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Seafood consumption, driven by a shift towards a more sustainable diet, is on the rise according to a recent study* of more than 25,000 consumers across 20 markets performed by Kantar on behalf of the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC). *the study is the largest seafood consumer study of its kind

At a recent Virtual Luncheon of Norwegian Salmon and Fjord Trout hosted by the NSC, NSC Regional Director Asbjorn Warvik Rortveit (pix above), shared the following Seafood Consumer Insights: 

78% Malaysians rank sustainability as important when choosing to buy seafood

65% Malaysians state country of origin is important when buying seafood

60% Malaysians state country of origin is an indicator of quality when it comes to buying seafood

63% picks Salmon as their first choice of Sushi

50% eats Sushi at least once a month

35% picks Norway as the most preferred country of origin for salmon and 43% for fjord trout

He also said many markets in this region are reporting increased demand for processed and pre-packed seafood. “The Norwegian seafood industry is adapting to these shifts in buyer preference, and is turning its production to meet these needs. It continues its efforts to provide safe, sustainable, and nutritious seafood as keeping safe, and eating safe and healthy is the way to go during this pandemic and beyond.”

Joining the virtual event was Lars Fredrik Martinussen (pix above), Head of Communication of Nordlaks Group, who spoke about efforts undertaken by his family-owned aquaculture company to develop the sustainable aquaculture industry in the north of Norway.

Also present was Phyllis Teh, co-founder of Art of Salmó, who highlighted how her online store succeeded in “Adapting to Consumer Needs in Covid-19 Times” by delivering the finest and freshest Norwegian fjord trout with its special seasoning sachets to their doorstep.

Participating media members were treated to sumptuous “When East Meets West, Norwegian Seafood Tasting Menu” set lunches prepared by Chefs Jordash DeCruz (pix above) and Steve Chua too to complete the virtual media event experience. Calling on his experience working on the Norwegian Cruise Line and Viking Ocean Cruise, Chef Jordash DeCruz presented the following 3-course menu with inspiration from the Land of the Midnight Sun.

His starter of cured beetroot with Norwegian salmon, lemon essence and pickled daikon was accompanied by the main course of seared fjord trout with roasted vegetable and sandefjordmor (Norwegian butter sauce). Wrapping up the meal was Norwegian success cake with fresh berries.


Founder of Two Chefs Lab, Chef Steve Chua (pix below) who represented Malaysia as a Norwegian Seafood Council’s sponsored participant at the World Sushi Cup 2018, also rendered his Japanese starter, sushi platter and dessert. 

Seared sliced Norwegian fjord trout with truffle and grated onion dressing sprinkled with cured egg yolks was the tantalising starter, complemented by six assorted nigiri sushi creations. Azuki crepe with red beans with green tea sauce was the dessert to finish with.

The distinct finale came from the Art of Salmó, in the form of a Smoked Salmó Cheese Cake. A rather unusual sweet-savoury combo of crushed Oreo, smoked salmon, cream cheese, butter, whipping cream, ikura and smoked salmon which you either love or loathe. I’m ambivalent about this but I'm willing to give it another go should I have the chance to sample it again in future.

Interestingly, one of the key concerns arising from the seafood study is to encourage more children to increase their intake of seafood. Chef Jordash DeCruz and NSC Regional Director Asbjorn Warvik Rortveit suggested getting children involved in food preparation and getting the young ones to try eating fish and seafood early. "Get your child involved in the kitchen. Let them touch, feel and taste fresh seafood like salmon and fjord trout."

Phyllis Teh echoed similar sentiments as the popularity of her Art of Salmó products bear testament to urban consumers who seek convenience and willing to pay for quality ready-to-eat seafood like fresh Norwegian salmon and fjord trout.

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