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Hands up, those of you who got suckered into reading this blogpost after seeing this slurpilicious pix of scrumptious pork ribs and porky delights? Hah! I knew its oink-someness would draw you in. We devoured this slab of Iberico Loin Ribs (RM40 single, RM110 sharing portion) at Cerdito in Puchong! Darn worth getting our hands dirty as the ribs had such marvellous texture. Tender and juicy with enough 'bite' to sink into, every mouthful burst with tantalising smoky-tangy-savoury accents that had us picking the bones clean.
Nestled in a corner spot in the F&B haven of Puchong, the ambiance inside Cerdito is fuss-free, modern yet cosy enough without being intimidating.

The sleek dining space is sparsely decorated with a few artworks adorning the walls but the mellow lighting and tactile use of stone and wood trims are enough to cosy up the resto's overall feel.

Director cum Head Chef of Cerdito Yew Kean Leng (front row, 2nd from right) is the pint-size culinary power behind the team while Operations Manager Henry Lai (back row, right) ensures every diner is taken care of the minute they step in.

For the uninitiated, Spanish Iberico pork from the black Iberian pig or pata negra is the star of the show at Cerdito. This Spanish pig is prized on the same fervent level as Wagyu - its fine meat boasts deep-seated richness from the swine's free-range foraging and gorging on wild herbs, acorns, fungi and what-have-yous.

It was only befitting we commenced with Iberico Sticks (RM30), skewers of superbly juicy grilled Iberico pork. Just when the meaty taste tottered towards the brink of cloying richness, the pineapple salsa brought balance back into the equation.
Inspired by the Spanish fondness for tapas, Cerdito proffers a decent range of nibbles to start with. The basic but likeable char-grilled King Oyster Mushroom (RM15) has plump eryngii sliced into halves and grilled to supple tenderness. Chocolate 'soil' and aged balsamic vinegar teased the palate with additional flavours.

Frothy truffle tea foam lent the cup of Wild Mushroom Cappuccino (RM18) an unexpected yet welcoming nuance and musky aroma. We readily lapped it up without complaint as a testament to the rustic bisque's soulful deliciousness.
Citrus vinaigrette and fresh orange segments struck a zesty chord for the Smoked Duck Salad (RM22); its uplifting fruitiness looking to entice non-salad eaters into submission.
Non-pork fans will find ample satisfaction from the Harissa Chicken (RM20) with the toasty chilli powder imbuing muted spiciness to the lean meat. Smeared with creamy yoghurt sauce on the plate, the chicken skewers disappeared fast.
If you like pork ribs with ample meat, the swoon-worthy Iberico Short Rack (RM70) should bring out the glutton in you. Rest assured the portion was just nice for one, paired with balsamic drenched romaine lettuce, grilled pumpkin slices and babaganoush (smoky roasted eggplant & tahini spread).
Hitting closer to home was Chef Yew's pride and joy of Cerdito Special (RM45). We warmed up to the signature dish instantly - the broth a sweet distillation of unadulterated porcine essence coupled with chunks of meaty ribs yielding toothsome tenderness. According to Chef Yew, most Cerdito's patrons prefer pork meat with some mouthfeel to it instead soft almost mushy meat and she is happy to comply.

Don't enjoy fiddling with bones? Then plump for Cerdito's new fangled Iberico Black Pig Burger (RM45). Served with thick-cut steak fries, tomato chutney and fresh house salad, the mini hunk of lightly seared belly pork was luscious enough to have you lick the plate clean.
East and West met in a scrumptious way when the chef piled flavourful pulled pork and a dollop of crunchy ebikko onto soft mantou buns lined with cucumber julienne to form her
Iberico Pulled Pork Sandwich (RM45).
We were thrown by the daring, deconstructed House-made Lemon Tart (RM20) which looked nothing like the conventional version. Imagine being confronted by a trio of shot glasses filled with lemon curd topped with crushed pistachios, buttery cookie crumbs and cocoa 'soil' alongside a scoop of dried shallot ice cream. However, after sampling the inventive offering, we concurred it was an unlikely but agreeable sweet ender.
Even the more popular crowd-pleaser of Tiramisu (RM20) bore the culinary team's quirky tweaks. Kahlua was used in place of Marsala or rum to soak the Italian sponge fingers and infuse the mascarpone whilst coffee 'soil' adding the final touch to the much-loved dessert. Again it went down a storm with us with nary a complaint.
Chocoholics rejoice! Surrender to the alluring creation of Belgian Chocolate Semi-Freddo (RM20) and you'd be in seventh heaven. Lush and decadently creamy, the semi-frozen Italian dessert melted our last defences as we spooned up every last bit of it.
Here's a good tip for those who wish to give Cerdito a try without breaking the bank. Go for the Daily Set Lunch (RM19.90+) which proffers soup of the day, a mocktail and a choice of main course. There are ample choices available featuring pork and poultry mains so this is your chance to pig out at Cerdito!

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