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Sunday, August 18, 2019


Being a chef isn’t a vocation for the faint-hearted. Especially when one has to step up to the plate and pit one’s cooking skills at Shangri-La Hotels’ regional 2019 Chinese Cuisine Wok Competition.
Held at Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur recently, the above dish was one of the final creations rustled up by the competing chefs who represented their hotels at the internal regional level competition.
Aimed at raising the bar for Chinese cuisine among Shangri-La chefs, the 3-day 2019 Chinese Cuisine Wok Competition is a platform for the competitors to showcase their culinary talent and expertise.
Divided into three stages: hotel, regional and global level, the 18 competitors already bested the starting pool of 90 contestants at the hotel level, to make the cut for the regional stage.

Members of the media and food bloggers including yours truly were invited to join the Wok Competition judging panel. Together with celebrity cookbook author Danielle Peita Graham, we entered the Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur’s cavernous kitchen where the heat was on the chef competitors.
The seasoned chefs were steadfastly focused on cooking up a storm despite the presence of a camera crew, photographers and us judges. They remained cool, calm and collected despite all the attention on them; some even sportingly waved and mustered up a smile for our live social media posts.

We observed the chefs’ methodical approach as the clock ticked away. Personally, I admire their willingness to stand the heat in the kitchen, enduring the challenge of cooking up good food repeatedly day in day out.

The scoresheet given to us was comprehensive and specific; covering criteria such as preparation & hygiene, technique execution, ingredients & taste, and dish presentation. Each competitor also has to rationalise and explain the crux of their dish.

Homegrown talent Chin Jia Jian from Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur proffered Sichuan Style Baked Cod whilst the only rose Heidy Juventia Lovena proved her unflappable capability with Stir-fried Cod with Chinese dumplings, Garden Greens & Caramelised Sauce.

Hats off to the chefs who made it so far. They’d be leaving the cooking challenge with new experience and greater insights on how to raise their Chinese cuisine game from the constructive feedback and critique given.

Six winning chefs from the regional heat will then proceed to the first round at the global level. Only the top three will have a chance to battle it out in the second round, to determine their final standing and who will ‘wok’ tall as champion.

Thursday, October 05, 2017


Sometimes we do take things in our own backyard for granted. We constantly hear about and are quick to know all about bad things: lousy service, sucky experiences and what-have-yous…funny how bad news travel faster than good huh?
Joining the recent Malaysia Airports Berhad (MAB) media fam tour of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) proved insightful. I went out of sheer curiosity but happily, I depart from the tour brimming with new, useful information and invaluable enriching experiences worth sharing with other avid travellers.

Here are 8 things every travellers should know about KLIA:

Wanna travel like a VIP? Dream of being whisk through KLIA like a diva? Now, KLIA Premier Access can make it happen. Just purchase your Priority Access Pass – it’s the ‘magic carpet’ to whisk you through MINUS the usual hassle every ordinary Ahmad, Ah Chong and Samy has to undergo, starting from the airport kerbside up to your boarding gate in supersonic quick time.

You can either pre-buy the Priority Access Pass (refer to above chart for rates) in advance or upon arrival at KLIA, head over to the counter (shown above) to purchase. Premier Rate Access is ideal for travellers who are pressed for time, the old and infirm or families with young children as they are accorded Meet & Greet service and buggy service.
The Premier Access Pass also gives you entry into the KLIA Premier Lounge. Similar to an airline lounge, you can enjoy coffee/tea, refreshments and standard lounge facilities here.
Arrival passengers to KLIA can also buy the Premier Access Pass upon touchdown – just keep an eye out for this counter. The KLIA Premier Access is available daily, from 7am to 11pm. For pre-booking, email:


Travelling with oversized luggage? Want to explore KLIA without pushing a laden trolley of baggage? You can approach the Porter Service counter for help. Different rates are applicable for the Porter Service, so feel free to ask the guys on duty.

I bet many of you have seen this patch of lush greenery at the centre core of the Satellite Building. There’s even a recreational walkway and manmade waterfall through the verdant space housing the original forest reserve that has existed before the Satellite Building was built.
Best of all, you can walk through the Jungle Broadwalk FREE of charge! This natural forest reserve is the epitome of KLIA’s 'Airport In The Forest, Forest In The Airport' concept, offering passengers the refreshing experience of walking through a tropical forest reserve. There’s also a Circular Viewing Gallery at the Mezzanine Level.

KLIA now has 10 shuttle bus services as another mode of people mover between the main terminal and satellite building in addition to the Aerotrain services. The shuttle bus service is available 24 hours daily and only takes 5 minutes to transport passengers between the main building to the satellite terminal.
The clean and comfortable bus interior is also adorned with traditional motifs and highlight informative snippets of local crafts like Perak's labu sayong.


MAHB General Manager, Corporate Communications Nik Anis Nik Zakaria also led us to view the VVIP lounge – a rare chance for us to view the plush space where visiting heads of states and those in the highest echelons of power wait or convene prior and after their scheduled flights.

Refresh, Relax and Renew is the tagline for Sama-Sama Express Hotel, the 80-room airside property caters to transit passengers. Located at the satellite building inside KLIA, Sama-Sama Express boasts a spacious, cosy lounge with complimentary welcome drink at check-in.
Shower facilities are available for guests who wish to freshen up after a long haul flight. The use of lounge and shower facilities start from RM45 per person.

Complimentary Wi-Fi and internet facilities keep guests well connected while anyone needing to use a last minute meeting room can rent one at Sama-Sama Express at RM320 upwards.

For layovers between flights, travellers can check-in to a Deluxe room or Suite for 6 or 12 hours from RM265 onwards.

Feel peckish? Food & beverage such as the chef's much lauded sup daging and biryani should warm the tummy alongside sandwiches, salads and assorted dessert.
There's a huge signboard visible to travellers in the arrival/departure hall so a stopover at Sama-Sama Express is super convenient. Sama-Sama Express also provides frequent buggy shuttle service so just press the intercom button shown for instant response.

For more information, visit:


Three (3) minutes. That is the target response time the Airport Fire & Rescue Service (AFRS) team strives to meet in case there’s fire, aircraft accident, hazardous spillage on the runway or any other emergency occurring at KLIA.
Keeping a close eye 24/7, 365 days on the runway and planes in its tower office, the AFRS
priority is to save lives in emergency cases. The team also provides fire-fighting service, guides stakeholders on fire prevention and renders medical first-aid instantly in emergency incidents. 

We even had the rare chance of riding in one of the Rosenbauer 8x8 Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting vehicle – the world’s most advance aircraft firefighting vehicle. Yes, folks KLIA has 2 of them including the Rosenbauer model used in the blockbuster "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" movie!
We must salute these brave men who keep watch on the safety of KLIA as the job is a taxing and highly demanding one, especially when it comes to the crunch.


It’s also heartening to know KLIA isn’t resting on its laurels as various airport facilities are continuously upgraded over time. For instance, Muslim travellers from around the world will be the first to commend and appreciate the spacious prayer rooms, separate for men and women Muslim travellers.

Prayer mats and robes as well as ablution area are provided for the convenience of Muslim travellers.

For the general public, airport users and frequent travellers, many of the existing restrooms have been given a facelift. They look much nicer and warmly lit, with new hand dryers and all the basic essentials so we can only hope users will treat the facilities well.

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