce are the essential sauces in the preparation of this festive delicacy.

Doubled-boiled Fuji Apple Aloe Vera Broth with Glutinous Balls rounded up our celebratory meal on a sweet note.

For diners who are keen to sample the Hung Chun Popo X Red Cuisine CNY Reunion Menu, it’s priced at RM280++ per person.

Popo Black Vinegar, Popo Garlic Chilli Sauce, Popo Oyster Sauce and other Hung Chun’s products such as Popo Soy Sauce can be found at various supermarkets, hypermarkets and Shopee. 

Saturday, September 07, 2019


A total of 12 new brands with more than 80 products made their debut at Tasty Australia 2019 at Isetan KLCC, officially launched by Australian Deputy High Commissioner to Malaysia, Michael Growder (pix below).
Also present at the launch were Koji Oyama, Director/Managing Director of Isetan Malaysia (2nd from left), and Vivien Lee, Executive Director of The Model Cook (far right).
A collaboration between The Model Cook and Isetan Malaysia, Tasty Australia 2019 showcases the best of regional Australian food & beverage from 30 August to 11 September. It’s the sixth year Tasty Australia has been held in Kuala Lumpur.

Vivien Lee said: “Our passion is to promote healthy eating by offering GMO-free and healthier alternative food with real health benefits.  We always strive to ensure the healthier food alternatives present its value for money and nutritional content in the actual products themselves.”
Apart from The Model Cook’s traditional best-selling 25 brands from South Australia, Tasty Australia 2019 highlights primarily food, drinks, products and brands from South Australia and Western Australia. Most of the new brands have chosen Malaysia as their first country of export.


To emphasise Tasty Australia 2019’s focus on clean eating, sustainability and a conscious choice of GMO-free foods, several founders of the new brands were also at the event to meet and interact with Isetan customers, and to share their respective brand stories.

Among them were Bevan Eatts, Director of Southern Forest Flavours (top pix) who touted his high flavonoids, ready-to-eat and good-for-the-heart dried Bravo apple slices and 100% natural dehydrated fruit straps; Mei Yong, Director of Turban Chopsticks (2nd pix above) whose range of bottled Asian sauces and convenient easy-to-cook meal kits won us over within minutes; dynamic duo Elizabeth Simaliak with Issy Bilal, Founders of Nestar & Ms Sweetie Vegan Chocolates, and Kim Fewster, Founder & CEO of Fewster’s Farm Honey who promoted his indigenous Western Australia certified organic Jarrah honey.

Us food lovers also had a field day shopping for fine Australian products including Western Australia’s iconic superior class black Perigord truffle oil and seasonings, raw Southern Forests honey, gluten-free kettle-cooked tasty Jonny’s Popcorn Delight, gourmet vegan chocolates, 100% Australian grown quinoa, Australian produced cheeses, muesli and multi-grain cereals, biscuits, bottled drinks and wines from Australia, and even premium frozen seafood.
The Isetan Food Market will be bustling with activity during Tasty Australia. Besides a striking Popcorn Fountain, Tasty Australia 2019 will offer lucky draws with prizes comprising RM500 gift vouchers, food hampers and Australian souvenir giveaways with purchases.

Shoppers can also sample a selection of typical Aussie dishes like Salt Beef Sandwich, Burgers, Seafood Pasta and Fish & Chips at the Australian Gourmet pop-up restaurant from 11am to 9.30pm. Value buys of certain Australian food and beverage products especially during the one-hour “Meet the Makers” period will feature extra special buys so keep an eye out for that.
For more details on “Tasty Australia” best buys, please visit TheModelCook Facebook page.

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