Monday, September 28, 2015


It’s easy to get a dining party off to a rousing start at Fuzio Bar & Ristorante. Just order the house Antipasti (RM88 for 2 persons, RM148 for 4) and watch jaws dropped when your companions spy the plethora of cold cuts and appetisers.
Pin-drop silence will ensue as you savour delicate slices of paper-thin cecina ham (Spanish salt-cured air-dried beef), smoked duck breast and salmon carpaccio. Then proceed to sample lamb salsiccia (Italian link sausages) accompanied by tomato caprese salad, eggplant involtini (rolled eggplant slices with melted cheese and marinara sauce) and tomato bruschetta. 
Little wedges of melon paired with gorgonzola, tallegio and grana padano cheeses are perfect when enjoyed with a glass of your fave tipple or house cocktails like Fuzio Killer (RM34) – a heady, icy-cool blend of fresh mint leaves with rum, vodka, triple sec & limoncello. 
Waiting time is hardly noticeable when you chomp on tasty Deep Fried Calamari (RM24). Fuzio does an excellent version with the squid rings sheathed in ethereally light, crisp batter.
Rustic porcini risotto lend substance and deep-seated aroma to the signature dish of Spring Chicken Risotto (RM72). Well-marinated and cooked till fork-tender, the poultry leaves a pleasing impression long after the bones are picked clean. 
Pasta is central to Italian dining so you can’t go wrong with a classic staple like Spaghetti alla Carbonara (RM38). The pasta is cooked perfectly al dente, slathered in a creamy reduction embellished with smoked duck breast & mushroom.
The other bankable choice is Funghi Pizza (RM32), a thin crust crunchy pizza adorned with loads of earthy button mushroom; the fungi’s musky scent amplified by the drizzle of truffle oil on top.
Red meat eaters would find delectable succour in Creamagliera di Agnello (RM76) - grilled lamb rack with goat cheese and rocket salad and Filetto di Manzo alla Griglia (RM78) - grilled Angus tenderloin with mushroom cartoccio (baked in paper parcel).
Both dishes are deftly prepared with the required doneness - pink for the lamb and medium rare for the beef. The chefs deserve applause for achieving this tricky part.
White fish to hit the spot here is Merluzzo Al Forno (RM68) – flaky, moist baked cod crowned with slightly charred leek threads and placed atop a bed of pesto mashed potato. 
Have tummy room to spare? Then dive into luscious treats such as Chocolate Flan with Gelato (RM28), Panna Cotta with Mix Berries Sauce (RM24) or Tiramisu (RM28). If you prefer a caffeine kick, the Affogato (RM18) should do the trick of injecting a jolt of jave into your system.

FUZIO is open Mon-Sat from 12pm-3pm, 5pm-1130pm. For reservations, call tel: 03-2110 0303. Address: 29, Jalan Berangan, KL.

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