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Friday, March 02, 2018


Italian swine and wine offerings hog the spotlight at Mosto Wine Bar & Restaurant, KL’s months-old chic and casual dining outpost.
Opened last December, Mosto is nestled in a secluded corner of the upmarket and posh One KL condo block. Set behind banks of manicured hedges and a footpath lined with lush foliage, it is but a stone’s throw away from the iconic KLCC twin towers.
Rich wood accents hold sway within; matched by dark marble floor and a sleek marble bar. Sturdy Chengal wood dining tables and high-backed chairs are parked at strategic nooks and in front of a modern floor-to-ceiling wine cellar; providing seating for 50 guests.
The shaded terrace area encircled by stone and greenery set with more Chengal hardwood high round tables and circular broad stools offer seating for up to 40 guests.
Our cocktail o’clock started with Negroni (RM38++) — a potent mixture of gin, Martini Rosso & Campari followed by a slightly mellower but no less alluring Jungle Bird (RM38++) tipple which comprised dark rum, Campari, pineapple juice & syrup.
In line with Mosto’s laidback concept and following true Italian culinary traditions, we commenced with Gran Tagliere (RM99++, ample for 2). We literally pigged out on the warm slices of housemade foccacia and crusty bread splashed with a little extra virgin olive oil. The breads were the perfect canvas to pile on the various Italian cured meats: Parma ham, Mortadella, Pancetta, Speck, Salami di Coppa and Lardo. 

We enjoyed picking different tempting morsels off the platter. Besides the cold cuts, we had olives and three types of cheeses: Valtellina Casera, Parmigiano and Pecorino with honey and blueberry conserve. A fab way to have our appetite suitably whetted.
Lightly tossed with garlic & chilli, we urge you to fork out that extra RM15 for the house roasted pork belly to be included for the Spaghetti Aglio Olio (RM22 for classic sans pork version). Once you savour this, no other pasta will measure up.
Sublime pork ribs, Costolette di Maiale (RM78++) then stole the main course show. Generously glazed with glossy house-made barbecue sauce, the hearty and meaty ribs were thoroughly suffused with the kind of deep, well-rounded flavours that induced you to pick the bones clean. Served with mixed lettuce salad, roasted potatoes & sweet corn, we managed to do just that.
Simpler but no less winsome is Pork Sausage & Polenta. Perfumed with herbs and spices, the sausage chunks were aptly complemented by a creamy serving of polenta. Never a fan of cornmeal, this version actually hit the spot for me.
What little tummy space we had was filled up by two Italian dessert treats: Creme Caramel (RM15++) and Tiramisu (RM20++). Both were competently made and left no room for complaint.
For reservations at MOSTO Wine Bar & Restaurant, call tel: 03 2386 6029. Address: Ground Floor, ONE KL, Jalan Pinang, KL.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Never in my wildest dream would I think the delicious spoils of of Italian and Spanish cuisine from SPASSO Restaurant & Bar would pop up in MyTOWN Shopping Centre. To think about two decades ago, a prominent FMCG marketer told me rather disparagingly Cheras was not her market. Well, how times have changed...Cheras, especially the vicinity around Taman Maluri and Jalan Peel, is obviosuly the market for modern lifestyle malls.
Opened in April this year, SPASSO is headed by Spanish Sous Chef Iker Fernández Caballero (Chef Iker), a San Sebastián native who is out to entice local diners to sample the resto's delectable variety of pork-laden Italian-Spanish temptations. 

The casual yet classy ambience of SPASSO spurs the popular culture of sharing and dining together. We were stoked to find lots of Tapas, those bite-sized Spanish delicacies in addition to crowd-pleasers that run the gamut from Spanish omelette and paella to traditional Italian pizza and pasta.
Chef Iker brings with him close to 20 years of culinary experience, having worked in renowned Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury hotels in and around the Mediterranean. Eager to introduce the ‘pintxos’ (tapas) culture distinct to his hometown, Chef Iker is confident local diners will find SPASSO specialities up to their liking.

Unfamiliar with Spanish food? Start with the likeable Spanish Omelette (RM10) for brekkie. It’s a fluffy light yet hearty omelette with potato and onion confit that should appeal to both young and old.

Another agreeable dish to try is Iberico Ham (RM23), thinly sliced Spanish ham with subtle smoky brininess. The best way to enjoy them is placed the ham slices on toasty sourdough enhanced with dollops of housemade tomato sauce.

Health-conscious diners may find refreshing succour from Spanish Salad (RM15), a nest of mixed lettuce greens enlivened with eggplant ratatouille in chunky tomato sauce and a whole poached egg. We welcome the liberal pile of matchstick potato crisps which adds contrasting texture to the ensemble.

Open your hearts and palate to discover a litany of yummy Spanish tapas here. Best for sharing, we suggest starting with the notable Garlic Prawns (RM38) – decent sized prawns bathed in olive oil infused with garlic and chilli flakes. Now this may look like a simple dish but it’s a tricky one to get right. We are happy to vouch for SPASSO’s on-point rendition – the springy prawns sweet to the bite, slicked with garlicky oil and a touch of the chillies’ fiery, smoky hotness.  

Returning to more familiar ground is Mussel Marinara (RM16), lushly flavoured with spicy tomato sauce and white wine. Again this speciality hit the spot well; the deep-sea nuances of the fresh, succulent mussels melding with the bright tanginess of its irresistible sauce were akin to a zesty party in the mouth.

Personally, I'd return for the convivial options such as Iberico Pizza (RM39) and Seafood Paella (RM56) that encourage communal or familial sharing. The Iberico Pizza was a definitive winner in our book although the crisp, thin crust base only had sliced Spanish ham, fresh rocket leaves and a scattering of parmesan cheese as toppings.
Heartier with beloved homey flavours is one of Spain's most recognised dish - Seafood Paella (RM56), a house speciality of saffron-scented rice with assorted seafood. Served in a flat cast iron pan, we are sure locals will take to this like ducks to water.

Prefer breaking bread with family and friends? Then savour Pork Secreto Sandwich (RM28), a choice of toasted foccacia or ciabatta filled with cooked pork, blue cheese and roasted capsicum. The tasty combination of savoury-sweet should piqued the interest of die-hard sandwich fans.
Vegetarians will find the Vegetable Pesto Risotto (RM28), a meat-free serving of creamy-nutty risotto with tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower tossed in pesto up to expectations. The flavours are lush, vibrant and stimulating to whet the appetite.
Bring the curtains down on your meal with a serving or two of Crema Catalana (RM8), the Spanish version of crème brulee with a crackling scorched caramelised top. Dense and smooth, finish it accompanied by a cup of coffee.
SPASSO also serves a wide range of beverages such as draft and bottled beer, wines, Italian favourite Pascucci Coffee, infused teas and a healthy selection of cold-pressed juices.

Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm, SPASSO Restaurant & Bar is located at G-038, Ground Floor, MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Jalan Cochrane, Seksyen 90, KL. For reservations, call tel: 03 9202 9299, email, Facebook @spasso.mytown OR Instagram @spasso_mytown

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