Thursday, September 02, 2021


As far as I’m concerned, old is still gold when it comes to mooncakes. While the local Mid-Autumn Festival market is fixated on packaging, the sweet-toothed glutton in me reckon the traditional speciality should taste as good, if not better than an impressive-looking box.

Hence, I was pleased as punch when the Pure Lotus Double Yolk mooncake from EQ Kuala Lumpur ticked all the right boxes at first bite. Not only did the lotus paste boast a nice ‘oily’ sheen, but the slightly sweet floral scent of lotus seed paste was discernible. The sweetness was to my personal liking too, offset by the savouriness of salted egg yolks.

It’s one of the four traditional baked mooncakes under EQ’s Celestial Treasures collection priced at RM188 per box of 4 (180g each). Crafted by EQ’s mooncake master, Chef Lai Wee Hong, the Low Sugar White Lotus Single Yolk followed a similar palate-pleasing approach.

The Traditional Cantonese Mixed Nuts is a bound to make people who are partial to nuts go nutty. Amidst the tasty mouthfuls of walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds and melon seeds, I detected hints of kaffir lime leaf, five spice powder and candied citrus peel.

Sweet and savoury came into play again in the EQ Signature Pearl of Harmony mooncake. Cut in half, the baked mooncake with black sesame paste, mung bean paste and salted egg yolk resembled a full moon aglow against a night sky. The black sesame’s delicate nutty sweetness is balanced by the salted egg yolk’s rich savouriness.  

My set of Celestial Treasures came in a specially designed Autumn Box; drawing inspiration from the Mid-Autumn season itself. Boasting natural elements and shades of coral of the autumn season to represent the warmth of a family reunion, the Autumn Box can be repurposed into a keepsake or jewellery box.

Inspired by the Legend of the Jade Rabbit, the Longevity Box features a Jade Rabbit silhouette – a symbol of longevity – in vibrant blue, symbolising optimism, serenity, and health.

EQ also offers Snowskin Skin Mooncakes at RM228 for a set of 6 pcs (80g each).

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