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Fancy breaking fast with scrumptious dishes cooked by one of the judges of MasterChef Malaysia? If you relish such an idea, then join celeb chef Zubir Mohd Zain to buka puasa at Latest Recipe.
Ikan Percik...more fish in the buffet to reel you in
The extensive dinner buffet is centred on delicious memories of Chef Zubir’s childhood – that of family gatherings and his mother’s delicious cooking.  

After scouring the impressive line up, the top 5 dishes that you must sample at Latest Recipe:

1. Bubur Lambuk

Forget about chicken soup for the soul and have your fill of this salubrious gruel instead. Scented with a heady mixture of local spices, let the beguilingly creamy smooth texture unleash big, bold and deep-seated flavours across your palate. Every mouthful yields savoury beef, herbaceous coriander, sweet fried shallots and other unexpected surprises that will have you begging for more like Oliver Twist.

 2. Rendang

We discovered 2-3 different variants on our visit and each is better than the last. The hotties include Rendang Kerbau Rempah Sangai-Kelapa Bakar and a bewitchingly dark Rendang Tok. The first was slightly moist with the discernible fragrance of fresh turmeric leaves and toasty, nutty nuance of roasted grated coconut coming through. The second was drier but no less delectable, the beef releasing its rich juices the longer it's chewed on.

 3. Roast Lamb

Rubbed with an exotic hodge-podge of Arabic spices, the whole roast lamb needs no other frills except for its natural jus to enhance its flavour. Tender, moist and suffused with spices that reminds you of a Middle Eastern souq, it is best savoured with a serving of chickpea-coucous.
4. Siput Belitung Masak Lemak Cili Api & Belimbing Buluh

Now's the time to suck up...if you wanna relish these local escargots. Yes, we know it's a perennial offering at most buka puasa buffets but the differentiation lies in the crafty inclusion of tiny belimbing buluh – their bracingly tart sourness lends perfect balance to the gravy's unctuous richness. Never mind your manners, just get those springy morsels outta their shells.

5. Pengat Durian & Pankek Gulung

I almost missed out on this irresistible offering had not been for the chef on duty who persuaded me to try one. I succumbed and it was love at first bite! Sinfully delicious, the thick, nectar-sweet broth really 'grabbed' me with its heavenly durian aroma. Douse it liberally onto the pristine white, lacey rolled pancake (think roti jala) and it's transformed into an orgasmic great treat.

Flossy delight...spiced serunding heralds the imminent arrival of Hari Raya

Bear in mind that these five dishes are merely the tip of the lavish line-up. You'd literally be circumventing the globe as Latest Recipe also boasts Japanese, Western, Chinese and Indian live cooking counters where chefs will whip up your orders on the spot.
Kambing Kari Cabai Hijau...Penang's famed mutton curry with green chillies
Sashimi, sushi (both hand roll and seafood-topped nigiri) and the teppan-cooked meat or seafood invariably attract a constant queue but your patience will be duly rewarded once you sink your teeth into the goodies.
Goreng-goreng...crispy deep-fried banana, jackfruit, sweet potato and yam lend a rustic touch

The Indian section is another notable section with pots of brilliant coloured curries beckoning; yummy to the max with puffy naan breads or pilaf.
Sweet array of Malay kuihs to tickle the tastebuds

If you can find more tummy space, don't miss mouth-watering delicacies such as sup jernih udang galah (clear freshwater prawn soup), rendang ayam pencen pucuk ubi (dry chicken rendang with sweet potato shoots), asam pedas batang keladi (tangy, spicy yam plant stalks), satay kepal udang dan ikan a la Thai (Thai-style fish and seafood skewers), rusuk lembu panggang a la Mongolia (Mongolian-style grilled beef ribs) and solok sotong bakar lemak kuning (grilled stuffed squid with turmeric sauce).

This scrumptious buffet dinner is available until 6 August 2013 at RM128++ per person (from Monday to Friday), at RM118++ per person (on Saturday & Sunday) and at RM88++ per person (for bookings after 9pm from Monday to Thursday).  Free flow kurma juice, teh tarik, sirap bandung, sugar cane juice and soya bean milk inclusive.

For reservations, visit,
e-mail: or call Dining Reservations at +603 2263 7434.


Pureglutton said...

I want that Kari Kambing Chilli Hijau - looks so darn delish!

Ciki said...

such tasty food.. damn hard to stay skinny during ramadan laaaa :P

Alice JomMakanLife said...

@Pureglutton - it was tasty but not cloyingly jelak

@Ciki - true that but then u're a gym bunny so m sure that's not a problem for u :)

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