Tuesday, November 22, 2011


You have a choice of two side dishes to complete your order of roast chicken...I opted for roast potatoes and grilled vegetables

From Plan B and Ben's to Ricetaurant and Canoodling, there seems to be no stopping the BIG group. Its surfeit of good food and drinks is now extended to the area of food retailing via Ben's Independent Grocer at Solaris Dutamas.

Imagine you can pluck fresh lettuce off their hydroponic shelves and shop for a wide selection of imported food that includes Jamie Oliver's range of condiments and pasta sauces, Koko Black's fine chocolates and Suga's candies, and premium Wagyu steaks all in one place.

If you feel peckish, make a beeline for Ben's General Food Store where you can relish in deli-style pastas and pies, scrumptious roast chicken hot off the rotisserie, hearty salads, oven-fresh pizzas and luscious dessert.

On my last visit, I literally drooled when I spied a couple seated at an adjoining table hungrily wolfed down a whole roast chicken by themselves. So this time it was my turn to zoom straight in to the juicy poultry which tasted as stunning as they look.
Yummy roast chicken available in whole or half portion...simply satisfying!
My friend's portion of Moroccan Lamb Pie was delish but the scant filling encased within the rather thick puff pastry really didn't do it justice. It came with a choice of one side dish so my pal plumped for the surprisingly delectable Orecchiette Pasta Salad with grated cheese.
Love the buttery and flaky pie crust despite its scant but flavourful filling. The tiny ear-shaped pasta with peas, rocket and grated cheese went down quite a treat with us.
We love the indulgent Mushroom Lasagna with Corn Salad as do my daughter who devoured her portion of Macaroni and Cheese within minutes!
The layers of lasagna packed with earthy mushrooms came with a generous serving of pesto sauce
I adore the golden, tender corn niblets in this scrumptious salad that accompany the lasagna
Cheesey but nice...you can't go wrong with this Mac & Cheese


Chasing Food Dreams said...

love to try the chicken and lasagna... so now got more excuses to go back! :)

I always go for their salads and pizza!

Alice JomMakanLife said...

Food Dreams...On our first visit we had the Hawaiian pizza with chunky pieces of chicken and fresh pineapple! Everything's so good there so we're really spoilt for choice!

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