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Saturday, September 28, 2019


While I love cooking things from scratch, I do use pre-made curry pastes occasionally. At the recent Tasty Australia showcase, my interest was piqued by Turban Chopsticks after I met the brand founder, vivacious Mei Sann Yong.

A quick chat revealed the friendly entrepreneur was born in Malaysia but grew up in Perth, Australia. According to Mei, she founded Turban Chopsticks when she encountered cooking inconveniences in her busy life, early in her career.
Mei said: “As a busy working professional who travel constantly, I didn’t have much time for cooking. After a long day, I wanted home-cooked meals - the kind I grew up with - that were healthy and tasted amazing. But I also didn’t have the time to source and cook everything from scratch nor do I want to use prepackaged food with suspicious ingredients and origins.”
She soon identified a gap in the market for pre-made meal kits and curry sauces with bold flavours that used clean ingredients. That’s where Turban Chopsticks’ convenient, pre-made meal kits and ready-to-use sauces come in.
Raised by a full house of bakers, chefs, restaurant owners, food businesses, home cooks, and (some say extreme) food lovers, Mei has put her own exposure to various cuisines and exotic ingredients as the starting point of Turban Chopsticks.
“Turban Chopsticks gives busy mums and dads, working professionals, and enthusiastic home cooks a sneaky shortcut to beautifully home cooked Asian and Indian inspired meals.  They can use it as a foolproof foundation to create their own tasty masterpieces. Cooking food from the heart is something everyone can nail with Turban Chopsticks.”

Putting Turban Chopsticks to the test, I used Turban Chopsticks Red Curry Sauce to cover a whole red snapper. After wrapping up the fish in banana leaves, I chucked it into the toaster oven to bake. 
Half an hour later, the fragrant aroma permeated the whole house and we soon sat down to a delicious, robustly flavoured fish for dinner. A few days later my 20-year old daughter spread the remaining Turban Chopsticks Red Curry Sauce to grill salmon with equally scrumptious results.
For more information about Turban Chopsticks, visit: 

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Coffee, tom yum, goma (black sesame), matcha (green tea), charcoal, yuzu…inventive flavours come and go like wildfire in the F&B scene. Lately, salted egg yolk and cheese are all the rage as the public can't get enough of the savoury flavours.
Since we had friends and family who weren't clued in on the saucy trend, what better way to induct them than bringing them over to Crab Factory, literally letting them paint the town table red with the resto’s Happy Meals. Depending on the size of your dining party, the value for money package meal deals let you chow down on crabs and seafood starting with Crab Lover Shiok at RM149.70++ per set, enough to feed 2-3 persons.
This set consists of 2 pieces of XL Meat Crab, King White Prawns, Squid, Mussels, Hamaguri Clams, Corn, Broccoli, Fried Mantao and Shallot Rice with a choice of sauces: Signature Southern Bang, Jamba Jamba, Garlic Butter, Creamy Lemak or Salted Egg. Both the Southern Bang and Jamba Jamba come in different spicy levels: mild, medium or O’l Crab-Death Valley (add RM5).
We chose to go with the Crab Lover Party (RM299.50++ for 4-5 pax) which comprises 2 pieces of XL Meat Crabs, King White Prawns, Squid, Mini Lobsters, Hamaguri Clams, Freshwater Prawns, Mussels, Corn, Broccoli, Fried Mantao, Fried Chicken Wings and Shallot Rice with medium hot Southern Bang Sauce.

Just to satisfy our curiosity, we also asked for Crab Factory’s new Cheese Sauce (RM6.90++) to be poured onto the seafood. It proved to be a good choice as we discovered the rich creamy cheesy sauce was finger-licking divine with the feisty hot sauce.

We relished the second saucy option of Salted Egg Sauce with 1 piece of XXL King Crab with corn, potato and fried mantao (RM298++). Surprisingly, the salted egg yolk accent was kinda muted but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing since it won’t outshine the pricey crab. 

Try the Creamy Lemak Sauce if you prefer non-spicy sauces. It should appeal to local palates as the sauce is reminiscent of Malay-style 'masak lemak' minus the fiery hotness. Besides Meat Crabs (from RM123++ upwards), the resto has French Brown Crab (RM21++) too.

Other notable imported seafood worth sampling include Jumbo Japanese Sweet Prawns (500g, RM99++) and Mini Lobster (RM85++) with your choice of sauces and bag buddies, side dishes like Squid Tentacles, Chicken Wings, Waffles, Potato Wedges, etc.

For reservations at CRAB FACTORY SS2, call tel: 03-7865 5850. Address: 21, Jalan SS2/64, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Visit for more info.

NEW OUTLET: CRAB FACTORY JB, Little Paris, Mount Austin, G14, Jalan Jaya Putra 1/1, Bandar Jaya Putra, Johor Bahru, Johor. Tel: 07-351 4062.

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