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Light, healthy and artistically presented, well-prepared Japanese cuisine makes a lovely change for your Valentine celebration. Couples will find many intimate nooks to enjoy a romantic evening within the rustic confines of Fu-Rin, a tranquil Japanese restaurant tucked away at the Holiday Inn Glenmarie.

Chef Yip Wei Mun takes love birds to a plated sojourn around the world through his trinity of Zensai (appetiser) creations –a chunk of cucumber placed upright decked with a whole fried prawn and two skewers holding a piece of tatami iwashi, and three marinated Japanese scallops topped with fresh micro sprouts. Dotted with pearly and briny ebiko (prawn roe) and tiny sprouts, their inherent sweetness will float your boat. 

The crispy rectangular mat of deep-fried baby sardines lent textural contrast, paving the way for the flavourful prawn that smeared with two sauces. One was an unctuous red miso sauce while the other was sweet-tangy mixture of chilli, vinegar and assorted aromatics.


It was easy to fall in love with the special Shashimi which comprises salmon, white tuna and yellow tail carpaccio heaped with frilly tempura crumbs, chopped spring onion, threads of deepfried leek and ebiko. A splash of olive oil, shoyu and basil sauce delivered  a  lively composition of tasty textural sensations to the palate without overwhelming the fish's natural accents. 
Made with true love from the chef's heart, the Nameko Akadashi – a bowl of earthy red miso soup laden with wakame squares, tofu dices and tiny brown cap mushrooms was a befitting soup to satisfy any star-crossed lover's soul!

A substantial serving of grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce and horenzo (Japanese spinach) came next to fire up some red hot passion between the lovelorn. Lacquered to a fine shine with sweet teriyaki sauce, the fish was complemented by asparagus tips coated in cream, tempura-fried asparagus stalks and soft, smooth wedges of eggplant. Crunchy aotosaka seaweed tossed in some shoyu and olive oil made this 'busy' composition such an attention grabber that it could set anyone's heart aflutter!

Nothing complements your sweet nothings better than some luscious green tea ice-cream with adzuki beans; its refreshing yet mildly acidic aftertaste an apt reminder that endless love is no bed of roses. There has to be a little rain sometimes to ensure it continues to bloom and flourish...

As a tribute to the impending CNY celebration, Fu-Rin has its own take of Yee Sang that can rival some of the best Chinese restaurants in town. The secret lies in its abundant use of different seaweed to add crunch, and a nutty Japanese-style salad dressing with hints of sesame.

Fu-Rin's Valentine Special Menu starts from RM220++ per set inclusive of a glass of sparkling wine, a stalk of rose for the lady and a surprise gift. Available for dinner only on 14 Feb. 

The hotel's resort-like ambiance makes it an ideal romantic gateaway you can eat, stay and love!

Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie 
1 Jalan Usahawan U1/8, Seksyen U1
Shah Alam, Selangor
Tel: + 603 7802 5200


Unknown said...

beautifully written.. you make it easy to fall in love.. with your post and photos! :D

Constance Ant said...

the food looks pretty good! and the price reasonable as well! only if they have an outlet in malacca!

Alice JomMakanLife said...

@Constance - next time you come to KL, you know where to eat & stay :)

Alice JomMakanLife said...

@Ciki - tq my dear :) you're too kind.

Sagina Manandhar said...

That was very nicely written Alice. Thank you so much. You are making me hungry now

Alice JomMakanLife said...

@Sagina - Tq :) Don't forget to buy a copy of Food & Travel mag in March! Fu-Rin's in there too.

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