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One is not enough...this luscious Red Velvet Cake is simply to die for!
I'm no expert on the Red Velvet Cake but the luscious slice we devoured at T42 (GF, tel:03 2161 3581) has shot up to the top of my fave cake ranking!

Cakes for two or more...(front to back) Macadamia Cheesecake, Mont Blanc and Rose Macarons with Raspberry Lychee Cream

Thanks to The Intermark's recent Culinary Hop, I fell head over heels with the outlet's decadent Rose Macarons with Raspberry Lychee Cream and Macadamia Cheese Cake. Even the overly sweet Mont Blanc cake hits the spot when paired with a freshly brewed cuppa.

Feast your eyes on T42's pastel hued selection of macarons! A sight for sore eyes no?

I was surprised but pleased when the place card on my table had my name on it...until I realised 'Alice' actually denotes one of T42's set offerings (RM19.90++)! The plethora includes a House Salad, a choice of sandwich, savoury muffin, tart or quiche with dessert and coffee, tea or soft drink. Not a bad deal huh?

Anyway that merely icing on the cake as earlier we had descended on Kin No Mizu (Level 2, tel: 03 2166 2888), a modern Japanese restaurant that prides itself on serving classic and contemporary specialities.

The Ox Cheek with Special Sauce is hearty and delicious
Roll reversal...tempura prawn and grilled unagi (eel) rolled with seaweed, vinegar-accented rice, sliced avocado, tobikko (flying fish roe), lettuce and mayo come together in the Mizu Maki
Beware of fiery bursts of flavour from the chopped bird's eye chilli sprinkled amidst the fresh slices of yellow tail carpaccio and globules of salmon roe
Velvety smooth texture reigns in this signature dish of Foie Gras with Simmered Radish
Sweet and succulent...jumbo prawns and plump scallops bathed in earthy, peppery truffle sauce is guaranteed to reel foodies in
Although I have been to this place before, nothing could detract from the enjoyment of its signature dishes: Mizu Maki, Yellow Tail Carpaccio with Chilli Padi and Wasabi Soya Sauce, Foie Gras with Simmered Radish, Braised Ox Cheek with Special Sauce and Sauteed Jumbo Prawns and Scallops with Truffle Sauce.

The outlet name which means golden water in Japanese boasts a glass, stone and steel finish with mellow lighting accentuated by flowing water features. Managing Director Simon Sangawa said his team takes great pride in infusing inventive touches to many of the house specials. 

Then we were whisked off for a taste of Northern India delights at Royal India (Level 2, tel: 03 2161 3581). Dainty glasses of chilled Mango Lassi (rich and refreshing) heralded a parade of diminutive bites by Chef Rakesh Prasad: Mixed Tandoori Platter (a hit-and-miss affair), Dum Briyani Mutton (noteworthy), Murgh Makhanwala (creamy and aromatically spiced Butter Chicken), Palak Paneer (top notch), Mixed Bread Basket (fluffy and addictive) and Carrot Halwa (lovely delicate sweetness).

Rice and shine! Thumbs up for the aromatic and fluffy Dum Briyani Mutton
Tandoori to tantalise meat lovers
Enticing...the Carrot Halwa's subtle sweetness is just nice to round off your regal meal
Warm hues and sleek accents rule the roost here with understated decor that leave diners in no doubt the type of cuisine Royal India specialises in.The restaurant is under the same group that runs the Austin Chase Coffee outlet one floor below.

Cosily furnished with plush sofas, Austin Chase (Level 1, tel: 03 2161 3581) draws those who yearn for a java jolt with its premium range of premium coffee and light bites. Complement your designer coffee drinks such as Caramel Macchiato, Mocha Chip Frappe and Signature Black Chocolate with nifty servings of Smoked Salmon Sandwich and Turkey Ham Sandwich.

At Hanare (GF, tel: 03 2164 2133/2633), it was Japanese fine dining with a twist where Chef Kenny San surprised us with his Omakase (chef's choice) selection. On the menu was Wagyu Tataki (slightly seared Wagyu with vinegar sauce), Ebi Shinjo Yasai Maki (rolled Chinese cabbage with minced prawn), Sashimi Moriawase (superfresh tuna and scallop), Anago Tempura (deep-fried sea eel in batter) and Macha Tofu (intriguing green tea beancurd with miso paste).

The interior is equally edgy with lots of stone, wood and slate finishing. Spartan chic is the order of the day here and seems to be well encapsulated in the culinary offerings too.

By the time we docked at Porto Romano (Concourse, tel: 03 2162 6799) I barely have tummy room left for its Italian-Mediterranean fare. Still duty bound, I managed to sample Pasta Nera con Calamari (Squid Ink Pasta) and Pizza al Pesto (Pesto and Chicken Pizza) washed down with a great cup of Italian coffee. Word has it that the Verdure alla Griglia (grilled vegetable), Ravioli with Lobster Meat, Lamb Shank and Crema Catalana are scrumptious enough to satisfy hearty appetites.

It warmed our hearts to know that The Intermark and its tenants pitched in to host a group of underprivileged kids and seniors to a grand buffet feast that was similar to what we had savoured at the International Food Hall. They also went home laden with hampers and gifts presented by Patrick Liau, GM-Finance for The Intermark and tenant representatives. Definitely an afternoon well-spent celebrating The Intermark's 1st Anniversary!

Representatives from the underprivileged homes receiving a mock cheque from Patrick Liau and Ian Barrow, GM of DoubleTree by Hilton KL

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