Thursday, October 31, 2013


Look out for fresh inspirations from Makan Kitchen's Chinese sous chef Cheong Boon Fei the next time you dine there.

In October, the youthful chef impressed us with his Cantonese showcase featuring an array of signature appetisers, BBQ specialities and a la carte dishes. We believe there will be more interesting specials that will take the spotlight for the coming months - not just from the Chinese kitchen but also other sections. After all, Makan Kitchen's unique concept covers Indian, Malay, Nyonya and even Sarawakian under its roof.
We were lucky to sample a premium selection of fine Cantonese delights such as whole steamed fish with scallions, ginger and sesame oil (the unmatched classic), scallops on half shell with glass noodles and garlic, and Buddha Jumps Over The Wall. 
When it comes to steamed fish, the Cantonese does it best. The sumptuous garoupa that we had was top notch even though we had to allow ardent shutterbugs let their cameras 'feast' on it first!

Dainty hand-made dumplings are always something to look forward to here. They may be stuffed with interesting filling of otak-otak paste, minced chicken, garlic and kaffir lime leaves or yield characteristically 'ching' (clear) flavours that are so beloved by the Cantonese.
My mouth still waters at the memory of the 'wor tip' or pot-stickers that we had - those delicious pan-fried, crimped dumplings filled with chopped chives and minced chicken.
Tiny baby abalone, bamboo pith and dried scallop were some of the treasured goodies in the sweet, velvety soup. Slightly unctuous on the tongue, it was warmly comforting and came served in a whole winter melon.

The steamed scallops with black beans atop clumps of glass noodles also struck a nice chord; their delicate sea-sweetness and rounded beany brininess absorbed by some glass noodles.

Chef Cheong also proves to be a dab hand at cooking loh shi fun - those fat, rat tail-shaped noodles that we Chinese are so fond of. Stir-fried with minced chicken, some piquant chilli paste and choi poh (preserved vegetable), the noodles soon had us returning for repeat helpings.
Keep your eyes peeled for similar special dishes on Makan Kitchen's rotational menu for dinner in addition to the regular parade of Malay, Indian, Nyonya, Iban and Melakan Portuguese specialities.

Price: RM98++ per adult (Thurs-Sat), RM92++ (Sun-Wed) for buffet dinner

For reservations, please call Makan Kitchen, tel: 03-2172 7272. Address: Level 11, DoubleTree by Hilton KL, Jalan Tun Razak, KL.

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