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Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Crispy ‘chicken breast’ patties, ‘popcorn chicken’ bites and breast strips that are plant-based, high-fibre and delicious? It sounds too good to be true until we tried PHUTURE’s innovative High-Fibre Chick’n range recently.

Delivered in a pretty picnic basket and picnic mat, our indoor picnic at home (it was still MCO then) gave us a chance to sample a burger with a crispy High-Fibre Chick’n patty, some criss-cut fries and a box of High-Fibre Chick’n crispy popcorn bites.

Although I was skeptical, the High-Fibre Chick’n Burger tasted better than I had anticipated. The crispy High-Fibre Chick’n patty was something to write home about as its outer lightly battered, slightly peppery coating and the accompanying dressing added to its appeal. 

Likewise, the High-Fibre Chick’n Crispy Popcorn Bites exceeded our expectations too. They taste unbelievably like the real deal; so deliciously addictive, it's hard to stop once you start eating them.

According to Jack Yap, CEO of PHUTURE, “While food is a big part of our culture, we discovered during our research a lot of Malaysians suffer from nutritional deficiencies. On average, Malaysian adults only consume about half the required amount of fibre daily, whilst plant-based food in the local market is rich in high-protein options but lacking in fibre.”

PHUTURE aims to bridge this dietary deficiency in the community with the creation of PHUTURE’s 4-fibre blend; to naturally replicate the texture and flavour of chicken and help Malaysians reach their daily dietary requirements.

“Our plant-based High-Fibre Chick’n range appeals to the Malaysian palate and love for fried chicken, yet it takes care of their daily fibre requirements through our innovative mix of soluble and insoluble fibres, including oat and apple fibres among others. This also makes PHUTURE High-Fibre Chick’n more sustainable than regular meat and more accessible to the masses.

      PHUTURE®’s High-Fibre Chick’n contains 13g of fibre (half the daily required amount of fibre in just one serving), helping Malaysians increase their daily fibre intake through one of their favourite foods. 

      High-Fibre Chick’n also contains 35%-45% less fat and 45% less sodium compared to 100g of regular fried chicken.

     High-Fibre Chick’n contains 11g of rice and non-GMO soy protein per serving, which are good sources of vitamin D, calcium, potassium, and iron. 

     High-Fibre Chick’n halal-certified by JAKIM, and is also free of preservatives, and has no added sugar and no added MSG. 

    Additionally, PHUTURE®’s High-Fibre Chick’n’s sustainable innovations follow the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 2 (ending hunger and achieving food security), and Sustainable Development Goal 3 (good health and wellbeing).

High-Fibre Chick’n can be ordered ready-to-eat at

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