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Patrons can santai or chill out at Santai Yamch’a Dim Sum Restaurant over a plethora of Halal Dim Sum, Mee Tarik and Rice whenever they step in.

Dim sum takes pride of place here with familiar options such as Prawn Siew Mai (3 pcs RM12.80), Har Gao (3 pcs RM12.80), and even Loh Mai Kai (RM10.80). Freshly steamed upon order, the delicate morsels taste agreeable and pass muster with minced chicken and prawns making up the key filling.

Handmade in Santai’s central kitchen and available from 12pm to 6pm daily, the Prawn Cheong Fun (2pcs RM16.80) is commendable. We find the flat rice noodles smooth enough, with springy pieces of prawns enfolded within.

The Shanghai Red Oil Dumplings (3 pcs RM12.80) dial up the interest factor further; each dumpling piques our palate with its tart vinegarish accent and leaves behind a slightly tongue-numbing mala effect.

More textural contrasts arrive in the form of deep-fried Prawn Beancurd Rolls (2 pcs RM9.80). Served with Japanese mayo on the side, these crispy offerings should appeal to those partial to fried dim sum options.

For the young and young-at-heart, the minion-lookalike Nerdy Red Bean Bao (2 pcs RM10.80) and “googly-eyed” Custard Lava Bao (2 pcs RM12.80) may prove too cute to resist. Pillowy-soft with generous red bean paste and custard filling, the steamed buns are delicious to boot.

A wide selection of kopitiam-style beverages is served here. The house Cham (RM7.80) – a kaw (strong) blend of local kopi and tea is best enjoyed ice-cold but if you prefer it hot or less kaw, let the serving team know.

Other recommendations include Sirap Bandung Cincau (RM8.80), 3 Layer Tea (RM7.80), and Asam Boi Lemonade (RM8.80).

Apparently, the Mee Tarik (hand-pulled noodles) is also a crowd-puller. Variations range from Dry Mee Tarik with Soup Chicken Dumplings (RM18.80) and Mala Mee Tarik with Beef Slices (RM25.80) to Dry Mala Mee Tarik with Salted Chicken Chop (RM17.80).

Overall, the noodles boast springy toothsome texture, with the beef slices version emerging as the most popular in our dining party. The ‘dry’ mala noodles accompanied by chicken chop also gets the thumbs up thanks to the flavourful chicken chop and noodle pairing.

Should you wish to supplement a side dish, try the pan-fried Gyoza (3 pcs RM10.80, 5 pcs RM15.80).

Rice fans won’t feel left out as Santai also serves Grilled Chicken Teriyaki with Crushed Egg Rice Bowl (RM21.80), Nasi Lemak Bunga Telang (RM25.80) with Fried Chicken Whole Leg and Sweet & Sour Sauce Hainan Chicken Chop with Fried Rice (RM24.80).

Deliciously tender and smothered with a tasty teriyaki sauce, the Grilled Chicken Teriyaki rice bowl makes a hearty, delicious combination with the fluffy scrambled egg, and pink pickled ginger strips.

Coloured with butterfly pea flower juice, the fluffy Nasi Lemak Bunga Telang with Fried Chicken Whole Leg (RM25.80) accompanied by all the condiments is a hefty serving guaranteed to leave you replete.

Another regular crowd-pleaser is Sweet & Sour Sauce Hainan Chicken Chop with Fried Rice (RM24.80). Although we find the sweet & sour sauce too generous for our liking, we reckon most diners will probably find this offering up to their expectations.

SantaiYamch’a Dim Sum Restaurant, Lot LG122, Food Street (Old Wing), One Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya. Tel: 03-6261 0888

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