Monday, December 26, 2011


Here's an overview of the good eats we discovered and enjoyed throughout our stay in Japan. As we all know, the Japanese takes great pride in their food - from the preparation and selection of ingredients to the final presentation and choice of crockery.

Grilled chicken and seafood salad from one of the many eateries in Tokyo Disneyland
The pork cutlet and chocolate cake were so scrumptious although I only managed to sneak a tiny bite

These sweet, juicy and fragrant strawberries went down a real treat
A set dinner of grilled eel with rice and fried fish in breadcrumbs
Simple but so delicious...Oyakodon - grilled chicken with egg and onion over rice
Our set lunch at one of the little Japanese eateries in the Asakusa area
Rice topped with Yakitori (minus the skewer) and minced chicken with condiments
My mini set lunch at about RM60 came complete with pickles, salad and udon plus a free flow of hot & cold drinks

In Kyoto, we found rows and rows of rustic little shops that lined the gentle slope that leads all the way to the Kiyomizu Temple. Proffering everything from souvenirs and crafts to traditional delicacies, we had a field day sampling specialities such as matcha (green tea) ice cream, pancakes, rice crackers and mochi (glutinous rice balls with filling).

This lady is making a type of sweet crispy biscuits similar to kuih kapit in Kyoto
A traditional sweet shop that produces a traditional confection that has tissue-thin glutinous rice skins (sometimes flavoured with matcha) filled with red bean paste and folded into triangles

Asakusa is another shopping and good eats haven - the whole street leading to another historic temple is choc-a-block with assorted shops that attract hordes of visitors. The cornucopia of sounds, sights and smells can be totally absorbing and exhilarating especially for first-timers like us.

Possibly one of Japan's most iconic photo opp spots at Asakusa
These sticks of chewy confections attract long queues of visitors daily
More tempting confections to sample
Goodies'd be spoilt for choice
Rice crackers made on premise
Look at these wide array of rice crackers available
This chef patiently fills red bean paste by hand for little moulded sponge cakes
Don't they look splendid? The final outcome once the dainty cakes are ready to go

Coming up next...more good eats in the form of sushi, ramen and some home-cooked delights!

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