Thursday, May 28, 2015


Underground Grenade (RM26) is Underground Société's signature dessert that caught our imagination on our maiden visit there recently. Apparently, this house speciality is the toast of new and regular patrons...unsurprisingly since the mound of chocolate chip and mint ice creams layered with chocolate under a fluffy coating of meringue is served with great fanfare. Shutterbugs will have a field day, trying to catch the leaping blue flames once sambucca is poured over the dessert; lightly scorching and browning the meringue. Be forewarned though a 30-minute wait is normal should you wish to order this.
Tucked away in the light industrial labyrinth of Sunway, this trendy wood & glass accented Underground Société cafe/bistro is so discreetly situated we had a hard time locating it. To soothe our frazzled nerves on arrival, a glass of the house Coffee On Tap (RM16) was in order. Crowned with a thick layer of creamy foam on top, the dark, cold brew could easily be mistaken for one world famous stout - it packed quite a punch too, leaving me abuzz throughout the eve.
Few people including us can resist the yummy option of Smoked Salmon Scramble on Sourdough (RM18) - one of the many brunch/lunch dishes (served till 6pm) listed. Prettied up with tiny edible flower petals, the fluffy scrambled egg strewn with smoked salmon slices atop thick sourdough only led us to allow our cameras and smartphones to 'devour' it first. Glad to report the serving tasted as good as it looked.
There's another variation which floored us with its hefty pile of poached eggs and smoked salmon smothered under a blend of Hollandaise sauce and pureed avocado, resulting in Eggs Atlantic with Avodaise (RM18). A tad messy to tuck into but the runny yolks made for richly indulgent mouthfuls with the house avodaise. Great choice if you don't mind getting your hands dirty ;p
Avocados starred in the Platter of Avocados (RM26) once again; each quarter of the buttery fruit augmented by tempting toppings of couscous, Jamaican pineapple salsa, egg mash and feta. Strictly for avo fans, the quartet piqued our interest with its mesh of varied textures and delicate tastes.
Crowd-pleasing pizzas are big here too. We can vouch for the Thin Crust Pizza with Smoked Duck, Pesto, Mozzarella, Parmesan & Arugula (RM28). Thin but sturdy, the crisp crust slathered with fresh pesto had sliced smoked duck and jalapeno, melted mozzarella and parmesan as well as some fresh arugula to ramp up its delectable appeal. Its swift disappearance down our guts was proof enough.
Steak fans will relish chewing on the scrumptious Grain Fed Australian Beef Tenderloin with Asparagus, Roasted Pumpkin, Broccoli, Beetroot & Sauteed Herb Potatoes (RM49). Cooked medium rare as instructed, the beef was juicy to the bite; a complete meal on its own paired with crunchy vegetable and tasty potatoes. It came with Robert sauce - a concoction of mustard and brown sauce to enhance the dish's meaty richness.
Slightly fattier but equally delish is Grilled New Zealand Lamb Rack with Mint Crust (RM45) accompanied by side servings of asparagus, roasted Pumpkin, broccoli, herbed potatoes & the house Robert sauce. It was deftly prepared so we thoroughly enjoyed polishing every bit of meat off the bones.
Not a red meat person? Fret not, you can always plump for the Grilled Cajun Chicken Breast (RM33). A surprisingly agreeable slab of moist white meat, it's perked up with smoky Cajun spices; complemented by the same sides of earlier mains we had.
We love the luxe dimension of twirling strands of garlicky pasta while feasting on Slipper Lobster Aglio Olio with Asparagus &Chili Flakes (RM34). Despite the scant meat one can extract from those impressive looking shellfish, nobody will complain...after all, it's not everyday we eat lobsters right?
Salmon fishing in Underground Société will land diners this noteworthy Grilled Atlantic Salmon (RM36). Teamed with some lightly chewy pesto-clad Gnocchi and sautéed red & green capsicum, the best part was the fish's pink core - the spot-on doneness for this oily fish. Some folks throw their hands up in horror over what they see as supposedly raw or uncooked state but trust me, it's the right way to savour salmon. Despite my misgiving, the coating of Foyot Sauce (the cafe's version of bernaise sauce) went well enough with it. Those softened capsicum strips played a key role in lending some sweetness and muted fresh acidity to the fish.
If you're a sucker for Nutella like moi, you must sample the signature French Toast with Nutella (RM15). Although I deplored the inclusion of minty ice cream, the luscious taste of that mound of thickly sliced French toast with scatterings of fresh summer berries, floral petals, sunflower seeds and liquid Nutella dressing more than made up for that niggling element.
The Underground Fireball (RM12) turned out to be another 'bombshell' of the chocolatey kind. Set alight after a splash of alcohol is poured over the spherical chocolate, we broke into the crisp shell to find thick milky chocolate lava mingled with dark chocolate biscuit crumbs around a ring of scorched meringue. A decadent dessert guaranteed to melt the steeliest dieter's resolve. Live it up I say and just succumb already.

For reservations, call UNDERGROUNDSOCIÉTÉ, tel: 03-5613 3851. Address:
68, Jalan PJS 11/7, Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

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