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A bazaar of 'streetside' eateries serving up hearty kampung delicacies, multi-racial Malaysian fare and popular specialities from all 14 states will take centrestage for this year's 'buka puasa' dinner at Laguna, an outdoor lakeside dining venue in Pullman Putrajaya.
Dinner preview was held at B's Cafe but the set-up will be replicated at Laguna for the fasting month

Serenaded by a live ghazal band, diners can revel in the festive atmosphere; a timely precursor to the impending Hari Raya celebrations in mid-July. After fasting from dawn to dusk, the recent preview gave us some inkling of what the hotel chefs have in store for the fasting month.
While most folks can't fill up much for dinner, the trick with buffets is to be selective and keep your eyes for the great choices; dishes each hotel is known for. For Pullman Putrajaya, we recommend the curries. Ranging from fiery red to sunny yellow, our personal faves include the aromatic spice-laden Fish Head Curry (pix above), turmeric-scented Prawn Curry, fiery Rendang Minang and Kari Kambing (goatmeat curry, depicted below). It goes without saying they are best enjoyed with servings of fluffy plain rice.
One of the best-selling items in many Ramadan bazaars is murtabak. When the supple yet crisp doughy skin has the right thickness and comes packed with spiced beef or chicken filling, it's scrumptious. Pullman Putrajaya's was top notch as the perfectly cooked Murtabak yielded a flavourful filling which left me returning for repeat helpings.
Other tempting choices that caught my eye were assorted local kerabu salads with traditional condiments & dips, hot-off-the-grill satay and some crispy, cereal-flecked deep-fried garoupa pieces generously garnished with curry leaves. It was picture-perfect but I can testify it was one of the best specialities we tried.
No buka puasa buffet is complete without Bubur Lambuk - that customary porridge enhanced with local spices, cubed beef & potato. I like the heady aromas evoked by the savoury, easily digestible gruel which is gentle on the tummy while invigorating the palate.
Meaty offerings to feast on would be Roast Lamb and Roast Leg of Beef; both rich-tasting and guaranteed to satisfy voracious eaters. Chefs are at hand to carve and slice the portions requested for so take your time to enjoy thoroughly.
Spicy Squid, Stir-fried Bamboo Clams with Chilli and Lala as well as Grilled or Fried Fish should reel in seafood lovers in droves. You'd have to survey the line-up as the different seafood dishes are spread out according to the various cooking styles.
The assorted fried items section enticed us with Fried Chicken, Cucur Bawang, Fried Fish & Squid Balls, and Whiting. Diners with a yearning for Western fare will be delighted to know a pasta cooking station and some Tex-Mex specialities form part of the lavish menu.
Remember to save ample tummy space for dessert. I was impressed by the date selection and vast array of seasonal local fruits laid out. Local and Continental sweet treats were aplenty too, leaving us spoiled for choice.
The Jom Balik Kampung Buffet Dinner will be served from 7pm-10.30pm from 18 June to 14 July at RM128+ per adult. If you book before 31 May, enjoy a special Early Bird rate of RM113+ per person.
For reservations, please call Pullman Putrajaya, tel: 03-8890 0000 x 6802/6804/6850 or email: Address: No.2 Jalan P5/5 Presint 5, Putrajaya.

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