Monday, May 03, 2010


Food always has a way of putting me into a good mood...and vice versa. I brought two old friends recently to Albion KL - a modern British dining outlet. We opted for the 3-course set lunch (RM35++) which turned out to be a hit & miss affair.

While I loved my starter of mixed salad leaves with sliced roast pork - pix above), the main (grilled chicken breast with couscous - pix below) could have done with a zesty sauce as the whole ensemble tasted a tad dry on the palate. For dessert I opted for no-fail Affogato. You cannot imagine how much chit-chat 3 women could indulge in over one lunch ;-D

Once a week, I would head over to Pasar Kampung Pandan for my fix of Nasi Lemak or Roti Canai.
There's several stalls here which sell tasty Malay fare ranging from Nasi Dagang and Lontong to Kuih-muih and Roti Canai. One particular vendor even specialises in Thosai, Chappati, Putu Mayam and Vadai.

Prices are reasonable and most importantly, parking is a total breeze. After such a delightful treat, one is bound to slip into a happily satiated mood.

Last weekend Mom brought us to this little stall in Semenyih for Wantan Mee. She already forewarned that we had to get there early to beat the crowd or else the noodles would be sold out by noon!

The noodles were certainly worth waking up early for. They were toothsomely chewy and well-tossed with a subtly sweet dark soya sauce accompanied by slices of char siew (sweet BBQ pork).

Customers can also order BBQ Chicken Wings separately. Although somewhat burnt at the edges, they were scrumptious. The sweetish marinade is similar to the one used for their char siew.

Those who don't fancy Wantan Mee can sample the stall's Curry Laksa. I'd prefer the fiery red broth to be spicier and more lemak (the coconut milk is rather thin I thought). Ingredients wise, there's no complaint as the noodles come with cockles, tofu puffs and fish balls.

The little coffeeshop also does pretty brisk business for its Kaya-Butter Toast as most customers usually have this as a percusor to their noodles. When we started snapping pixs of the stall surreptiously, the owner actually ticked us off! I guess they have more business than they could handle so food bloggers are definitely not welcome here...

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