Thursday, October 29, 2009


One of the biggest thrills of travelling have to be the joys of discovering new food. That was exactly what happened when hubby hopped over to the Lion City following a recent business trip down south. His interesting finds include these pillow-soft rolls and imported Japanese seaweed that looks remarkably like tiny strands of sparkling beads.

I love the colourful box with arty renderings on the Matcha Roll! The simpler one is for the Salt Caramel Roll.

The Matcha Roll which was redolent with the unmistakable and intense flavour of Japanese green tea had generous lashings of fresh whipped cream in it. Its subtle sweetness certainly help to temper and balance the cake's astringent tea accent.

The Salt Caramel Roll is such a big hit that our Singapore friends actually called to reserve it for us! What makes this treat so distinctive is its super-soft texture and light coating of briny caramel on the outside and mixed with its fresh cream filling. Its taste reminded me somewhat of peanut butter though its viscuosity is much lighter.

We also love the unusual seaweed that resembled delicate strands of tiny glass beads. Crunchy with a mildly salty flavour once you bite into the minute pearls, their texture is akin to that of salmon roe with a barest hint of the sea.

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