Friday, October 28, 2005


OK I got a confession to make - my family and I just love going for tea at Delicious at the Ms Read boutique, One Utama.

Long before I was invited for the latest review, we just love their chocolate cake, angel hair pasta and coffees. So how did their latest dinner menu rate? Well, I'm biased so I'd say its 89% good!

Modelled after trendy bistros overseas (especially Oz we reckon), Delicious does not confine itself to any particular cuisine.

Owner, Benjamin Yong explained: “Our dishes are mainly inspired by our travels abroad and ideas from our chefs. When a menu change is imminent, we will sit down and brainstorm over what’s feasible. But customers can always be assured we will focus on our main philosophy of serving good, reasonably priced dishes with prompt, friendly service.”

Available from 6 pm onwards, the new dinner menu comprises four entrées, four mains and four desserts, with enough variety to please the different generations in any Malaysian family.

The prawn bisque (RM11.90), a light creamy soup with diced prawn and coriander is a good example. The soup’s earthy and rustic nuances will easily appeal to the tastebuds of both young and old. In fact, we thought it comparable to a rich lobster bisque.

Another guaranteed crowd pleaser is the salt and pepper squid (RM13.90). Tossed in five-spice seasoning before they are lightly pan-fried, the calamari rings are tasty bites that went perfectly with its tangy and mildly spicy Thai-style chilli dip that was separately served on the side.

Weight-watchers will find the miso tofu salad (RM13.90) a godsend. The simple, wholesome and tasty combination of butter lettuce, cold beancurd dices, wakame (Japanese seaweed), grated radish and sesame seeds tossed in a piquant vinaigrette of shoyu and wasabi-based dressing is just ingenius!

Somehow the slow-cooked lamb shank ravioli (RM16.90) failed to excite although the gently poached hand-made ravioli were stuffed with tender pieces of braised lamb shank. But I do like the arugula or rocket salad drizzled with a tangy balsamic reduction atop this ensemble.

The main course of grilled miso cod (RM29.90) on a bed of marinated cold soba and long strips of crunchy cucumber deserves top billing. Imagine the soft, buttery texture of grilled cod imbued with the delicate nuance of Japanese bean paste melding perfectly with the crisp, clear flavours of green tea soba noodles.

I love the pared-down presentation of its roasted spring chicken (RM28.90), akin to a miniature Christmas turkey. It was really tender and juicy, with enticing scents of lemon, garlic and rosemary. A mound of fragrant olive rice and grilled zucchini rounded off this delectable creation nicely.

Local flavours abound in the ‘ikan masak assam pedas’ (RM28.90), albeit with a contemporary twist. Still you’d be hard-pressed to fault the pan-fried boneless sea bass fillet with its tantalizingly spicy sauce of ground chillies, tamarind and finely sliced bunga kantan or ginger flower. Served with steamed white rice, raw ulam vegetables of cucumber, blanched long beans and okra, and traditional sambal belacan, this delightful dish will satisfy those who prefer more Malaysianised dishes.

I am not big on 'pulut hitam' but their sticky black glutinous rice (RM9.90) comes with ‘red ruby’ dices (like 'tab thim krop') crowned with a scoop of homemade coconut ice cream. Mix them up and you’d get an inherently smooth and creamy sweet porridge.

Equally superb is the ‘chendolicious’ (RM9.90) – a glass of fat, green ‘chendol’ strands and melted gula melaka (palm sugar) topped with coconut ice cream.

But my vote goes to the pear and cardamom pudding (RM11.90) - a lovely dense cake studded with poppy seeds and imbued with the delicate aroma of cardamoms. With a whole poached pear in it and some pouring cream on top, this dessert is truly to die for!

Lastly, it will take much will power not to succumb to the balsamico strawberries (RM9.90), a sublime dessert of hulled strawberries and vanilla ice cream drizzled with balsamic reduction.

What else can I say? Mmm...sedappppp! (Delicious!)

G1A Ground Floor
Bangsar Village
Kuala Lumpur
Reservations: 22881770

F315 First Floor
One Utama Phase 2
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya
Reservations: 77241086

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