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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Despite my self-imposed less carb and sugar rule, I succumbed this afternoon to scoops of Sangkaya's sublime Bandung Coconut Ice Cream. Such a simple but oh so sedap creation...especially in this crazy hot weather! You can enjoy scoops of luscious Bandung Bliss (RM12.20) served in Sangkaya’s trademark coconut shell preso or tapau (pack) it home in pints. Now got special deal some more!

As I'm writing this, all I want is Bandung Blitz (RM9.90), the smoothie concocted from Bandung flavoured Coconut Ice Cream with diced cincau (black grass jelly) and toppings of whipped cream and rose syrup. The thirst-quencher is sheer bliss for parched throats.
This innovative and inventive homegrown brand got it priorities right by drawing fresh inspiration from local resources. The super-yummy Gula Melaka Coconut Ice Cream pleases the palate with complex, well-rounded sweetness of palm sugar and even gives the smooth ice cream a delicate nutty-sweet aroma. Kinda like a lush, creamy sis already walloped 3 pints of this flavour since its launch.
Taking Malaysian brekkie to the next level, Sangkaya churned up Kaya Coconut Ice Cream to go with Malaysian Toast (RM6.90). How awesome is that? A serving comes with two slices of old-fashioned toast, pats of butter and Kaya Ice Cream. Such an ingenious offering which brought back memories of those ice cream sandwiches of my school days.


Oh, there’s Ice Cream Cookiez (RM4.90) too – another old-skool confection updated to suit modern times with crunchy coconut cookies. Trust me, the kids, teens and young-at-heart would go ga-ga chomping on this.

Go with the original Sangkaya Coconut Ice Cream or if you prefer a refreshingly tangy twist, try it with Mango Ice Cream.

Btw, Sangkaya gives all you waffle fans out there more bang for your buck with its reasonably priced Fresh Baked Waffles. Priced at only RM12.90 (I kid you not!), the crisp and fresh waffles come with 3 scoops of Sangkaya Ice Cream too! Go on, treat your bestie or share a serving with your date.

How to up the ante on a great local dessert like ABC? Sangkaya does it with panache, with its signature creation of Ice Cream Campur (RM10.90). Again, such a no-brainer but so on-point. The light richness of Gula Melaka Ice Cream melds cohesively with ais kacang condiments: crushed peanuts, diced cincau, nata de coco, cendol jelly strands, sweetcorn and toasted coconut flakes...a surefire classic winner!
Ardent dessert lovers would melt at the sight of Sangkaya's newly launched Black Sesame Salted Egg Molten Cake (RM12.90) and Teh Ijo Salted Egg Molten Cake (RM12.90), each topped with a scoop of ice cream. A clever play on hot & cold sensation, these fluffy cakes with oozy centre should win more hipster customers to the Sangkaya bandwagon.
Bringing new meaning to death by chocolate, Sangkaya also unveils its Chocolate Maniac Series for serious chocoholics. Dive into Chocolate Divinity (RM12.90), a large Oreo crumb-rimmed, dark chocolate cone filled with 3 sublime scoops of Chocolate Royale Ice Cream, and toppings of peanuts, cornflakes and choc sauce. 
Otherwise, slurp up Chocolate Blitz (RM9.90), a decadently dark chocolate coconut milk shake crowned with a scoop of Chocolate Royale Ice Cream and whipped Coconut Cream.
You'd want for nothing after these heavenly confections.

For more information, please visit Sangkaya:

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