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You probably have seen the "mysterious" promotional trailer prior to the start of the movies you're watching...a lady dressed to the nines sauntering to some jazzy tempo while stealing glances at a glass of bubbly and a slab of choice steak. The last thing I recall was the throaty voice-over exhorting a cinematic experience at Indulge...
Hence I was curious to find out what the fuss was all about when I received an invitation to experience Indulge...we were pleasantly surprised to find it was a cosy, opulent lounge cum restaurant tucked away in a discreet corner of the dark cavernous space of TGV Cinemas in 1Utama.
Not quite fifty shades of grey, silver and purple dominate the interior, interspersed with futuristic back-lit columns, bass relief wall panels and circular drum pendant lights.
Smoked Duck Salad with mesclun greens, capsicum with kiwi&balsamic dressing
Honey Roasted Pumpkin Salad with rocket, cherry tomatoes & capsicum with balsamic dressing

The restaurant menu is skewed towards fine-dining fare mixed with some crowd-pleasing options. From our preview, the Smoked Duck Salad (RM15++) with its sweet-tangy kiwi and balsamic dressing hit all the right buttons, flavour-wise. Healthier diners may prefer the vegan  version which pairs Honey Roasted Pumpkin (RM15++) with citrusy rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, capsicum and a drizzle of balsamic dressing.
Our entree of choice is Stuffed Potato Skins (RM12++, above) with turkey bacon and mozzarella for its delectable, hearty filling. Another easy to like item is the moreish Lamb Koftas (RM14++), spiced lamb patties with green salad.
Terrific trio (top to bottom): Grilled Salmon, Grilled Lamb Rack & Cajun Chicken
Should you wish to have a quick bite before your movie starts, main courses available to tempt you will include Grilled Salmon (RM28++) with seasonal vegetables and lemon butter sauce (moist and pink, we found the fish up to scratch), Grilled Lamb Rack (RM28++) with rosemary sauce (medium doneness with a herbal overtone from the sauce) and Cajun Chicken (RM20++, succulent boneless chicken thigh perfumed with heady Cajun-style seasoning). Indulge patrons can savour these dishes inside the cinema hall too if they wish as they'd be waited on hand and foot with on-call butler service available.
Breaded Chicken Cordon Bleu is moist and juicy thanks to its cheese & ham filling
Cajun chicken with wedges and salad
Meatier choices that carnivores would relish are Grilled Ribeye Steak (RM30++), Chicken Cordon Bleu (RM22++) and Hungarian Beef Goulash (RM26++). The menu will undergo constant changes and new dishes will be offered to keep things fresh for patrons.
Grilled lamb rack (top ) & ribeye (bottom)

Dessert choices range from Signature Panna Cotta (Italian cooked cream topped with raspberry, RM12++) to Nutty Tortilla Banana (tortilla filled with peanut butter, cornflakes and sliced banana, RM12++). 
 Sweet temptations in the form of nutty tortilla banana (top) & panna cotta (bottom) Pics courtesy of PureGlutton
The Indulge cinema halls are fitted with ultra-comfy reclining chairs, cushy blankets and on-call waiter service; luxe perks that discerning movie buffs can enjoy at RM45 per ticket (excluding food & drinks). Private and corporate functions with or without movie screenings can also be accommodated at Indulge.

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