Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Our current hot sweltering weather simply demands cool solutions for soothing relief from the intense heat! What better way to do it than with these sweet and splendid treats!

Shall we Haagen-Dazs? We wish the cafe would make more effort though as its single scoop presentation leaves much to be desired. Come on, surely someone at HD can rack up on the creativity that befits the brand's premium stature? Heck, at RM13 it's not too much to ask for is it?

Even Movenpick succeeds in creaming the competition with this colourful ensemble. Granted the ice cream was a tad soft and melty but the way it was presented left us feeling there's some value in it!

Ice-cream doesn't melt your heart? Then how about the ever-popular Ice Kacang? Few Malaysians can resist this slurpilicious mound of shaved ice filled with nuts, cendol strips, red beans, black grass jelly dices and creamed corn, drenched with evaporated milk and rose and palm syrups. When the heat is on, this yummy creation is the ultimate nice ice treat!

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