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It will be a culinary trip down memory lane with Chef Dato’ Fazley Yaakob at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur (FSHKL) come Ramadan, where the month-long Sajian Merentasi Zaman (Food Across Generations) familial feast will take place at Curate from April 13 to May 12, 2021.

FSHKL General Manager Alex Porteous (pix above, right) says “With our thoughtfully curated dining experiences and caring service, families can once again share meaningful moments and build new memories together. This year, it is time to reconnect with loved ones and cherish them.”

In line with new norm SOPs, the assisted buffet spread will highlight beloved recipes from Chef Dato’ Fazley’s childhood, cherished dishes handed down from generations, and delicacies evoking feelings of nostalgia in parents and grandparents.

FSHKL Executive Chef Junious Dickerson with Chef Dato' Fazley

According to Chef Dato’ Fazley “cooking is an act of love and healing. My grandmother was the heart of our home and her cooking brought us together. I want to create that same feeling for other families with Sajian Merentasi Zaman.”

Top of the ‘must eat’ list is Nasi Nyiru Ayam Baka Pasu (pandan-scented rice with charcoal-grilled chicken in claypot served on traditional coconut leaf woven platter; the rice platter can be complemented by your choice of assorted curries and condiments from the buffet spread). Another favourite of ours is Nasi Tumpang (cone-shape packs of flavoured rice with coconut sambal, egg and curry) which can be enjoyed on its own or perked up by the wide array of curries as shown here. 

Rare local fruits and herbs such as cermai (Malay gooseberry) and pegaga (Asiatic pennywort) also find their way into Chef Dato’ Fazley’s culinary repertoire, appearing in his speciality of Ikan Sepat Masin Masak Lemak Cili Api Buah Cermai & Pucuk Pegaga (fermented freshwater fish in turmeric cream with cermai & pegaga) to pique diners’ interest. He also urges us to sample the traditional delight of Puyuh Salai & Kulit Mangga Muda Bakar (smoked quail with grilled unripe mangoes).

A refreshing and healthy selection of local salads to whet the appetite also beckons invitingly. Tempting choices include Urap Jantung Pisang Udang Geragau, Kerabu Pucuk Paku Daging Salai, Kerabu Kulit Tembikai & Kacang Tanah Panggang, Kerabu Telur Ikan, Kerabu Udang Tomato Hijau, and Rojak Buah among others.

For bursts of heat and palate-pleasers rustled up by the Curate team, stop by for chicken, beef or crabs doused in fiery hot, creamy-rich coconut milk gravy from the Lemak Cili Api Station or try Asam Pedas Pari Bakar Telur Masin. A fearsome Tenggiri with Gremolata takes pride of place at the grill station.


Over at the Middle Eastern section, a whole Roast Lamb awaits atop aromatic spice-scented rice, accompanied by Beetroot Labneh, Warak Enab and Babaganoush.

Equal attention has been devoted to the beverage and dessert selection. Thirst-quenchers ranging from syrup to teh tarik and local coffee, complement the chef’s notable sweets. From the wide tableau available, our preferred finds are: Lempeng Kelapa (coconut pancakes with palm syrup), Kuih Gertas (chewy fried glutinous rice flour cakes crusted with sugar), Sira Labu (caramelised pumpkin wedges), Kelamai Buluh (little cones of fudgy glutinous rice, brown sugar and coconut milk wrapped in banana leaf), Puteri Mandi (colourful glutinous rice discs in coconut milk) and Kuih Ubi (steamed tapioca, sweet potato with condiments).

Sajian Merentasi Zaman at Curate will be available at the following prices:

April 13 to 18 and May 7 to 12

RM189 per adult; RM94.50 per child (age 6-12)

April 19 to May 6

RM228 per adult; RM109 per child (age 6-12)

For bookings or queries, call Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur, tel: 03-2382 8888.

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