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Colour my life for CNY...Yee Sang to start

“If you want 1 year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.”

May I add if you want 15 days of fabulous feasting, reserve a table at Lai Ching Yuen.  ;D
Salad, scallop and everything nice...that's what this Yee Sang is made of!

Pearl scallops and mango chunks coupled with LCY's signature concoction of strawberry and plum sauces lend a refreshing, luxurious dimension to the yee sang here. The plump Ozzie scallops in their inherent sweetest glory went down a real treat with the colourful salad.
Wealth, health and everything in between...we want it all!
Other variants include Yee Sang with Soft Shell Crab, Salmon, Premium Abalone, Geoduck Clam, Lobster and Vegetarian priced from RM58.00++ onwards for half portion and RM98.00++ onwards for full portion. 
No ducking the issue...this roast duck shines like a star
Then came the roast duck with deep-fried egg shreds. The restaurant has always been famous for its roast duck which boasts crispy skin and tender, juicy meat. These textures and the meat's subtle gaminess contrast nicely with the rich, fine crispy egg bits.

More good things...semi-dried oysters augur good tidings for the Lunar New Year
Another much lauded dish from CNY past is the braised semi-dried oysters with seamoss, broccoli, mushrooms and tau kan (layered soya bean sheets). Everyone would naturally want more of this sublime dish that denotes hou si (good tidings) and fatt choi (prosperity).
Prawn stars...speckled with sesame seeds and luscious dressing
Creamy and fruity accents dominate the deep-fried prawns with fresh grapes and mayonnaise sauce. The springy crustaceans are irresistibly toothsome; their natural sweetness melding well with the fresh, juicy grapes and gooey mayo dressing.
'Jade pendants' adorned with minced meat & prawns plus dried scallops
Evoking a taste of hearth and home is Executive Chinese Chef  Leong Weng Heng's rustic creation of steamed squash stuffed with pork and prawn paste, and dried scallops. Traditionally most cooks would avoid using gourds or squash but the chef prefers to call the subtly sweet, soft discs as jade pendants.
Poached village chicken just like how mom used to make
More homely nuances emerge in the poached marinated farm chicken with Chinese wine; the yellow-skinned poultry succulent to the bite and similar to how our family matriarchs used to prepare it.
Rice and shine like waxed meat...yam yam ;D
No CNY meal is ever complete without the perennial speciality of Chinese waxed meat rice. Again Chef Leong has given it his own twist, adding yam into the equation and wrapped everything up in lotus leaf, imbuing the grains with its earthy scent.
Sticky resolution to melt your heart
Naturally the meal finishes on a high with pan-fried homemade nian gao (sweet, brown glutinous rice cake) as this sticky, chewy treat marks yearly soaring progress in the Lunar New Year. Covered in crisp batter, the sweet cake is sandwiched in between thin slices of yam and sweet potato.
The wizard of Lai Ching Yuen
The selection of dishes we sampled were drawn from Lai Ching Yuen's eight or nine-course celebratory menus that start from RM 1,388.00++ onwards for a table of ten persons. Available throughout CNY but reservations are highly recommended by telephone or by e-mail.

Lai Ching Yuen, tel: +60 3 2117 4180 or email

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Its a gorgeous meal... I love it for being different in some of the dishes....and yes, their duck is superb!!

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