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Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Stepping into SeoulNami is like entering a laidback, rustic beach-front eatery. Warm mellow-lighting coupled with a youthful surf’s up vibes, and wall-mounted ‘cut outs’ of food ingredients makes this pork-free Korean BBQ restaurant a convivial dining outpost among Malaysians at The Gardens Mall.


Owner and director Huen Su San of Beyond Korea Dining Group said: “SeoulNami opened about three years ago and has just reopened for dine-in recently. Our resident Korean chef concocts all the marinades and sauces we use at SeoulNami. The formulations are tweaked slightly to suit local palates.”

Signature Beef Platter (front) with the option of adding Korean Bone-in Short Rib (top left)

Strictly adhering to new norm SOPs, dining parties of 3-4 persons will find SeoulNami’s Signature Beef Platter (RM119) consisting of Bulgogi, Beef Rib Fingers, and Beef Belly a notable choice especially on their first visit.

This great value set comes with the option of adding in Korean Bone-in Short Rib (a la carte RM139). Should you prefer to go a la carte, the Beef Rib Fingers costs RM59, Bulgogi RM39, and streaky Beef Belly RM29.

Streaky Beef Belly


Beef Rib Fingers

The nice thing about dining at SeoulNami is the helpful and efficient service team will step up and barbecue the meat without you lifting a finger – just remember to inform them of the preferred doneness for your choice of meat. When the slew of delicious morsels hit your table piping hot, you’d devour every enticing piece and find yourself replete in no time.

We also have ample opportunities to relish the textures of different cuts; and tried to decide which of the various marinated meats we prefer. In addition, sampling the meaty servings with the accompanying platter of fresh greens, raw garlic, green chillies and carrot sticks add to the experience.

Ban chan – little side dishes of radish pickles, cabbage kimchi, side salad, and steamed egg are served to accompany the meal.

Non-beef eaters may like to opt for the sweet and rich Honey Butter Chicken (RM59), a honey-butter rendition popularised by the Korean snack trend. Wrap a piece of the chicken in fresh lettuce, spike it up with the house gochujang sauce and eat it as ssam (Korean lettuce wraps).

SeoulNami’s Hot Pepper Chicken (RM59) is a hot hit among chilli fiends looking for an adrenalin rush. Concocted using the hottest chilli from the Korean province of Cheongyang and the house gochujang paste, the tongue-burning marinade makes its presence felt in the barbecued chicken pieces.

After that scorcher, the Ganjang Chicken (rm59) appears underwhelming but if you’re after a traditional Korean marinade with caramelised umami boost, this would be it. Melted cheese lava (RM19) is also available on request.

Ideal for sharing, the Signature Platter of Chicken Sampler (RM89) featuring all three flavourful marinated chicken also comes with a similar platter of greens.

Other notable items to consider include Premium Yang Galbi (RM59), marinated lamb rib and Spicy Octopus (RM39); for textural and flavour variation to your meal.

Koreans are big on rice and the Fist Rice (RM29) comes highly recommended. Available in original or spicy version, disposable gloves are provided for you to mix the warm soft rice with seaweed flakes and fragrant chicken mince, and shape into mini rice balls.

Simple but utterly delectable, we find them incredibly appealing. Both the original and spicy versions have their appeal. Talk about rice-ing to the occasion in wrapping up a Korean BBQ experience at SeoulNami.

For information and reservations, call SeoulNami Korean BBQ, tel: 03-2202 3336. Address: F-215, First Floor, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur. Business hours: 11am – 10 pm daily

Saturday, November 16, 2019


How about a Stinkini to shake up and stir the sedate KL cocktail and food pairing scene? The SPG by Bijan team has picked up the mixology gauntlet and boldly infused our pickled petai (stinkbeans) with martini and dry vermouth to wet the brave soul’s whistle. A tipple to knock your socks off and just the drink to introduce your foreign friends to, in time for Visit Malaysia Year 2020.
Inspired by the (in)famous Sarong Party Girl (SPG) – Malaysian and Singaporean lasses who prefer to date and nab an expat partner/husband – SPG by Bijan is a literal take on their soirées or sarong parties. Evocative of a playful love child, the bar cum restaurant exudes new-age creativity, marrying typical Malaysian elements and ingredients with regional Indonesian, Chinese and Indian influences.
Located in a bungalow adjacent to Bijan, SPG flaunts vibrant, alluring walls of peacock blue, fuchsia and green, accentuated with retro vent blocks, and Insta-worthy floral batik murals.
The shaded terrace lounge beckons invitingly with an eclectic mix of rattan and cane, modern and esoteric furniture in lush jewel tones. Complementing it is an ornate Peranakan tiled bar. A private room with similarly articulated décor and elegant setting for more exclusive dining and celebratory affairs is available.
Aside from the Stinkini, a plethora of inventive Asian-inspired signature cocktails such as Yellow Fever (gin, turmeric, honey and tonic water), Hit the Cocojito (white rum, lime, coconut water and mint) and Asam Pedas (tequila, triple sec and tamarind juice) is designed to match SPG’s creative cornucopia of bite-size snacks and hot-off-the-grill servings.

A fab example of the bodacious and tongue-in-cheek eats with flirty twists here is the Basic SPG set comprising Ah Ran Sini (Italian arancini transformed into deep-fried rice balls bearing our iconic nasi lemak flavours), Pais Barramundi (grilled barramundi parcel infused with turmeric, coconut, and Malaysian spices then wrapped in edible banana ‘leather’) and Grilled Calamari with Sambal Belacan.
Show-stoppers like Jackfruit Rendang Bao (young jackfruit cooked rendang-style, pulled and piled onto toasted mantou buns), Lidah & Sambal (succulent braised and seared ox tongue served with sambal hitam) and Roti Jala Tiffin (a triple tier tiffin of lacy pancakes with kaffir lime chicken curry, fish floss and anchovy sambal) roused effusive praises during the preview. We were simply bowled over by the sheer ingenuity of the different items; how such familiar and cherished eats can be dialled up to more sophisticated, cosmopolitan levels.
The mixology team hasn’t overlook the mocktail aspect either. Non-alcoholic drinkers can raise a glass to Bluepea Tonic – a concoction of honey and lemon topped with blue peaflower syrup and Kedondong Kampung – a salty, sour and tangy blend of umbra, calamansi and sour plum.

SPG’s house-curated sambals: Sambal Hitam (black), Sambal Hijau (green), and Sambal Merah (red) are pivotal in amping up the sizzling appeal of its from-the-grill fare. Whether it’s Angus Oyster Blade, Lamb Loin, or Satay (Chicken and Beef), we highly recommend them as they’re cooked to order and absolutely scrumptious.
Equally notable are the ginger-soy sauce marinated Chicken Kicap Skewers and Duck Skewers (marinated duck leg meat grilled then served with green sambal). Meaty and superbly suffused with aromatic spices, they taste somewhat different from satay but no less sublime.  
For a healthy spin, we suggest the exquisite Pan-seared Black Pomfret, served with a zingy coconut and galangal sauce. It’s a pairing made in gastronomic heaven with Sekinchan – tri-colour rice and quinoa with pulled chicken, Asian pesto, rice crackers, and crispy chicken skin.
The dessert department shines the spotlight on Pulut Mango Cake, a light confection of chilled mango mousse and coconut glutinous rice on a buttery biscuit base, topped with dices of fresh mangoes that promises satisfaction minus the calorie overload.
Chef Raziz's the man behind those raveworthy culinary inspirations 

Alternatively, go Bananas Over Bananas. A bonanza of banana components encompassing housemade banana ice cream and smoky caramelised bananas in a dehydrated banana cone to leave you ‘peeling’ good.
For reservations, please call SPG by Bijan, tel: 03 2022 3575. Address: No.3A Jalan Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur. Business hours: Open daily from 12 noon till 12 midnight. 

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