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Tuesday, October 03, 2023


In years past, Les Deux Garcon was a reliable outpost for flaky croissants and freshly baked scones as well as hearty breakfast fare. Now the café is simply known as Sixteen – a trendier name in keeping with changing times but fret not, familiar staples such as Almond Croissant (RM12) and Raisin Roll (RM10) remain just as good.

The refreshed interior includes a little green nook next to the entrance: assorted potted plants clustered together with some hung overhead beside the glass picture window. Outside the walkway are more oversize pots of foliage, evoking a sense of tranquility.

Instead of run-of-the-mill ‘big breakfast’ fare of sausages, eggs and beans, we feasted on Golden Harvest (RM23) comprising two slabs of delicious sweetcorn fritters. 

Adorned with a rosette of smoked salmon and a wobbly poached egg alongside pineapple salsa and chilli oil, this new offering was akin to bursts of heartwarming sunshine albeit on the palate.
Striving to please office workers and residents from the nearby suburb, Sixteen has various poke bowl-inspired creations for lunch. Red and basmathi rice amp up the healthy, wholesomeness factor in place of white rice.
The Taste of Delhi (RM35) creation took us on a culinary passage to India, featuring tender cubes of lamb in an aromatic and mildly rich curry with fluffy, pea-studded pilau basmathi. Cucumber mint raita, boiled egg, diced fried tofu and crunchy papadum added textural appeal to the stellar serving.

Daun kesum (polygonum minus) was the key herb flavouring Sixteen’s special house recipe of Ayam Kesum Chilli (RM25). The bowl of Spanish rice complemented by the fragrant chicken curry was scrumptious. Tempeh, hardboiled egg, pineapple salsa, fried tofu and ulam (blanched long beans and raw local herbs) provided further enhancement in terms of textures and flavours.
A cohesive combo of red rice with diced seared tuna, avocado, edamame, and cucumber formed the Japanese-influenced Nippon (RM36). More alluring nuances were discernible with the inclusion of wakame, pickled ginger, spicy mayo, furikake and mildly sweetish gyoza sauce (concocted using soya sauce, lemon juice, honey and chopped spring onion).
Fruity-sweet pomegranate seeds and the judicious use of honey soya sesame dressing made the Buddha Bowl (RM23) comprising red rice, fried tofu, tempeh, wakame, edamame, black beans, lettuce and mushroom into a winsome vegetarian-friendly meal.

Baked fresh on premise, the splendid Scone - served with house made Strawberry Jam and Cream (RM7), and buttery Marble or Orange Cake (RM6 per slice) are compelling dessert choices, ideal as a self-pampering treat or for wrapping up your visit to Sixteen on a subtly sweet note.

For reservations and more information call SIXTEEN, tel: 03 7980 0200. Address: 16, Jalan 2/109E, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur. Business hours: 8am to 930pm daily







Friday, February 03, 2023


Paris Baguette – South Korea’s famous bakery café has finally landed in Malaysia, at Pavilion KL.

       (Left-Right): Dato’ Sri Robin Tan, Deputy Chairman, Berjaya Corporation Berhad, Dato’ Sydney Quays, Group CEO, Berjaya Food Berhad, Duli Yang Amat Mulia Tunku Shazuddin Ariff Al Aminul Karim Sultan Sallehuddin, Tunku Mahkota Kedah and Chairman of Berjaya Food Berhad, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan, Chairman, Berjaya Corporation Berhad, Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub, Minister of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living, Datuk Azman Bin Mohd Yusof, Chief Secretary, Minister Domestic Trade and Living Cost, His Excellency Mr. Yeo Seung-bae, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Malaysia, Mr Hur Jin Su, President of SPC and Ms. Hana Lee, CEO of Paris Baguette, Southeast Asia.

The partnership between Berjaya Food Berhad and Paris Baguette Singapore PLC saw the maiden Paris Baguette store opened by Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub, Minister of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living, together with His Excellency Mr. Yeo Seung-bae, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Malaysia and Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan, Chairman, Berjaya Corporation Berhad.

Dato’ Sydney Quays, Group Chief Executive Officer of Berjaya Food Berhad said more stores will be opened in cities across the country, bringing the world-famous Paris Baguette offerings to the Malaysian market.

Paris Baguette is distinctive by its urban bakery café concept with contrasting palettes of blues, soft white textures, and dark accents. Formed in 1945, in the heart of a small bakery in South Korea named Sangmidang, Paris Baguette still embraces the original Sangmidang spirit – which is not to leave a single piece of bread unchecked – a testament of its uncompromising product and service quality.

Ms Hana Lee, CEO of Paris Baguette, Southeast Asia said: “We are pleased to partner with Berjaya Food to bring Paris Baguette to Malaysians. We aim to serve best quality products like my favourite strawberry yoghurt cake and Korean jumbo crispy twist donut, coupled with the best-in-class service and deliver happiness in every bite to our customers. This partnership allows us to further increase our presence in the Southeast Asia market.”

The newly opened Paris Baguette has been a hit with Malaysians thus far as they sample the wide selection of European-inspired pastries, breads, cakes, hot foods, and desserts.

Eye-catching showcases filled with Paris Baguette temptations include Signature Mushroom Soup in Bread Bowl, Signature Natural Yeast Bread, Fresh Yogurt Cream Cake, Mr & Ms Bear Madelaine, No. 1 Cheese Tart, Macarons, and Cranberry Chicken Pastry Wrap Sandwich among others.

Visit Paris Baguette, C3.03.00, Level 3, Connection, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Crisp. Golden brown. Gluten-free. Inspired by the Indian pakora (vegetable fritter), the Crispy Parmesan Cauliflower (RM22) by Chef Vicneswara Thenamirtham (better known as Chef Vic) is a showstopper at Two Hands, a 7 month-old cosy restaurant tucked away inside Qliq Hotel at Empire Damansara. 

Coddled within pouffy-light, crisp gluten-free batter (made from a mixture of chickpea, tapioca and rice flour), the cauliflower florets makes eating vegetable pleasantly addictive. Dusted with parmesan and heaped atop Greek yoghurt flecked with chopped dill, onion, coriander and Spanish smoked paprika, the delectable morsels will have you asking for more after one bite.
We like the pared-down, utilitarian look and homey feel of Two Hands. Its white, deep blue and gray colour scheme accentuated with naked Edison bulbs and futuristic etched shade brass pendant lights conjure up a fuss-free yet welcoming setting for Chef Vic's food to take centrestage.

According to Chef Vic, he strives to source and use as much local produce where possible. Due to rising demand, many of the dishes served at Two Hands are also vegan-friendly and gluten-free. "There has to be synchronicity between food producers and consumers as both are stakeholders in this aspect; both parties have to be responsible for the food we cook and eat. As a chef, I care deeply and devote a lot of efforts into transforming local, organic and fresh produce into healthy dishes for diners."

His creation of Hummus 3 Ways (RM28) exemplifies the aforementioned philosophy. The bright and flavourful trio of tahini chickpeas, beetroot and roasted pumpkin hummus is a surefire winner. Served with house-made bread, the appetiser is good for sharing. Each type of hummus is conferred with marinated chickpeas, diced beetroot and roasted pumpkin on top for textural interest. Touched with balsamic glaze and globs of feta cheese, this is an offering to write home about.
Salad days have never looked cheerier than the Apple & Walnut Salad (RM21) from Two Hands. Even my jaded palate perks up once the refreshing melange of mixed lettuce leaves (the menu stated local spinach but the greens may change depending on supply) tossed with unwaxed apple dices, roughly chopped heirloom cherry tomatoes, streaked with creamy, tangy Greek yoghurt and organic acacia honey.
Housemade, crisp Cinnamon Rolls paired with Smoky Albondigas (RM31) sounds odd off the bat but the unlikely pairing proves to be a revelation. Chef Vic's tireless experiment paid off in his search for the perfect bread to complement his albondigas (Spanish for meatballs) -- hand-rolled chilled mince lamb meatballs imbued with smoked dry rub. Chunky, blistered tomato sauce anointed with freshly chopped coriander tie up the artful melding of savoury-sweet nicely. (Note: add RM6 for 3 pcs cinnamon rolls)
Flaky, housemade Croissants (RM6 for 3 pcs) are the ideal companion for the Salted Egg Custard Prawns (RM28) offering. While it's tasty, the lush braising gravy of garlic, onion, chilli flakes and crumbled salted egg yolks strewn with curry leaves seems to overwhelm the delicate sweetness of the sustainably caught sea-white prawns. IMHO it's a decent but unexceptional dish.
Besides the cauliflower speciality, I'd urge you to plump for the scrumptious 4-hour Beef Short Ribs (RM112 for 2 persons to share). Baked with rock salt for 4 hours, the short ribs are toothsomely tender. Topped with Chinese chicken floss, spring onion and sesame seeds, the beef is heavenly sublime; the slices slicked with moreish beef jus and barbecue sauce. Catching all that saucy goodness is a generous spread of garlic and coriander mash. 

Inspired by the aromatic Cajun rice dish cooked with onion, pepper and celery 'mucked up' with chicken liver and ground beef, Chef Vic tweaks his version with smoked paprika, braised tomato and coconut cream to create Grilled Portuguese Chicken with Dirty Rice (RM58, ample for 2) in a skillet. The crusty, burnt bits scraped from the pan base are especially delish. We also like the juicy chicken which tastes reminiscent of ayam percik.

After that slew of stellar offerings, it's hard to appreciate the simpler Pulled Beef Pasta (RM57 for 2). Intermingled with pulled chunks of stewed beef, brined carrots and asparagus, the hearty pasta dish appears underwhelming on the tastebuds but we daresay it should hit the spot with ardent pasta fans.
If you are in the vicinity during lunch, pop in for Two Hands' good value lunch deals. Top of the list is Thai Green Curry (RM18 – Slashed for Lunch, RM26 - a la carte), a tiffin carrier containing rice topped with a fried egg complemented by mild green curry. Portion-wise, it's big enough to ensure a hearty eater leave replete.
Health-conscious and fitness buffs will be pleased to know Two Hands serves vegan-friendly and gluten-free dessert treats. Try the fudgy, biscuit-based Strawberry Jelly Cheesecake (RM14) with toasted coconut and chocolate chips or Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cake & Coconut Latte Ice Cream (RM18).
The assorted ice cream featuring Salted Caramel with Walnuts and classic flavours are lusciously good. Remarkably on-point as a wholesome treat to wrap up the meal.

Post-work succour in the form of spirited cocktails abound here too. Notable concoctions we can vouch for include Jack Jean Paul (RM44) -- London dry gin with jackfruit puree, Russian vodka, fresh mint and hazelnut liqueur; Coffee Chanel (RM31) -- an energising drink of Kahlua, vodka, frangelico, caramel and espresso; Coconut Coach (RM32) -- Malibu coconut rum, vodka, freshly pressed pineapple juice and organic coconut oil, and Cucumber Chloe (RM37) -- elderflower liqueur, dry gin, Russian vodka, cucumber juice, cured cucumber and thyme.
For reservations at Two Hands Restaurant & Bar, please call tel: 012-424 1194. Address: A-LG-05, Qliq Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8A, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Open daily, 7am-12 midnight. 

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